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Open Thread: Turkey Coup Attempt


The events in Turkey have roiled the world, especially the Muslim majority world. Hundreds are dead, thousands injured and now there is statewide crackdown in which 6,000 people have been arrested. The coup attempt has been blamed by Erdogan on the Gulenist inspired Hizmet movement in coordination, or under the patronage of the CIA. The rivalry between Erdogan and Hizmet has been going on for quite some time now, as Erdogan accuses them of trying to create a parallel state and has arrested and disbanded Hizmet members and their institutions in Turkey.

What are your thoughts?

Erdogan demands extradition of Gulen:

Gulen responds to the charges:

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  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Very interesting!

  • (((Reynardine)))

    Too convenient for Erdoğan.

  • MichaelElwood

    I think it’s too early to tell who’s responsible for the coup. Erdogon blames it on Gulen. Erdogan and Gulen used to be allies when the autocratic and coup-prone secularists were in power. But they had a falling out. In 2012 Edip Yuksel, who is critical of both Erdogan and Gulen, and whose father knew Gulen, wrote an article that coincidentally mentioned past coup attempts that were attributed to Gulen and his associates:

    “Fethullah Gülen was our family friend. He and my father, Sadreddin or Sadrettin Yüksel, knew each other well. Though they had differences in their style and political attitudes, there was a mutual respect between them; both were sharing the desire for a theocratic regime (sharia) in Turkey. Both were students and admirers of the Kurdish mullah, Said Nursi. (Said Nursi was born in our town, Bitlis, and he studied in the same madrasa where my father would study later. The madrasa in the town of Norşin was run by my mother’s family). Fethullah was found of Ottoman glory so much so that he would write his private letters in Arabic alphabet. His letter of condolences to my father, after my brother’s assassination by the Turkish nationalists, was in Ottoman.

    “In 1980s, when I was a best-selling Islamist author, I met Fethullah several times and wrote a few articles in his first monthly magazine, Sızıntı (Leakage, Ooze, or Seepage). He was writing editorial articles and poems, filled with Arabic and Persian vocabulary, under the nickname Dahhak, which was the exaggerated form of the Arabic translation of his last name, Gülen, that is ‘the one who laughs a lot’. From the title of his first magazine, it was obvious that he intended to infiltrate the Turkish institutions such as education, media, business, police, military, in a clandestine manner. His organization steadily flourished; starting from leakage it turned into a stream, brook, river, and currently has become a dam, perhaps the biggest one in the Muslim world. Years ago, the highly paranoid anti-religious Turkish generals were alarmed and they detected infiltration of the cult and they kicked them out in waves. But, the cult has been very successful in other fronts, including police. Today, the Turkish police force is dominated by Fethullah’s followers and many of the recent raids against high ranking military officials, including generals who are accused of planning military coups are considered to be the power struggle between Fethullah and the Turkish generals.”

    Note: almost all the videos in the article have been disabled.

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    I think a lot the narrative reflect ones view point
    Although most of Turkey as a whole was against the coup,
    There was an interesting narrative in the media that those more pro “Islamist” tend to be against the coup well many “liberals” tended to be pro coup especially westerners that have an inherent bias which see everything pro secularism as good, ignoring the fact that if the military had one they would have oppressive to the Kurds.

    But Erdogan’s response though predictable is very troubling issuing arrest warrens for journalists, firing judges, asking for resignation of university deans,firing thousands of people “to purge Gulenists”, and not mention trying to reinstate the death penalty.

    There is also fake images circle around that shoul be pointed out.

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