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The Myth about the “aggressive Muslim”

Hatred against Jews and hatred against Muslims have a lot in common. One thing in particular is that throughout history Jews and Muslims have been accused of being prone to criminality, rape and violence. The Nazis in the 30’s did so and many antisemites still today spread the lie. The exact same kind of lies are spread about Muslims.

You have all heard the Myth about the aggressive Muslim: the “terrorist”, the “criminal”, the “rapist”, the person that “inherently is prone to violence” just because he is Muslim.

This myth has its origin in classical antisemitism. I wrote about one part of the myth earlier this year: “are Muslims Rapists“. The slander about “aggressive” and “criminal” Muslims has the same origin.

Nicolai Sennells, a Danish psychologist, is often referred to as the main “expert” on this alleged  “Muslim aggressivity”. In Jihadwatch some years ago he claimed:

In Muslim culture, anger is seen as a sign of strength. To Muslims, being aggressive is in itself an argument and a way of gaining respect. But we should not be impressed when we see pictures of bearded men hopping up and down, shouting like animals and shooting in the air. We should take it for what it is: the local madhouse passing by…

In Western culture, self-confidence is connected with the ability to meet criticism calmly and to respond rationally. We are raised to see people who easily get angry when criticized, as insecure and immature. In Muslim culture it is the opposite; it is honorable to respond aggressively and to engage in a physical fight in order to scare or force critics to withdraw…

In general, Westerners are taught to be kind, self-assured, self-responsible and tolerant, while Muslims are taught to be aggressive, insecure, irresponsible and intolerant.

When the racists reports about “Muslim violence” they all do the same. They take reports about things that one Muslim or a small group of Muslims have done, or allegedly have done, and extrapolate it on all Muslims. Islam and “Muslim culture” were “responsible” for the individual crime, it is claimed. The Muslim is demonized and people are tricked to be afraid of him or her.

Thus: to be a Muslim is an accessory to murder, violence, rape and criminality.


“To be a Jew is an accessory to murder, violence, rape and criminality”. That is what the Nazis in the 1930s claimed and what antisemites of all times have claimed. The nazis did the same as the islamophobes today: all Jews and Jewish culture were blamed for the things a few had done or was claimed to have done.

By now you might ask whether a Muslim or a Jew has ever raped a woman, or if there are no aggressive or criminal Muslims or Jews? Of course there are individual Muslim rapists, thiefs, thugs and murderers, as well as there are such among Trump supporters, among farmers, Americans, Christians, Russians, carpenters, farmers and stamp collectors.  But if you claim that Muslims, Jews, Trump supporters or Christians or farmers are rapists or aggressive thugs you are spreading a dangerous lie.

According to Breitbart there is a “Muslim Rape Culture” and that Muslims are “violent” The Nazis spread the same lies about Jews in the 30’s, as Breitbart and others does today in respect to Muslims, and claimed that there was such a thing as “Jewish Rape Culture” and that Jews were “violent”. The German magazine Der Sturmer was especially famous for spreading these kinds of slanders and its editors were put on trial after World War 2, at Nuremberg.

The Jew was  demonized and people were tricked to be afraid of him or her.

In the picture below, from Der Sturmer,  you can see the satanic Jewish “snake” that is seen raping a woman, and in the background you can see the Talmud. The headline deals with legacy-hunters, also implying that Jews try to “take over” Germany. The text on the bottom of the page says: “the Jews are our unluck”.

Antisemitism Germany 5


The myths about the violent Jews and Muslims has often been based on sex. Der Sturmer reported much about “Jewish sex crimes”. The example below is from Der Sturmer 1927. According to the article, an American Jew has raped and abused a German woman in Ohio. “Defamation of the Race in America” is the headline. The implied message is that “all Jews are like that.”

Here are two other examples from 1936 and once again Der Sturmer. About criminal cases that had to do with fraud. Der Sturmer combined violent articles about how Jews and Jewish holy books were inciting the Jews to violence with news that seemingly “comfirmed” the claims made in the longer articles.

First you read about Jews that was claimed to have committed fraud, thus being criminal, then you read articles about how Jewish culture and holy books (The Talmud) allegedly encouraged Jews to kill, lie and steal from non Jews. The text below is about the claim that Jews were allowed to kill nonjews (The same is said about Muslims today. It is claimed that Muslims are free to rape, and kill “kuffar”, i.e. non Muslims.)

The Jews were even using the blood of children in their food, The Nazis claimed. The ultimate “evidence” of Jewish aggressivity and criminality: human sacrifice.

The Nazi book “the Jew as a Criminal” is translated and can be read online.

“The frequent criminality of the Jew is as well known a fact as its peculiar inclination and aptitude for fraud, dirty enterprises, cheating in gambling, usury, sexual offenses of all kinds, pickpocketing, high treason, etc. These things shall find their confirmation here.  Beyond this, however, evidence is introduced that the role of Jewry incriminality does not limit itself to a more or less large participation, but rather is much more significant. In actually, the final threads of the criminal world come together in the hand of the Jew. The Jew is not only beneficiary of crime, he is also the leader and wire-puller of the criminal Underworld…”

The method of the book was simple: statistics. It was claimed that Jews were over-represented in criminal statistics.

“Up to the year 1929, of 348 international drug dealers, 98 were Jews, i.e., 28%… For the little Jew, the characteristic crime is pickpocketing. Here the Jewish element is decisive; it is his ‘profession’ before he has ‘arrived.’ [The English idiom for this would be ‘made it.’] The following numbers bear this out: In Berlin in 1931, 136 international pickpockets were arrested. Of these, not fewer than 106 were Jews — that is, 78%. In 1932, the number of arrested climbed to 163, of whom 134, or 82%, were Jews.”

That was not true as actual statistics from the 30s reveal. Jews were under-represented in criminal statistics. But that is not the main point. Even if there had been an over-representation if would still have been wring to blame all Jews and Jewishness becaise of that.

Chapter eight deals with sexual crimes:

“The Jew is sexually undisciplined and uses every opportunity to satisfy his sexual greed.”

Well, about the same as they say about Muslims today, right?!

Antisemitism is still a very big problem and the lie that Jews are criminals is still very widespread. But today the Muslims are blamed too, with the same racist logic the Nazis used against the Jews 80 to 90 years ago. 


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  • George Carty

    This inversion of negative sterotypes also took place in the sexual sphere: Muslims went from being decadent pleasure-obsessed harem-keepers to being bloodthirsty murderers of gays and of sexually liberated women.

  • We are going to be looking at fine-tuning Islam instead of fine-tuning non-muslims which ultimately will be an easier job enabling us all to live in peace.

    Islam is perfect “as is,” and as far as how it will be interpreted and practices, YOU GET NO SAY. Islam is practiced for and by Muslims, who don’t need any “help” from you. The only “influence” you’ll have if among Muslims dimwitted and self hating enough to pay attention to what you’re saying. I hope that means none, but I suppose you can get a work in with the likes of Maajid Nawaz or Tarek Fatah–despicable shills masquerading as “Muslims” for Zio-Necon payouts.

    Enabling us to live in peace??? I really despise cursing, but you are on the verge of an inspiring a two-word phrase that starts with the letter “F” and end with “off.”

  • HSkol

    A lull in new articles, eh?

  • ShunTheRightWhale

    Paranoia und Hysterie fungieren seit jeher als Kit. Die Nazis haben nicht von ungefähr den Klassiker des Ritualmords aufgegriffen, um tiefsitzende Ängste wiederanzuschüren, die zu jener Zeit insbesondere im religösen Aberglauben (Gottesmord: Die Juden hätten Jesus getötet) noch vorhanden waren. Mit einem solchen Feindbild lässt sich prima gegen alles und jeden, was einem nicht genehm ist, hetzen und vor allem mobilisieren. In typisch deutscher Manier wurde der eigene Wahn ziseliert bürokratisiert. Die Hysterie um die Kölner Silvesternacht hat bei vielen empfänglichen tatsächlich das Bild eines vergewaltigenden Flüchtlings beschworen, das gewisse Züge mit dem Nazi-Klischee des lüsternden Juden teilt, größter Unsterschied ist aber die Schichtzugehörigkeit: Der Flüchtling muss offen gewaltsam werden, der Jude in dieser Vorstellung versteckt sich hinter Macht, Geld und Recht. Glücklicherweise sonnt sich das fette Deutschland momentan im wirtschaftlichen Wohlstand, so dass der Einfluss der rechten Kräfte sich noch in Grenzen bewegt.

    Paranoia and hysteria have always worked as a social adhesive. The Nazis, not by chance, seized the classic idea of blood libel, to stir up deep rooted fears again, that were, at this time, still present in religious superstition (the deicide: that the Jews would have murdered Jesus). With such an imagined enemy, it’s an easy task to incite and especially mobilize against everything and everyone, you can’t stand. In a typically German manner one’s own delusion becomes meticulously bureaucraticized. The hysteria around New Year’s Eve in Cologne invoked, in the minds of many susceptible people, the image of a raping refugee, which shares some characteristics with the Nazi stereotype of the lecherous Jew, but the main difference is the social stratum: The refugee has to become openly violent, the Jew, in this imagination, hides behind money, power and law. Luckily, today a fat Germany basks in economic prosperty, so the influence of right wing powers, at least at the moment, still has some limits.

  • Awesome

    History always repeats itself, as it has been noted by a 19th century French jounalist:

    “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” (“The more things change, the more they stay the same”) – Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

  • Bill

    I thought it went without saying that what I clearly presented as a previous generation’s “negative stereotype” is not a perspective that I share? I hope I didn’t make it come over as convincing!

    I brought it up to make the point that racist generalisations are very flexible and reactive to current events. I also remember, for example, when Muslim immigrants were hardworking, law-abiding, family-oriented small business owners and a credit to their new homeland. That wasn’t said out of genuine affection (in Britain in the seventies and eighties) but as a reproach to the African-Caribbean community – who conservatives wanted to just shut up about police harassment and discrimination. Even seemingly positive stereotypes always serve some agenda.

  • NotAMuslamic

    Or he forgot his quotation marks.

  • Yes, that’s why I said he started out sounding reasonable. Maybe he’ll clarify.

  • NotAMuslamic

    Well he does point out the people who claim these things are racist/imperialist.

  • As far as I know, he’s simply moved on.

  • At first it sounded as if you were going to be reasonable. Actually, Islamic scholars have generally settled in between determinism and free will, placing us on a spectrum. If they believed 100% in predestination, then there wouldn’t be all this talk about what you need to actively do to win salvation.

    It seems to me more like you’re imposing your vision on Arabs (some of whom are Christians) and whatever ideas you hold about Calvinesque “elect,” rather than assessing the evidence. The notion Muslims (not Arabs) are “fatalist” is an old idea origination in orientalist thought.

    The whole world has been one of battles before and during the battle over Palestine. Strife is hardly unique to any one region or group. But the reality is that civilization was birthed in the Middle East, not Europe. The Arabs are the descendants of people who were thousand of years ahead, having peeked and fallen BEFORE the Europeans took up the torch leveraging much that was already established by others before their rise. The idea the people of the Middle East hare and ave always have been lazy, savage do nothings is a false. My only question with regard to you is: Are you lying , ignorant, or some combination of both?

    It would be like someone 1,000 years from now looking at the ruins of Western Civilization, saying that Europeans had never achieved anything, and then ascribing some reason for their eternal failure. Then, as now, that wouldn’t reflect reality.

    What isn’t new is blaming the Arabs for the evils of Zionism and other forms of Western imperialism. That approach may make you feel self righteous, but it isn’t going to fix anything. The West is in steep decline, and in the process of defeating itself. If you had any sense, you’d be looking at ways to slow that demise, rather than what the Arabs/Muslims are or are not doing in their own lands.

  • Bill

    The thing is, within living memory the negative stereotype has been almost the exact opposite. If you find any racist/imperialist writing about Muslims that predates the Arab-Israeli wars, they’re far from aggressive. “The Arab” is a fatalist, lazy and politically apathetic because he believes in predestination and cannot see the point of putting any effort into anything (I don’t know if this was also said in Calvinist countries, but it wouldn’t suprise me). He might be cruel and sensual but he could scarcely ever be stirred up to acts of violence – the Second World War pretty much washed over him, after all.

  • Floki

    History repeats herself. Been there, done that. Here we go again.

  • mindy1

    Sadly, everything old is new again 🙁

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