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Steve King: “Western” Civilization Created Everything


Here is Islamophobe and all around racist, US Rep. Steve King speaking in the familiar vernacular of racists and nativists on MSNBC.

“This ‘old white people’ business does get a little tired, Charlie,” King said. “I’d ask you to go back through history and figure out, where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you’re talking about, where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?”

Hayes asked: “Than white people?”

“Than, than Western civilization itself,” King said. “It’s rooted in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the United States of America and every place where the footprint of Christianity settled the world. That’s all of Western civilization.”

In response to the “Western civilization” myth that is advanced by White supremacists and their allies it is a good time to relate the words reportedly said by Gandhi: when asked, “what do you think of Western civilization?” he replied, “I think it would be a good idea.”

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  • φωτίζω

    I really find it so ludicrous that you are unable to defend one single comment you have made and have to resort to censorship and complaining about the lengths of my comments. That in no way really deals with anything I have said. You by your own admission cant be bothered reading more than a few lines. Well if you didn’t want to be refuted in a detailed and scholarly way you shouldn’t have spread historical fictions. You advised us to pick up a book and study Islamic Spain but you don’t like quoting from those books in any substantial way or showing how your representations of history are wrong. You use complaining about the length of my comments (which is largely due to quotations) as an ad hominem to prevent you taking anything I say seriously, why don’t you defend your defence of the persecution and hatred of Middle-Eastern Christians, your assertion that the crusaders were exceptionally violent or your assertions that Islamic Spain was not prone to pillaging and subjugating. Maybe I am wrong and you are just too lazy. Either way, I find it pretty pathetic coming from you. You are not just a normal commenter you are a contributor and moderator here. Your censorship and ignoring everything I value I have said is pretty pathetic. Defend your comments or admit you were wrong and you can’t. ignoring everything is really just further intellectual cowardice.

  • φωτίζω

    Hello llisha, I read your comments and I seriously disagree with a lot of what you say due to your obvious bigotry, absurdities and numerous statements about history that are just factually incorrect. Similarly your anachronisms comparing Islamic rule in Spain to Western Imperialism are absurd. You do so in order to show how much better it was and to justify current resentment felt by Muslims towards Christians. In doing so you recite numerous unhistorical myths which demonstrate you really have no idea about what you are talking about. We can see from your comments your sole interest is defending the actions of today’s Muslims as well as those of your spiritual forebears. You try to advance this ideology, rather than examine history with any degree of intellectual honesty. This is not how we should do history and it is the main reason that I chose to respond to you. Rather than making history fit out ideology we should try to avoid any ideologising of history and examine primary sources as well as modern scholarship about the events in question. My response is rather long. You yourself mention the problems of trying to educate others on history on Disqus but I hope you still take the time to read it.

    In response to a comment about the documented killings of Christians in the Middle-east , you have this to say

    “This notion that Christians are 100% innocent lambs and the Muslims are 100% to blame for all of the trouble in the region doesn’t reflect reality.
    Muslims have very good reasons to resent Christians too, including the fact Western colonizers favored Christians and gave them disproportionate power and privilege, adding fuel to the fire with deliberate divide and rule strategies. There are lasting consequences, including some Christians who act haughty and superior, and who are often inclined to side with outside enemies. I know because I’ve met a lot of them. By no means are they all like that, but enough of them are that I can see why they don’t always engender good will.”

    I find how you instantly go on the defensive utterly stunning. Rather than condemning these well documented events, such as the murder of the 21 Coptic Christians by Isis or the bombing of the two saints church in Alexandria by a fundamentalist group called “the Army of Islam” , showing any actual sympathy for the victims, analysing them or trying to deal with them in any honest way you venture into the realm of apologetics. Your primary concern is whom to blame. You naively over simplify the situation in back and white terms stating that Christians are neither entirely innocent nor Muslims entirely guilty. Your comments really demonstrate a” them” and “us” mentality. If a small group of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists kills a small group of Christians in the Middle East that is hard the fault of all Muslims or all Christians? Your juxtiposition of these two groups, “the christians” and ” the muslims” is a vast over-simplifaication of the current political and religious climate of the middle-east. Why do you do this? well, by stating, that christians to do” bad things” in the region which nobody would dispute, you are preventing yourself actually honestly examining what actually took place. Just because “some Christians” also “do bad things”in the region as well that somehow justifies it? Your callous attitude is sickening and shows a great degree of prejudice. You show no sympathy for these victims which is absolutely stunning. They didn’t deserve to be killed in that way. What evil had those 21 Coptic Christians done to warrant it? What had the 97 Copts who were simply going to church done? Your whole argument boils down to “they do it to”. This prevents you honestly looking at the destruction of these ancient communities in numerous countries across the Middle-East caused by intolerance, instability and the rise of Islamic fundamentalist groups. Do not forget, this is considered a major problem by Amnesty International and should not be swept under the carpet as you do . It has nothing to do with assigning blame to an entire religion but rather having the intellectual honesty to look at what is now taking place in the Middle-East and its causes.

  • Joey Sanders

    I get what you are saying, but people are taught this white supremacy history from the time they are young. That is why it is so hard to undo their attitudes and beliefs. It has been reinforced year after year after year.

    Where does this lead? It leads to a bunch of ignorant losers voting for Trump.

  • CowabungaCreeper

    Why not blame them? I mean, when you correct them all they do is repeat the same nonsense, often to the same person who debunked it.

  • HSkol

    I’m very late for this discussion; hence, I expect no reply – nor do I expect any help in thinking this through. I’ll, perhaps, have at it on my own. If I stumble, please forgive me. I shan’t stumble, however – I’m speaking from my own perspective and my own odd heart.

    “Western thought” was not apparently such a loaded concept in my youth; but, then, I was raised by American Traditionalists who pretty faithfully followed paternal leanings (while actually considering maternal leanings, however – and, tweaking the “day” from that point where “necessary”) more so than anything else. Do I think that’s important? Yes, I do. I am who I am because of my upbringing. Love me, like me, hate me … whatever … being honest with myself and my loved ones, and even with those that I have zero relation to or understanding of is more important than one simple and vain concept – which far too many now-today follow … their own vulgar vanity.

    My own maternal upbringing aside (not philosophically “Western”, but worldly in the most honest and wholesome sense), “Western”, as philosophically beaten into my thick skull comes down simply to the Prussian People’s motto (not the German military motto): To each his own. To each his own. Fucking simple … like me. Again, fucking simple – but, “pride”, which is no longer Pride – but team lust – has overtaken a great many of us. We’re doomed.

    I’m so flabbergasted that many of my neighbors and peers can accept no such understanding or place value upon this simple, human model – this simple, human concept – this simple, human courtesy – this simple, human fucking humanness. To each his own.

    Peace and out. I love you all and wish you all the best – may I be damned.

  • Tighe McCandless

    The only thing missing from the Republican National Convention this year was an open declaration of the Fourteen Words.

    Lincoln fucking wept.

  • Derek Wildstar

    “And I can assure you not everyone is interested in adopting Western “mores.””

    And you would never live in such a country yourself but you would damn others to do so wouldn’t you? As not to appear “intolerant” or “judgemental” of the cultures of others? Western mores call for human rights and dignity for ALL people. They call for women’s rights and also for freedom of religion. And most importantly, our mores call for the freedom of speech and expression. Those who are uninterested in adopting our mores are those who wish to continue to enslave women, homosexuals and others, persecute people for following a minority religion and prohibit freedom of speech.

    Be honest with yourself and others Illisha, you would NEVER want to live under such a regime would you? Why would you wish it upon others?

  • Derek Wildstar

    “can’t you CLEARLY see the great contributions they did for Iraq,
    Afghanistan, Egypt, etc. those savag…I mean oppressed people clearly
    needed to be saved by the West and the West CLEARLY did it out of the
    good of their heart”

    Japan and Korea were utterly destroyed after devastating wars that befell their countries and believe me, they were FAR more devastated than Iraq OR Afghanistan EVER were. But Americans, out of the GOODNESS of our hearts, HELPED them to REBUILD their shattered countries and today BOTH of those countries are two of the WEALTHIEST and most technologically advanced countries on the ENTIRE planet!

    I guess the DIFFERENCE between the Japanese and the Afghans is that the Japanese didn’t have “freedom fighters” who were attacking the Americans who were so generously helping them to rebuild their country. They didn’t have “freedom fighters” burning down the schools that the Americans built for the children. They didn’t have “Taliban death squads” murdering any villagers who cooperated with the “Amerikan Shaytans”. But then again, the Japanese accepted democracy with genuine enthusiasm, gave equal rights to women and implemented Western standards of Human Rights and just look at how much their country has benefited from that! Afghanistan did NONE of those things, choosing instead to continue the same tribalistic political system that they had before America’s arrival after 9/11/2001. And just look at where Afghanistan is today, as violent, misogynist and corrupt as it was under the Taliban. Some people it seems are beyond ALL help.

    Sorry Khizer but if you think that we didn’t want the SAME success that we helped countries like Japan and Korea achieve then it is YOU who are the ignorant one here, not me.

  • Khizer

    Bu…bu..but th..the West is the best!, righ…right? They made cAmpUtOrs, a..a..and vidya gaemez a..a..and the best of all, reality TV (clearly the greatest contribution the West has given to humanity, *COUGH*), llisha, you are just jealous of the glorious West, can’t you CLEARLY see the great contributions they did for Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, etc. those savag…I mean oppressed people clearly needed to be saved by the West and the West CLEARLY did it out of the good of their heart and not JUST out of their greed for those countries’ resources. CLEARLY llisha YOU are the one that needs see the TRUTH of the Glourious West and their Glutton…I mean Generousity!

  • 786 I agree with that assessment.

  • Joey Sanders

    I hope Loonwatch is going to write a story about the Khizr Khan speech at the DNC and Trump’s ignorant response to him. An article about it belongs on this website.


    The Khan’s subsequent interview on MSNBC.


  • CowabungaCreeper

    All my Muslim friends think all Muslims are terrorists too!

  • (((Reynardine)))

    They were also almost always riparian.

  • ShunTheRightWhale

    The Reconquista is more or less part of the Spanish national foundation myth, but reality is always more complicated. There were civil wars on Christian and Islamic sides, trade, genealogical and tributary relationships between both. The Andalusians were seen as decadent by some North Africans, and later on ruled by a Berber dynasty.

    Foreign dynasties/rule is a common feature of historic empires, the main difference compared to modern colonialism is that sociopolitical conditions aren’t overturned sporadically every century or so (most often at the establishment of an empire and then in most times limited to the upper class), but systematically and continuous (part of modernity).

  • Friend of Bosnia

    At least Muslim and Christian Palestinians get along very well.
    Even a few Bosnian Serbs and Bosnian Croats get along very well with Bosniaks. I wish there were more.

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