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“Muslim-Free America” Signage On College Campuses

An organization calling itself “American Vanguard” is taking responsibility for genocidalist signage popping up around university campuses in the US.

A number of colleges across the United States have seen Islamophobic and white supremacist flyers posted across their campuses.

A picture of racist posters hung at Rutgers University in New Jersey were shared on Twitter by writer Azmia, who explained that they’d been sent to her by a colleague. Continue reading…

So is this new “Vanguard” group just a bunch of embolden dolts who think that Trump’s victory is a green light to attempt to terrorize Muslims and undermine American plurality? Seems like it.

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  • Joey Sanders

    I agree with you. This is why it is stupid for certain Jews to work with these groups. People like Geller and Milo don’t get it. They don’t just stop with one group. They are going to keep coming until the world is “purified.”

    The FBI recently stopped a hate crime that was going to involve a mass killing of Jews at a synagogue. Luckily, they stopped the Nazi scumbag.

    Remember, the Nazis and many other white power groups, like the KKK, are extremist Protestant organizations. They feel the Protestant man has dominion overall other kinds of people on the planet. That includes Muslims and Jews.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Recall that the neo-Nazi types have different strategies. The BNP which has a history of anti-Semitism under Nick Griffin eschewed it (kinda like LePen too) because it was a politically and socially untenable position to hold.

    Central to Nick Griffin’s “modernisation” strategy, which he implemented after ousting John Tyndall as BNP leader in 1999, was a policy of hiding the party’s fascist ideology and presenting an “image of moderate reasonableness” to the public, with the aim of attracting electoral support.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Yup, I saw this.

  • Joey Sanders

    Nazi? I looked through their entire website. The word Jew or Judaism does not appear once. I looked at their posters and other stuff and still no mention of Jews at all. That would be a first for a Nazi website.

  • Abdel

    Do you remember about the mass sexual assault by refugees in Germany? Well it’s fake news.

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