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“Nuke Sweden”, “Shoot the Women”, Let Them Eat Bacon”!

What happens when Breitbart and the ex-Breitbart propagandist Milo Yiannopoulos hears about an attack in Sweden where a racist harasses Muslim women? They write about it and imply that the women are lying. What happens when their readers read the articles? The readers write that they want to: nuke Sweden, kill these women (and all Muslims), “shoot them, hang them, and throw bacon at the mosques, “Shoulda wrapped it around his fist and beat the shit out of them”, “shoot them with bacon greased bullets”. And of course as always: “hang the Jews”.

A racist went up to some Muslim women that were sitting on a train in Stockholm. He took out bacon and shoved it in their faces while he shouted that he hates “Muslims and negroes”. When they got up to move away from him, he followed them waving the bacon in their faces and screaming racial slurs.

Swedish media reports that the women told the police that they were afraid that the man would attack them. A witness told the police that he yelled that he hated “Muslims and negroes”:

“He went up to three women that carried a veil and shoved the bacon at their faces and their hands. He said: “what is it, am I not allowed to eat bacon?”

Two of the women were only visiting Sweden and did not understand Swedish. “I could hear the words “islam, islam” in what he said. His behavior was very aggressive and I was really scared that this man would attack us”, one of them told the Police,

Milo and Breitbart

A clear case of harassment?

Not so for Breitbart and the ex-Breitbart journalist Milo Yiannopoulos.

Breitbart obviously found the news so important that they wrote an article which reports how people in social media ridicule the Swedes and the harassed women.

Reaction to the incident on social media has been a mix of laughter and disbelief amongst English language users. Twitter user PeterSweden tweeted his disbelief at the charges saying: “What’s the next step, being racist for walking your dog?”

As usual the article is followed by a comment section filled with hatred against Swedes, Muslims and Jews. “Kill them, shoot them, force them to eat bacon, nuke Sweden”.

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Milo Yiannopoulos implies that the women were lying and his followers on Facebook get furious.

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The comment sections of Breitbart and the “ex-Breitbart” writer Milo are disgusting. But sometimes it is important to look at them. Don’t forget that Steve Bannon and Steve Gorka, two of the main security advisors of Trump, come from Breitbart. This is the articles Trump hears about and bases his security policy on. That is the kind of hatred they whip up, and the kind of supporters they have.

They claim that the Muslims are barbarians, while they themselves are the “crown of creation”… That is hardly the impression you get when reading the comment sections of Milo and Breitbart.

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  • The Muslim religion is a major problem for liberal democracy

    On what basis have your drawn that conclusion? A problem for liberal democracy WHERE and in what way?

  • I didn’t say anything about whether or not I have mastery over the topic. It doesn’t matter whether or not I “imagine” that I have mastery over a topic or not–I do, or I don’t. What I can say is that I most certainly have more mastery over the topic of Islam than you do.

    I didn’t criticize your post merely for being long but for (1) not having paragraph breaks (2) for quibbling endlessly about the term “Islamophobia,” as if we coined it here ourselves and can simply replace it to please you. It’s a waste of space to keep prattling on, splitting hairs over terminology, and I don’t read posts that run together because it’s needlessly tedious.

    Yes, you do have very little control over what your government does. Democracy doesn’t work as advertised, which is why it’s ridiculous for the West to spread it at gunpoint. I hever blame the ordinary people and told you to look to YOUR LEADERS, not your people. If you can’t do anything about your own country’s leaders, then why are you taking on leaders and whole societies and religions elsewhere? You certainly can’t do anything about what’s going on in other countries–and don’t even have a mechanism, such as your meaningless vote, to pretend you have a say in those matters.

    Yes, exactly, the merits of a society are in the EYE OF THE BEHOLDER. And just as you don’t like what you see in some countries, others don’t like your society either. That’s why we split into separate countries. Worry about your own country and leave other people alone if you want to be left alone. It’s common sense.

    As for “apologizing” for Islam, I don’t need to write any apologetics to you. I already told you I don’t care what you think of Islam. It makes no difference. If you don’t like Islam, don’t become a Muslim. It’s that simple. As to what Islam is and how it will be interpreted and practiced, that’s 100% up to Muslims, not non-Muslims and certainly not you. Muslims living in your country must abide by the law of the land, which Islamic doctrine supports, and that’s it. You get no say whatsoever in the Muslim community or in Muslim-majority societies around the world.

    And you absolutely have fallen hook, line and sinker for propaganda. Not a single thing you’ve written here is remotely original thought. It’s regurgitated propaganda, pure and simple. If you had applied even the most basic critical thinking skills, you would have realized there is no religion that is going to survive 1400 and attract nearly a quarter of humanity if it’s comic book evil. That’s ridiculous at face value.

    Western foreign policy is not moral or amoral. It’s the immoral slaughter and destruction aimed at protecting corporate profits. As I said before, most of you don’t even understand your own countries, never mind other people’s countries thousands of miles away.

    You keep saying I’m ignoring/excusing Islam. Please point to where I’ve done that. All I told you was what is common sense and what the FBI and the CIA themselves acknowledge, which is terrorism is due primarily to unjust foreign policy, not Islam. It’s not in your interest to keep falsely believing Western countries are being attacked for moronic reasons like “they hate our freedom” or the my blindly slaughter “infidels.” Most Muslims, like everyone else on this planet, just want to raise their families and live in peace and it is a FACT that millions cannot because the Western imperial powers WILL NOT LET THEM.

    Western society is in rapid decline. The signs are everywhere. Why did Trump win on ‘Make America Great Again’? You genuinely look like a fool carrying on about “public beheadings” and “honor killings” in some far away land where you literally have not even a feather’s weight of say about anything, while your own society crumbles around you.

    If I wanted to tackle your accusations against Islam, I most certainly could. But as I said that’st he purpose of this site itself. I don’t need to do the job in comments. You say I’m angry but what is your evidence? I’m talking straight. That’s all, an it’s not as if you came here behaving like a sweet, fuzzy kitten. You came here to tell us how evil Islam is, remember?

    What did I tell you already? Go over to Jihad Watch or Frontpage Magazine where you belong. Our comments section is not going to mirror the dumbed down propaganda people can go read for themselves on Jihad Watch. If you like that stuff, go there and get it directly, frolic with your own kind, and quit wasting my time.

  • Look, to gain mastery over a topic take a long time and a lot of effort. It takes a much deeper dive than watching TV and reading propaganda sites. Do you really want to gain mastery over the topic of Islam?

    Because regurgitating propaganda is pointless. You’re not doing anyone any good treating our comments section as a mirror site to Jihad Watch.

    Very few people in the West have even a rudimentary understanding of Islam. In fact not many more seem to have even a rudimentary understanding of their own country’s economic and political system, and an even more tenuous understanding of foreign policy and its consequences.

    Given that’s the case, what makes sense in terms of priorities? To fixate on “public beheadings”? Are they happening in your neighborhood? Why would it be a major “concern” of, let’s say an American, that Saudi women can’t drive or that Jordan has a couple dozen “honor killings” each year? Who told you to worry about that instead of what’s going on in your own back yard? And why?

    Terrorism is of course everyone’s concern since no one is immune. But terrorism is coming to the West because of what the West is doing to other people, not because of Islam. The Western imperial powers are wrecking and plundering other people’s countries. Do you think that people will take that forever and no one will ever strike back? If the only reason Muslims lash out in response is Islam, then why didn’t the US NOT lash out after 9/11? Was the US government consulting the Qur’an? Or is it human nature to strike back at those who attack you?

    The US has literally wrecked Iraq, Libya and Syria and continues to all allow Israel to terrorize the Palestinians and gobble up what is left of their land. Why would anyone believe there would be no consequences for any actions unless your victims were Muslims? Does that make sense? The colossal crimes being perpetrated against he people of the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia would create a backlash, even if all the victims were Wiccans. People don’t put up with that forever, and just lie down and die quietly.

    You know what’s even weirder than wrecking people’s countries and being surprised when some of them hit back? Arming them, and recruiting and training whole armies of them yourselves. The US played that role with both Al Qaeda and ISIS. Just think about that for a minute. Prior to the US recruiting, training and providing weapons to pan-Islamic armies, local concerns were local concerns. A local militia with no state backing has limited power.

    If you were in power in the West, would you travel thousands of miles away to wreck other people’s countries? And then, while you were doing that, would you recruit and train an army of their people simultaneously? I guess that’s fine if you’re trying to use that army for some agenda, but haven’t these people watched Frankenstein? Heard of the Golem? Sometimes you can’t control the monster or your own making.

    Event he CIA and the FBI acknowledge terrorism is a result of foreign policy. The CIA even coined a term for it: blowback.

    If you fear for your safety, then the most rational, logical choice for you is to direct your criticism to the people who are invading and plundering Muslims lands, and recruiting, arming and training terrorist armies. Muslims aren’t invading themselves and without government backing, couldn’t form these terrorist groups. Why not demand the American government change course? Stop backing Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and stop bombing and plundering other people’s lands. And for heaven’s sake, PLEASE stop building terror armies!

    I’m seriously trying to wrap my head around someone sitting around instead fixating on Islam. If Islam were eradicated from the face of the earth tomorrow, you’d still be stuck with horrible, shortsighted leaders who are robbing their people and wrecking the world.

    Islam is not what you think it is and you’re not going to have the vaguest notion what it actually is by listening to propaganda. It’s like trying to learn about Jews by reading the Nazi Daily Stormer. If you wanted to have some foothold on a complex topic like Islam, it would be a big undertaking. Spewing superficial nonsense solves absolutely nothing.

    This entire site is devoted to addressing the long list you posted here. Don’t you get that there is a concerted propaganda war against Islam? That there are billionaires funding these anti-Islam sites and people whose interest is in distracting and scaring you?

    In the final analysis, it doesn’t matter to me what people in the West think of Islam. Islam isn’t going anywhere. People are just going to have to learn to coexist with Islam and Muslims. That’s a reality you need to face. Muslims have no more reason to care what you think of their religion and society than Westerners have reason to care what Muslims think of theirs.

    What if Muslims peered into Western society and decided they needed to address the West’s moral bankruptcy and social decay? What if they needed to bomb you to impose their social order on you? It wouldn’t be hard to create some propaganda about the evils of the West, and in fact some argue that very type of propaganda *IS* used in some Muslim-majority countries to deflect criticism of the regimes there!

    The Western imperial powers have made Afghanistan and Iraq worse, not better. How can Westerners who aren’t even doing a good job of managing their own decaying societies going to take it upon themselves to try to rule over the world, and “fix” everyone else’s society? Why are you not questioning these globalists and their agenda?

    I think Western people fixating on Islam is like a flock of sheep staring at a black sheep, while mean while a wolf in shepherd’s clothing is leading the flock to slaughter.

    Anyway, if it makes your feel better to spend your days “criticizing” Islam with superficial propaganda, this is not the proper venue. Head over to Jihad Watch or Frontpage Mag, where like-minded people will be happy to rant and rave all day about the “evils of Islam” with you. Go rant with them and see where that gets you.

  • Butter Balls

    Actually most Muslim violence has Muslim victims and Muslims nations have gone to war and invaded each other, so invasion and colonisation is not exclusively a Western problem. Genocide has been perpetrated by Muslim nations, just as it has been by Western and communist nations. And for the record I don’t support much American/Western foreign policy.

    The Muslim religion is a major problem for liberal democracy, whether or not there are other similar or worse problems in the world. A headache doesn’t become less painful because you have a laceration elsewhere.

    It would not be safe for either of us to publish a caricature of Mohammed. That is a fundamental problem which cannot be ignored or excused. It is not a problem created by Western imperialism but by religious, specifically Islamic, fanaticism. It is not an appropriate response to Western military action in Islamic countries.

    Gay people and non Muslim people are persecuted in Muslim countries. Women have lesser rights, apostates are killed. These remain problems, whether or not Trump and Putin meddle in Syria.

    I don’t need you permission to write what I want.

  • Butter Balls

    Do I really need to list all the obscene practises carried out in the name of Islam?

    How about stoning women, public crucifixion, beheading people, honour killings, genital mutilation, preventing women from driving, slavery, restricting schooling for girls, kidnapping, murder, repression of non Muslim religions, persecution of non Muslims, persecution of apostates, restrictions of freedom of speech, anti-Semitism, killing translators, film makers and cartoonists, thousands of terror attacks etc. etc. etc. Praying five or five hundred times a day is most definitely not the problem.

    Is the fear of those rational enough for you? Or do you pretend such things don’t exist?

    Is it all Muslims behaving that way? Of course not.

    Are such crimes committed by Muslims in the name of Islam and with justifications from Islamic texts and traditions? Absolutely.

    Are they exclusive to Muslims? No, not in all instances.

    I am wary of most religions and many secular ideologies. My fear of Islam is a fear of the most brutal form religion takes in the modern era.

  • That’s true, you can criticize both but I question your priorities.

    Western leaders are themselves behaving in a manner that is stupid, cowardly, and immoral and are perpetrating colossal crimes that promote tyranny and oppression. They are also engaged in incredible violence, and their policies are creating death, destruction and chaos on a massive scale. Muslims aren’t invading themselves, so why would you look to them and their religion as the major problem instead of the people actually causing the problem?

    This weird globalist mentality is like a mental illness in the West. Instead of looking at your own society crumbling around you. Your elites have you gazing over the sea, worrying bout things you barely understand while your own society marches off into the sunset.

    Anyway, criticize all you want. Write 1000 word essays on how you hate the word Islamophobia and spew propaganda you learned on Jihad Watch, or whatever. See where that gets you.

  • Butter Balls

    i tried using paragraph breaks and it just uploaded it. And I can’t revise stuff until it appears and there seems to be a delay. I have fixed it now.

    The Muslim Brotherhood coined the phrase. That would seem a very good reason for not using it. As the saying incorrectly attributed to Hitchens says, “Islamophobia, a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons.”

    Read what you want. I shall continue to point out the stupidity and duplicity of the term. And it is not ‘what we have’ it is what you choose to use.

  • It would be really helpful if you would use paragraph breaks. I’m not going to read all of this.

    Someone coined Islamophobia, and it stuck. It wasn’t us who coined this term, and it’s not my favorite, but that’s what we have. I’m not going to read long, tedious diatribes about it.

  • Khizer


  • Khizer

    If you want us to believe that being shit scared over a single religion and it practices, is ‘rational’, then you should list some of these ‘terrifying’ Islamic practices. Otherwise we might think your simply afraid of people praying five times a day (oooohhh the HORROR !!!!).

  • Butter Balls

    Yes, homophobia also a poor word etymologically speaking. People don’t really fear homosexuals, they just hate them. The ‘homo’ part is also ambiguous. We are all homos in that we are all homo sapiens. Of course that is not what is meant. Homo could either mean homosexuality or homosexuals. A dislike or fear of homosexuality is not quite the same as a dislike of homosexuals themselves. While I personally find the former hard to defend it is more defensible than the latter, which is pure bigotry.

    There is an analogy with Islamophobia and hatred of Muslims, but it is weakened by the fact that one is a sexual preference and hard to control or suppress the other an ideology, which itself controls and oppresses. I could come up with a better word or phrase easily to describe the hatred of Muslims (some already exist), but there is no reason to suppose it would be adopted. That doesn’t make your phrase any better.

    And I don’t take orders kindly, especially from people I don’t know. Such arrogance is astonishing and suggests you are insecure in your own position. It is not a ‘quibble’ to criticise the term Islamophobia. It is a vital distinction between an ideology which I despise and a group of people which, with some obvious exceptions, I don’t.

    It is important that distinction is maintained in order for you not to become apologists for the misogyny and sexism, anti homosexual cruelty, repression of religious diversity, repression of cultural diversity, exploitation, genital mutilation, murders, crucifixions, kidnapping, floggings, stonings and other barbarous behaviour carried out in the name of Islam and justified using Islamic texts and theology. To point out such things is neither fear mongering propaganda nor prejudice against Muslims, any more than pointing out the poor behaviour of Christian fundamentalists or the weakness of Christian ideology is an attack all Christians.

  • Butter Balls

    No, no-one needs to stop pointing fingers. The fact that Western governments do bad things doesn’t stop anyone from a Western country criticising the actions of ‘Eastern’ societies or governments or religions. To do so would be stupid, cowardly, immoral and a betrayal of those suffering from tyranny and oppression.

  • I think American Exceptionalism is the most dangerous and barbaric ideology on earth today, and it comes in the form of secularism, stockpiling and spreading evil weapons and laying waste to entire nations in the name of “freedom and democracy.” Westerners should tame their own impulses before they start pointing fingers at others.

    Criticism is of course legitimate, as is proportionate fear. Spreading lies is not legitimate. Our concern is not about whether or not we like what someone is saying, or even who is saying it, but rather whether or not it’s true. Most of the anti-Islam propaganda is half truths at best and at worst, outright lies. We are here to set the record straight, not to silence discourse.

  • We have “homophobia.”

    I asked you to tell me what the term should be. If you can’t come up with an alternative, then your criticism is pointless. We ARE going to call out fear mongering propaganda and prejudice against Muslims. If you can offer no alternative, yet want to quibble over the term “Islamophobia,” go do it somewhere else. Not interested.

  • Viredae

    If said fear is engendered by lies and weasel words, how can it be rational?

  • Fear needs to be proportionate, no matter what the topic. When alarmist propaganda creates fear that’s out of alignment with reality, what term should we use to describe that instead?

  • CowabungaCreeper

    It’s not hate speech! Don’t you know satire when you see it?! They love Muslims, they just hate Islam. Stop calling them bigots! WAAAAAHHH!!! /S

  • I smile every time I see a comment from you, mindy1. Glad you’re back. 🙂

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Me too …

  • Friend of Bosnia

    They certainly don’t. They know if they just tried, they wouldn’t have time to regret it.
    The interesting thing is, most fascists, Nazis, cetniks, islamophobes and other such lowlifes are most peculiar, lurid, unsavory and psychopathic and/or sociopathic characters. The kind of people I want to be the farthest away of that’s possible. The kind of guy I will certainly forbid my daughter to marry, and if he does, I’ll shoot him in cold blood (of course I trust my daughter to find herself a good man.)

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Such hate speech is beyond good and evil. It started with statements like that in the 1990s and in the end it led to Omarska, Foca, Visegrad, Tomasica, Srebrenica.
    People who think like that do not deserve to walk this Earth and it would be my greatest pleasure to inflict on them the greatest pain that can possibly be done to another. To show them the greatest degree of cruelty that can possibly exist. And then some.

    The problem is that we are too lenient with cruel and inhuman people. Sometimes I deplore the Allies did not summarily shoot all SS men they could lay hands on, and all Wehrmacht officers from the rank of major up. But then they would have had to kill all Nazi officials and helpers too. A lot of people were Nazis. Would that already have amounted to genocide?
    Ah, it would have sufficed if they had removed them from their jobs and taken away their right to vote and to be elected for public office and stigmatized them for the rest of their natural lives. As it is, many Nazi war criminals were allowed to go on with their lives undisturbed. And after communism was overthrown, the same happened with the communist officials. Many ultranationalists among Serbs and Croats, and many fundamentalists among Bosniaks, as well as traitors and apostates like Emir Kusturica and Fikret Abdic are former communist apparatchiks who just opportunistically changed their ideology and appearance but went on doing the same things as before. I wonder if there are enough lamp posts in the towns and cities of BiH, to give all of such people what they deserve. But certainly there must be enough trees.

  • Joey Sanders

    There is no reason to keep reporting on Milo. He has been marginalized. Gays who believe in experimenting sexually with young boys lose their credibility real fast. You are doing him a favor by keeping him in the news. His career is over.

    I would definitely like to know more about the train incident. Did anyone in the train stand up against the loser that was harassing three harmless women? It never surprises me that these Islamophobes go after women most of the time. They usually don’t have the guts to attack Muslim men.

  • JD–CAIR-Calls-on-FBI-to-Probe-Hate-Vandalism-Targeting-Oregon-Man-Mistaken-for-Muslim.html?soid=1103010792410&aid=bycw5QrF6bs


    CAIR Calls on FBI to Probe Hate Vandalism Targeting Oregon Man Mistaken for Muslim

    (WASHINGTON, D.C., 3/29/2017) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today called on the FBI to investigate apparently bias-motivated vandalism targeting an Oregon man mistaken for a Muslim.

    The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office is investigating vandalism reported Tuesday at an Iranian-American man’s home in Troutdale, Ore., that included spray-painted hate graffiti such as “f*** you terrorist” and references to “hate” of Muslims and “get out.” The vandals also left a note weighed down with bullets arranged in the shape of a cross. The note reportedly stated: “If I see you here next month, I will shoot you and burn your house.” The alleged victim is in fact of the Baha’i faith.

  • Khizer

    The anti-Muslim circle jerk of Breitbart and its commenters transcends time and space. Non have dared to progress further into the circle jerk, for fear that there is no end, and for fear that the circle jerk will inevitably cause madness in oneself. The anti-Muslim circle jerk is infinite and all encompassing, the Breitbart commenters, slaves to the circle jerk, have lost their empathy, sympathy and general human kindness to the endless dark void that is, the circle jerk.

    It is said in ancient scriptures, that the circle jerk against Muslims and ‘cuck’ Sweden in fact has one, but frightening purpose, to create enough hatred and dark energy to finally summon their dark God, Dor’nul-zuur-Tr’uumm’ph.

    The man Donald Trump is nothing more than a shell of Dor’nul-zuur-Tr’uumm’ph, He is weak in our present time, but is slowly growing stronger, each Breitbart commenter’s hateful words, fuelling him and His thirst for ‘pussy’, slowly strengthening Him, and eventually causing Him to shed his weak human form, and be reborn anew as the Dark Lord, Dor’nul-zuur-Tr’uumm’ph, onto our realm of reality. His tentacles will sexually smother the entire planet. No woman will be safe, for their ‘pussies’ will be grabbed and their ‘titties’ will be groped, my terrifying, but all encompassing tentacles of the Dark Lord.

    Muslims and Jews will be executed, ‘cucks’ will be forced into slave labour, and women will be offered to the Dark God as tribute by His followers.

  • mindy1

    I still dream of an Island where both left and right wing extremists can go bother each other and leave the moderates in peace 😉

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