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Woman In Ghana Stoned To Death For Witchcraft

Punishments such as stoning are imagined as only occurring among Muslims but as we’ve noted in past articles that just isn’t true. Stoning, cutting limbs, lashing etc. are carried out across the world by non-Muslims as well.

In many parts of the world, particularly parts of Africa hunting and killing witches is a recurrent issue. Danios noted in 2010 that some Christians take the Biblical command to kill witches literally.:

Yet, few Westerners realize that witch hunts are now an international problem…and it is not an area of concern limited to Muslim majority countries like Saudi Arabia.  Would it interest the Catholic apologist Robert Spencer to know that witch hunts are much more prevalent amongst Christians than Muslims?  Some Evangelicals continue to take the Bible quite literally, following its commandment: “Thou shalt not allow a sorceress to live” (Exodus, 22:18), and “sorcerers amongst you must be put to death” (Leviticus, 20:27).

Sadly, a 67 year-old woman in Ghana was recently stoned to death by a mob on the accusation that she was a witch. These stories receive little to no coverage in the West, as they don’t fit the neat bifurcation often propagated in media narratives. (h/t: Dawud Walid)

via. Modern Ghana

A 67-year-old woman has been stoned to death by the people of Tindongo in the Upper East region, after she was accused of being a witch, a claim the deceased denied vehemently.

A local reporter William Jalulah who spoke to host of Morning Starr on Starr 103.5FM Thursday stated that , was taken to the Pelungu Chief but the Chief allegedly told her accusers that she could not handle the matter since there wasn’t enough evidence to handle the matter.

The Pelungu was then handed over to the Tindongo Chief but before the Chief could sit on the matter a mob whisked the old lady and meted instant justice to her by stoning her to death.

According to William, people in the community allege that the old lady had been visiting them in their dreams at night and was the cause of several misfortunes in their life.

Superintendent Samuel Punobyin, the Bolgatanga Municipal Police Commander, with oversight responsibility for the Tongo confirmed the incident adding that the body had been taken to the morgue but has since been released to the relatives for burial.

The incident happened Monday, May 29, 2017, the same Captain Maxwell Mahama was murdered by the people of Denkyira West in the Central region.

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  • Khizer
  • Here’s a gem:

    There are a lot of terrorists in a lot of different countries in the Middle East and elsewhere so circumstances differ. The main constant is the idea of suicide bombing or other types of attacks as a way of dedicating your life to God as a sacrifice by helping to achieve something that will contribute to God’s will.

    The dumb makes my head hurt.

  • Khizer

    Here is a sub to see the stupid and vapid crap coming from liberals and conservatives (this is a socialist subreddit, and the socialist def of ‘liberal’ includes both liberals and conservatives):

    The brainswashing and moral gymnastics people will use are staggering.

  • Yes, there is no deprogramming some people from the propaganda they see. Good for the elite that most people don’t bother to think. 🙂

  • Khizer

    No use arguing with God damn neo-liberal scum. They only cite ‘human rights’ when it suits their impearealistic ends.

  • Most people in those countries want help from the West

    I don’t think so, especially since “help” is really plunder in disguise. Most people WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE. If you live in the West, your own society is CRUMBLING and you’re being encouraged to gaze over the sea at others so you don’t notice–and hold your elites accountable for what they’re doing.

    It’s none of your business what kind of governments or societies other people have. You have ZERO RIGHT to impose secular democracy on anyone. No more right than Muslims have to impose a caliphate on you. Do yourself a favor and work on fixing wherever it is you live, and leave other people along. This is better for everyone.

  • No, Muslims don’t blow up more people than non-Muslims. That’s blatant lie. Non-Muslims have been and still are destroying entire nations like Iraq, Palestine, and Libya, literally killing, maiming and displacing people BY THE MILLIONS. They call it “war” and I call it grand scale terrorism, because that’s what it really is.

    The vast majority of “Muslim terrorism” is either false flag, sponsored and enable by the Western imperial powers, or retaliation for Western terrorist behavior in Muslim majority lands. ISIS is a Western imperial creation, and so is the earlier version, Al Qaeda.

    This is the reality YOU need to face. All the finger pointing in the world will never erase the oceans of blood on the hands of America and the other imperial powers. Violence begets violence. You want it to stop? Strike at the root. End Western aggression or accept that there will be more of the same.

  • Who here has said this justifies anything Muslims do? I think you’ve missed the point.

  • Raad

    major far-right anti-muslim american militia of up to 30 000 members, made of mostly conservative christians, said this:

  • Floki

    I’d say, “Of course not!” Regardless of whether or not we all (or some of us) may agree on “illegality”, this methodology is archaic – not worthy of our Earth’s current position.

  • Floki

    Our contemporary human brains are so grand – better even so than computers, which WE create. I’m rather confounded by how narrow we all may be. Still a part of our condition, I’d suppose.

  • Alistair John

    I don’t know the Andrea Yates case but she sounds like a lunatic. I don’t think that is the same as honour killings or ordinary domestic violence. You could describe it as religious mania.

    Boko Haram have been kidnapping and murdering boys for years. The kidnapping of the girls happened during Obama’s administration and after the murder of many boys previously. The media silence has little to do with Trump.

  • Joey Sanders

    You stated, “The difference between ordinary domestic violence and an honour killing is, presumably, one of motivation. Is someone killing in the name of a religion, based on religious teachings, however extremely interpreted, or simply jealous or naturally abusive?”

    Then how come no media organization ever called the murder of Andrea Yates’ five children an honor killing? Andrea clearly stated that the devil had gotten to her children before she murdered them. So there was a religious reason, but the hypocrisy of media coverage is clearly shown in this case.

    As far as the Boko Haram issue you spoke of, I think that has to do with timing. A lot of world events became secondary during this presidential election/clown show. The media was so busy giving Trump a whole lot of coverage, that many world events did not get covered enough.

  • Yes, many people do talk as if Muslims are uniquely violent, and our job is to counter that propaganda.

  • Alistair John

    I take your point but does anyone really think Muslims have a monopoly on bad behaviour? Surely, even the most bigoted anti-Muslim would know about fascists, Nazis, communists, the Inquisition etc.

    My guess is that the sort of ranting anti-Muslim of today would have been a ‘reds under the bed’ type up until the Gorbachev era. They might be blind to the faults of their country or religion, but rarely are they blind to all faults of every group other than their most hated one.

    What they will think is that Muslims represent the biggest threat to them, regardless of whether that threat is genuine or not, or whether the threat has been exaggerated or not.

    Two groups I do find have a tendency to focus all evil on one section of society to the exclusion of all others are radical feminists, who blame men for everything, and some black ‘anti-racists’ who will talk about the wickedness of ‘cave beasts’ and blame all violence in the world (and in history) on European imperialism and the theft by whites of all black culture.

  • Joey Sanders

    One of the goals of this site is to battle media demonization of Muslims. For instance, when a husband kills his wife in the Muslim world, they call it an honor killing. When a non-Muslim or Christian man does the same, it is called an act of domestic violence. Also, how do they now the Muslim man did it in the name of Islam or something. Did they ask how religious he was?

    The whole purpose of this article is to show how slanted the coverage is against Muslims in the media. Did any major news outlet cover this? Why not? It also shows that all groups have extremists in their ranks.

  • Atheists can be–and sometimes are–barbaric too. Soviet Union anyone?

    The point here is that no group has a monopoly on bad behavior.

  • Joey Sanders

    “A local reporter William Jalulah who spoke to host of Morning Starr on Starr 103.5FM Thursday stated that , was taken to the Pelungu Chief but the Chief allegedly told her accusers that she could not handle the matter since there wasn’t enough evidence to handle the matter.”

    I guess the Chief doesn’t have any authority. In that case, why ask?

  • Khizer

    Mind you that drone is for freedom and democracy, and NOT imperialism. K?

    Not terrorism when the US gov and its lackeys do it, that’s the memo.


  • Bill


    Why crawl around the most rural and neglected parts of a developing country to find something bad done by non-Muslims? Hasn’t anybody launched a drone recently?

  • JD

    Trump’s Pick For Deputy Budget Director: 
    Islam Is ‘A Deficient Theology’“condemned” for not believing in Jesus Christ.

  • JD

    (COLUMBUS, OHIO, 6/4/2017) – Later today, the Columbus, Ohio, chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Columbus) will hold a news conference to call on law enforcement authorities to investigate an attack yesterday on a Muslim woman in that city as a possible hate crime and to urge police to arrest the alleged assailant.

    The woman, who reportedly intervened to protect another Muslim woman from harassment by the alleged attacker – a white male – was beaten unconscious, resulting in facial fractures and the loss of several teeth. According to the victim, the alleged attacker reportedly screamed “you all will be shipped back to Africa” prior to beating. CAIR-Columbus is her legal representative in the case.

    According to witnesses, the alleged attacker was interviewed by police, but released without charge. He had reportedly made racist statements to neighbors in the recent past

  • JD
  • mindy1

    Omg, how sad to actually kill someone like that for no reason. >:(

  • Floki

    O’ how white nationalists would love this story – ignoring altogether the world-view (which many of them share) of the murderers, if but to point toward race.

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