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Paul Golding Spreads Lie That London Muslims Celebrated Paris Terror Attack

The meme that Muslims, especially Western Muslims, whether they be in New York or London, celebrate terror attacks is a persistent trope used over and over again by Islamophobes. Christian missionary David Wood uses it, President Donald Trump uses it and now the leader of a small anti-Muslim party named Paul Golding has tweeted a video he claims shows “‘moderate’ Muslims celebrating the Paris terror attack in London.”:

Sadly for Golding, as MEND Community has shown, the video is actually Pakistani cricket fans celebrating their team’s victory in the 2009 World Cup.

The tweet has been deleted though no correction/apology has been posted by Golding or Britain First.

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  • AJ

    I don’t think the terrorism in France has anything to with the oppression of Muslims – the reason being most of the terrorist bastards they capture or fail to capture (in France)- whoever they parade around on the media as the bogeymen – are the farthest from Islam in their practical so-called Muslim lives. Everyone is a fornicator, a druggie, a drinker. I am not sure who is paying these losers to carry these acts. The money trail could be followed which could be a big indicator of who is behind it – but the French imbeciles have an axe to grind with Islam – so no we never find out who was paying these thugs.

  • mindy1

    Ya know, if they really WERE celebrating, somebody other than this person would have noticed and posted online. In the world of twitter, facebook and insta gram, few things are secret.

  • AJ

    That wouldn’t leave a lot of choices then. However any Muslim if asked to get off the plane due to the insensibilities of a fellow passenger should create the same scene like that doctor did.

  • Even if we “blamed” the Arabs, what could they do? They tried to have an “Arab Spring,” and were prevented. I’ve been reading a lot of horrible stuff Sisi is doing and I know if he were not doing the West’s bidding, it would be all over the news. If Morsi had stayed in power and done the same, we’d see countless articles about the evils of that “Islamist.” But since he’s secular and, more importantly, in the West’s pocket, it’s downplayed.

    How could Egyptians fix anything with these imposed leaders? They elected someone else through much-vaunted democratic elections and the West, with the help of their Gulf puppets, deposed him. Not that I was a fan of Morsi, but that isn’t the point.

    Unless and until people get out from under the Western boot, there isn’t much point in talking about anything else. They can talk and even act, but they’ll be shoved down and dominated, and no one really fares well as a society under that sort of oppression.

    Also, Arabs are connected loosely by a language, and that isn’t even the same all over. Try using a Palestinian dialect at a table full of Iraqis or Tunisians. They won’t understand a lot of what you say, typically. I’ve been with Palestinians who talked to Tunisians in French rather than Arabic because they understood each other better that way. Only the Egyptians are widely understood, and beyond these language differences, I haven’t found a lot of Arab cohesiveness. In fact many of them don’t like the others. I guess one thing they could do is a better job of unifying, but you know what? Any efforts at pan-Arab unity will also be (and have been!) crushed by you-know-who!

    So we’re back to the root cause, and that’s what really needs to be addressed. I think Muslims would be better off thinking of themselves as Muslims, rather than a subset trying to rally around being Arabs. Islam has a set of principles to organize and unite people, whereas Arab is a linguistic and sort of ethnic grouping with no overarching principles. It’s hollow and shallow, and not at all up to the task of challenging the West.

  • I’ve been to 5 of the 7 continents now. I just have Australia left, since I have no plans to ever go to Antarctica. I couldn’t afford it if I wanted, as it’s very expensive! Six will have to do, if I’m lucky enough.

    If you get a chance, I really recommend you go to Turkey, and also Japan. A lot of countries I just want to see once, but I’d love to visit both of those again and again.

    I don’t think I have much chance of passing for Chinese, so I guess I’ll have to spring for a visa (and of course a ushanka), if I ever make it to Russia. 🙂

  • Khizer

    True, while the situation is depressing, one should not fail to point the blame at the actual perpetrators of this situation.

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

    Ushanka are great, i love them and to call russian food bland is an understatement, it literally tastes of nothing.

    Russia was the first country outside of Bangladesh that ive been to and i absolutely loved the experience, especially since i went with friends. Ever since then I’ve been wanting to travel the world, perhaps get every continent in the bag. It was also interesting to see how most of the Muslims were central Asian whereas in the UK it’s mainly south Asian.

    If you want a quick and easy way to go to Russia, morph into a Chinese and go in a group of Chinese tourists, they don’t need visas as a group. Our hotel was 90% Chinese tourists 😀

  • I Googled unshanka, and now I want one. And a trip to Moscow. 🙂

    I’ve heard Russian food is bland. Maybe that’s why I’ve never seen a Russian restaurant? Only tea rooms, and not many of those.

    Anyway, I’m really glad you got to go there. I think Americans in particular should get out more, and challenge their insular views. Plus it’s just really fun to globe trot. 🙂

  • The idea of “the Arabs” as a distinct political or social group to be analyzed doesn’t resonate with me.

    Also, anyone who doesn’t view the West as primarily responsible for the problems in the modern Middle East is victim blaming, which isn’t going to fix anything. How can “the Arabs” be at fault for the state of things when they are not the ones in control of anything?

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

    We went to Moscow and Korolyov, which is where they train their astro/cosmonauts. Moscow is a great place, beautiful city, especially the metro stations. A tall dark man in an ushanka is apparently a rarity so i was a bit of a minor celebrity. Took a picture with a russian man’s son, had two chinese ladies take a picture of me as they went up the metro escalator and had a little russian girl wave frantically at me whilst i walked around the hotel in slippers, a bathrobe and, you guessed it, my ushanka.

    The food, however, was terrible. They dont know what vegetarians are and cabbage soup is the starter in almost every restaurant. It’s really bland as well, i put about half a pepper sprinkler in my soup to make it taste of anything.

    I’ve also stopped following the news closely recently. Nowadays i just read the headlines of articles to get the general idea of what’s happened and leave it at that. It’s usually the same old sh*t.

  • Khizer

    Illisha, what do you think of this, to me it’s greatly depressing.

  • Interesting. I guess at the time of the article I read, they didn’t know he wasn’t of Chinese descent. Example here, so you know I didn’t just make up what I said earlier:

    Man filmed being dragged off United flight causes outrage in China

    I try not to read the news, so I haven’t kept up on the story. I only catch bits and pieces when someone mentions some incident. I’m happier when I don’t have a steady diet of news.

    Did you like Russia? What part did you visit?

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

    I was talking of those two incidents yes but apparently the good doctor was of Vietnamese descent, not Chinese 😀 He’s an unusual one, apparently he got homosexual favours from a patient in order for the chap to get his medication. Unrelated to the airline incident and doesn’t justify what happened to him but hey, interesting tidbit.

    I went to Russia recently and i didn’t have any trouble at customs, probably because i looked like a tourist memelord wearing a Putin t-shirt and an ushanka. The fact that i was also with plenty of white people probably helped 😀

    I do remember going to Bangladesh with my dad 3 or 4 years ago and getting stopped by a man and a woman after baggage checks asking us where we were going and why. I didn’t know about random checks back then and just wondered why they cared XD

  • I thought about this recently when I left my purse in the terminal at Houston airport! I had to run back through, and go through a “do not enter” security gate in the wrong direction. I figured if I took the much longer “right” route, my purse would be gone for sure.

    So I ran through, back past the security. For some reason, you have to go through twice there, once at the main gate and then at the airline gate. The security saw me running in and yelled at me. I half expected to be tackled. But the security person was a woman and when I said, “I left my purse and have to get it!” she totally understood and nodded, and even added, ‘Yeah, you’d better get it!” 🙂

    My purse was still there, sitting on the seat where I left it. I figured I’d get searched again because it was briefly out of my possession, but no, they just let me walk back through without incident. Lucky break. 🙂

    I assume you were talking about the doctor of Chinese dissent? The one airport security dragged off and beat up. It was very interesting to see the Chinese state-run media ran with the story, and how it trended on the Chinese version of Twitter. They basically said, “look at these people who are on about human rights and are beating people up at the airport…oh…and who are very racist toward Asians!” They really played that angle with what I view as a terrible but isolated incident.

    There was another incident where a male flight attendant yanked a baby stroller from a woman, hitting her with it inadvertently and nearly hitting her kid. It was a bad scene, with the mom crying, holding to kids, and another male passenger (unrelated to the victim it seemed), threatened the flight attendant if he did anything else to the mother and her children. The flight attendant told him he didn’t know the context, but the passenger said it didn’t matter because there was no context where it’s okay to attack children.

    I think that passenger was brave, as they could have tackled and beaten him, but since their own flight attendant was being a massive jerk, they his standing up for the woman and her kids pass.

    I did get singled out for a search in another airport during my travels, and a female agent really did an exhaustive job of trying to find a weapon. Jeez. Flying is crazy these days! I’m glad I got my purse back though. And there were no injuries nor arrests in the retrieval process. 🙂

  • Joey Sanders

    If they say they want to reaccommodate you….Run for you life!!!!

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

    You might want to avoid US airlines as well now. What with their voluntary removal and impromptu fight clubs 😀

  • Joey Sanders

    You bought up Charlie Hebdo. You want to understand the murder? Let me help you.

    Hebdo was trying to incite the Muslim community for years. Even after they were firebombed, they continued to provoke the Muslim community under the guise of freedom and French secularism. It’s really macho to make fun of minorities who don’t have the political power to fight back and make you pay.

    in reality, Hebdo was a bunch of Jewish writers who just wanted to write nasty things about Muslims. It was probably to build support for Israel. They certainly weren’t about freedom. How do we know this? When Maurice Sinet wrote about rumors of Sarkozy’s son converting to Judaism saying that “He’ll go far this lad.” He got fired. Sinet got the last laugh as he won his lawsuit against the paper. Nobody likes people who can’t take what they dish.

    You see, the Maurice Sinet case proves two things about Charlie Hebdo. They were not willing to bump heads with the powerful and connected. It is easier to pick on minorities who have very little or no clout. Please don’t call them brave or anything like that.
    Secondly, it proved that Jewish writers who were mocking Muslims could not take the same being done to them under the guise of freedom and French secularism that they so defended themselves with.

    The people, who carried out those shooting, probably knew those same facts I just disclosed to you. That is probably why those people got the bullet. They were part of an organization that continued to provoke and humiliate the Muslim community in France. A very small minority of the Muslim community resorted to acts of terrorism. C’est la vie.

    Does it justify what happened? No. But, does it help you understand why it happened? If it doesn’t, then you are as dumb as a rock.

    Also, keep that “support terrorism” crap to yourself. I was held hostage on one of the longest hijackings in aviation history. I don’t want your sympathy either. I am not Jewish. lol

  • AJ

    Same here. Avoiding France and it’s airline like plague when traveling from and to US.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    To understand someone’s motives does not mean to endorse or approve of them, on the contrary, some things, the better you understand them the more you hate them.
    Also, it’s one thing to make fun at an idea or concept you don’t like or endorse, and quite a different thing to call for murder or genocide. Sure, Charlie Hebdo didn’t do that but the Greater Serb propagandist Risto Dzogo (who spread the Blood Libel about Bosniaks in 1992) sure did. No, the Charlie Hebdo people did not deserve to be killed. Having said that, woe betide whoever dares to call me “Daesh!”
    But Risto Dzogo surely did deserve to be killed. And the best thing is, when he met the sticky end he so richly deserved, he wasn’t killed by Bosniaks, but by his own people when they considered him more a liability than an asset.
    As for your statement on the French “anti-burqa law, I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s humiliating, wrong, unnecessary. Most Muslim women don’t wear one, and those who do, well, for starters they are mostly elderly and have worn it all their lives, not “oppressed young girls forced by their fathers and brothers under the treat of ‘honor killing’ “. So forcing them to take it off is as offensive for them as it would be for a Western woman to be forced to walk raw naked in public. It’s only a pathetic attempt by stupid, blinkered, reactionary politicians to cozy up to the fascists. As if they could recover any votes they lost to the fascists. Those who have fascist ideas will feel themselves justified and vote for the original, not the glib imitation.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    He wasn’t talking about Charlie Hebdo at all. And neither do I. As far as I know, Charlie Hebdo was actually sympathetic to the Bosniak side during 1992-95, and for me that’s all that counts. It’s true that France discriminated the Muslims – but not to the point Royal and Titoist Yugoslavia did. And please don’t say “Muslims behave evil towanrd non-Muslims.” What happens in Saqudi Arabia or Pakistan is no justification to mistreat and bully Muslims in Europe. It’s NO JUSTIFICATION WHATSOEVER! GET THAT IN YOUR thick evil heads you…!!! Besides that >I’m NOT INTERESTED!!! In a discussion with Islamophobes. Their viewpoint is I R R E C O N C I L A B L E with mine, they have told me so soften enough! Their ideas are more ofthen than not genocidal – the serbofascists, those who want to nuke Mecca. And Kurt Westergaard’s and others’ “Der Stürmer”-like cartoons. Even the most mild-manneder fo persons woudl find them insulting and offensive. This does not mean that I endorse those who want to kill him. Slap his face would suffice. And to understand something does not mean to endorse it either. I understand the motives of the anti-Muslim Serb crusaders as well – fear of the loss of power and privileges, unwillingness to concede, the opportunity of land grab, robbery, sexual possession – but I surely don’t condone them! I condemn who in any which ever way supports them, and if it was given to me I would terminate their earthly existence because it threatens MY existence! I mesan, if someone comes at me with obvious murderous intent, does anybody expect of me to say “Peace, bro?!?” Eh? Who says that has the same murderous intent! As for such people, if they meet the sticky end they so richly deserve, I won’t grieve! On the contrary!
    For example, whenever Ayman Mazyek, of the German Council of Muslims, criticizes anti-Muslim behavior or policies, you should read the hateful, disdainful comments from anti-Muslims that he should keep his mouth shut! Or about Turks in Germany and that they and their valiues arfe “utterly incompatible with German society!”; “I don’t want any Muslims around here”; “In a few years they’ll take over and turn Germany into the Islamic State! (Nota bene, the Serbofascists said the same about the Bosniaks and Albanians too!)” Or the Zio-Nazi guy who commented elsewhere here against the Palestinians (I think he call shimsef beowulf or some such), or the “peaceful Buddhists” who say “The Rohingya get what they deserve” – ARRRRRGGHHH! Whenever I read such vitriol, insult, hate speech, call for genocide, I get the feeling that I would like to wring the offenders’ silly necks!!! Slap their stupid faces until my hands are numb!!! Kick their butts until my foot falls off!!!
    I’d love to do what Beate Klarsfeld did to Kurt Georg Kiesinger (The German chancellor who was a Nazi) to Geert Wilders or Marine Le Pen or Viktor Orbán – slap their faces in public. Even still better would be to spit in their faces, but I don’t want to soil my saliva. No, much better, throw a rotten egg or an old shoe in their face. Sadly, it’s no longer possible. Security is much tighter today that it was in the late 1960s. Ah, but Thilo Sarrazin (the German would-be Social Democrat but actually Nazi publicist who wrote a lot of offensive books about how Muslims are genetically and morally inferior) certainly deserves to be slapped in the face, very hard.

  • Basic concept you need to get: observing cause and effect is NOT equal to justification.

    “The damage to that house was caused by a tornado.”
    “Stop justifying tornado, weather apologist!”

    French behavior toward Muslims, both domestically and internationally, contributes to terrorism in their country. That’s called “blowback.”

    Do you think you’re doing the people favors by trying to cover up this basic reality? People need to understand the connection.

    That said, I don’t want Muslims sinking to the level of Western leaders, who constantly resort to violence. Not only is this morally wrong, but it just gives the West more excuses to discriminate against Muslims domestically and murder them abroad. Innocent people are killed, nothing is solved, and there are more innocent people killed. That’s a ridiculous, wicked cycle.

    But the Western countries need to face up tot their colossal, ongoing crimes and change their ways, or terrorism will continue to be a reality. That’s not a justification. That’s a fact.

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

    France is a country I will not be stepping foot in anytime soon. I’m sure French people are lovely but their militant secularism makes me nauseous.

  • Joey Sanders

    I despise the French and their oppressive laws against Muslims. The way they bully the Muslim population in that country leads to those attacks. I don’t like the attacks that happen in France, but that does not mean that I don’t understand why they happen.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Most people are lazy thinkers. Simpletons. And opportunists. For example, in Burma, the fascists thugs who murder, rape and rob the Rohingya do not try to “avenge” 9/11 but to rob and rape them. The serbofascists did not turn on the Bosniaks to “avenge” whatever was done to Serbs in WWII or in Ottoman times. After all none of these Serbs was around in WWII or Ottoman times. It was just so they coud rob and rape the Bosniaks and take away their land. And it’s so satisfying and therapeutic to have somebody else to blame for one’s own, or one’s people’s shortcomings. Truly, people who think like that deserve to be hit on their head, very hard.

  • AJ

    A few times in the past years Eid has fallen on 9/11. I do wonder when dressing in the fineries and walking towards mosques, if the imbeciles around me would wonder that we are celebrating 9/11. The western world with all its claims of high education consists of some stupid, stupid people – actually the entire masses of it.

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