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Terror isn’t just ‘mad,’ ‘irrational’ and ‘inhuman’

Women comfort each other during a tribute to the victims of the Brussels terror attacks | Justin Tallis/AFP via Getty

Terror and death have struck in Europe once again, this time at the heart of European Union with a doubly strategic message. Brussels is home to the Continent’s core institutions and the attacks at the airport and the subway station neighboring the EU quarter sent a clear message. The target is political, and no one, no matter who they be, or where they are, will ever feel entirely safe again.

Condemnation of the attacks in Brussels, as in Paris, Istanbul, Damascus, Baghdad, Bassam or Ouagadougou, has to be firm, absolute, and without exceptions, half-measures or attempts to distinguish between victims. Clarity is essential here, as it is in the terminology we use and the solutions we propose. But before we can formulate a response, we must face the problem head on and try to understand its origins (this in no way means justifying acts of terrorism, whatever George W. Bush may have said, and what Manuel Valls says today).

It is imperative that we untangle the reasons behind this hard swerve toward violent extremism — because it is not just “mad,” “irrational” and “inhuman.” These words only serve to confuse our vocabulary, and offer no political clarification on the elements of the equation. They add blindness to an emotional reaction already stoked by fear. What we need today is reason and measured conversation — we have to be tough, yes, but above all, reasonable.

* * *

How do we explain this violent extremism? Why today? Why in places of symbolic meaning on every continent?

The first reason is political. We cannot, today, afford to disconnect these events with the violence, terror and death that have long been commonplace in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya, and in Africa and Asia more widely. European and American foreign policy does not happen in a vacuum, as those who target us have repeated in countless videos: You have caused war and death in our countries, now you will suffer the consequences.

Is it right to declare war when our citizens are killed but to consider ourselves at peace when we kill the citizens of others, somewhere over there, far away?

While nothing can justify terrorist attacks, we must hear those who criticize the incoherence of our allegiances and our support of dictatorships. Does the condemnable violence of their reaction mean we can ignore their arguments? Is it right to declare war when our citizens are killed but to consider ourselves at peace when we kill the citizens of countries far away?

The second reason has been half-expressed in various statements put out by the commanders behind these terror operations. It is about provoking fractures in Western societies between Muslims and other citizens in the West. It is about making Muslims feel that they will never be welcome in our societies. Their goal is to use Muslims to feed our fear of Islam; for us to associate them with danger and violence.

To spread insecurity and social instability along religious fault lines at the heart of the West is one of the explicit aims of these kinds of attacks. Commanders prey on frustrated youth (educated or not) and manipulate them psychologically and intellectually (on the Internet or in places often far from the mosque). They sell tales of glory and of vengeance against mankind and the wrongs of history. Religion is evoked to construct, justify and lend legitimacy to violence.

The goal of the violent extremists is to use Muslims to feed our fear of Islam; for us to associate them with danger and violence.

This is not, in fact, a process of “religious radicalization” because the majority of young people who join these networks often only have a few months of experience with religious practice. The shift is sudden, not a progressive evolution from religious belief to violence and terror. Some are still involved in petty crime, alcohol, drugs, and nightlife when they organize attacks.

Jihadi recruiters use religion as a political tool and to defeat them we must respond in kind – with solid and rigorous religious arguments. But we should not mistake our target: Religion is a disguise that hides political aspirations, lust for power and divisions that are cynical, Machiavellian and often inhuman. (Drug use among jihadi militants during attacks is widespread, revealing their somewhat relative adherence to beliefs of how to attain paradise and salvation).

* * *

A woman cries near Le Petit Cambodge restaurant, the day after a deadly attack on November 14, 2015 in Paris, France.

A woman cries near Le Petit Cambodge restaurant, the day after a deadly attack on November 14, 2015 in Paris, France | Antoine Antoniol/Getty Images

How do we respond to a situation that is so complex, whose causes are so diverse, and whose consequence is the spread of a strain of violence that can strike anywhere, in multiple forms? Knowing that groups like Boko Haram, Daesh and ISIL want to instill fear and deepen divisions on an international level, we must guard against trying to outbid them with over-emotional responses and a line of thinking that paints the solution solely as an issue of war and security. Instead of defining an “us” and a “them” that distinguishes between Europeans and Muslims, we have to say “us,” together, and with conviction. I said the same thing 15 years ago, when I launched the “manifesto for a new ‘we.’”

We urgently need to establish partnerships based on respect, trust and critical debate between political institutions, social organizations and citizens (including Muslims and their diversity of religious representatives — not only those arbitrarily chosen to represent Muslims by the political authorities).

To continue to deny that there is no connection between our politics (or our absence of clear politics) in Syria, Libya, Iraq and even in Palestine, and terrorist attacks targeting Europe proves our alarming ignorance.

We must stay humble while remaining determined to combat violent extremism by grappling with its causes as much as with its concrete expression. In Europe, we can start by avoiding criticism of neighboring countries and the failures of their intelligence services — as we heard in Britain regarding France, and in France about Belgium. No one is in a position to impart lessons to others — and besides, it is an attitude that is not conducive to effective cooperation. Nor do alarmist comments that reduce a deeply complex situation to a war of civilizations (“they want to attack our liberties”) or a problem of failed integration (“these young Muslim terrorists haven’t understood or assimilated the principles of democracy”) help in any way. These are false, and dangerous, conclusions to draw.

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    Not as long as they don’t raise a hand against me, fair enough. I also have never said that genocide should be committed against the Bosnian Serbs. But if they try to legalize their conquest the consequences for them should be as dire as possibly could be. And just right now they’re behaving as aggressive and hostile as ever, with the exception that there’s no shooting.
    Also, people who utter certain words will go on to commit the corresponding deeds if given the chance. Many SS men were just criminals but others were nice, ordinary folks, law-abiding people, faithful husbands, loving family fathers, hard workers, churchgoers even, whose job happened to be making corpses out of living people. And with the cetniks it’s exactly the same.

  • Okay.

  • Roy Kumo

    I wasn’t implying that Muslims do this, just stating that’s what Friends of Bosnia does.

  • I agree no one should be punished for the acts of a few. That goes for Muslims and non-Muslims.

    You say Muslims see injustice and want to “mete out punishment.” I don’t know that there is a single opinion on this matter, but I for one am not interested in meting out punishment. What I want is for the injustice and violence to end. I want the Western imperial powers and their minions to stop perpetrating their collossal crimes, and I want the strikes aimed at retribution/deterrance to stop as well. All of it.

  • Roy Kumo

    Is this typical of how Muslims think/feel? It is rare for anyone to say how they truely feel, are you just expressing what others won’t or are you an outspoken minority?

    You list many crimes against Muslims as reasons for your rage. You are right in acknowledging that the world is full of injustice. You see injustice against Muslims and want to mete out punishment. The difficulty is being able to find who is responsible for these crimes and and who can hand them their sentence.
    Keep in mind that as there have been terrible things done both to and by Muslims. Every person and group can feel aggrieved at history. You already know this.

    My first point is this: No person wants to be judged by what others in their culture do and no group wants to be collectively punished for the acts of a few. Muslims do not want to be treated as terrorists and punished as such, fair enough. Neither can the groups you rant against be collectively punished for the actions of their few.

    Secondly, you lump those who have killed with those who have opinions. Actual perpetrators of genocide are vastly different to those you call ‘islamophobes’. Thinking and writing is different to doing. If it is not vastly different, then you are guilty of all you have written. Peoples attitudes can change whereas what is done cannot be undone. If you ever personally meet a perpetrator of war crimes then feel free to beat them. If you meet a person with strong views opposite to yours, you have no right to touch them. Even if you hate fascists, you cannot behave like a fascist against them.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Sure. What is it to you?
    And know I’m not IS, or some such.

  • Roy Kumo

    Are you Muslim?

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Let me give you friendly advice, feller. I don’t suffer fools gladly.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    So. When so eone hurls at me such a hateful comment as the one I quoted above I should take it as a quaint criticism and thank him, right? Who’s the hypocrite here? Why are my comments disturbing? Because you don’t like being confronted with the truth when it does not favor your side? Do tell.
    But I think you’ll just slink away with your tail between your legs and a yellow streak a mile wide behind you, like most of your ilk.
    If you can’t contribute anything constructive, if you have only come here to provoke and offend then kindly just shut up.
    You can think of me what you want but if your opinions offend me don’t expect of me that I will applaud them. If someone approaches me with the obvious intention to do me physical harm don’t expect me to greet him with “Peace, brother.” I’ve been there before, and I never will again. Anybody who even tries to raise his hand against me will get a big smack and nothing else.
    I will not just sit around at home and wait for the cetniks or the new SA to come root me out. I will not be led like a lamb to the slaughter.
    Even the allegation that I’m aggressive just because I proclaim that I refuse to be the victim is to me a deadly insult and hypocrite too because they ask me to be non-violent and let violence be done to me. It is also an insult to my intelligence. And I don’t suffer such insults gladly.
    As for those who voice inhuman, xenophobic hate speech, there can be no mercy and no quarter for them, they deserve exactly what they want for such as me; let them, and not me, be liquidated; may their hate and ill will come down on their own heads; if there’s anything, anything at all I can contribute to that end, I’ll gladly do it, anytime.
    Because I know xenophobic genocidal hate speech are just words, but such word in the end cost lives; those who utter them will actually do, or have done, what they say, if given the chance. Better to put them down, before they put down me.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Of course they are true. I have added and subtracted noithing. If somebody can be cruel to me, he will. Because he can.
    This world, life on Earth, is not a kiddie camp after all.
    Freedom and tolerance shoudl be only for those who deserve it. For fascists, racists, authoritarians, Nazis – NOTHING!
    Also, what’s wrong with hurting a fascist, a genocidal, a pogromist, a Nazi? DO you mean to say I should just sit quietly at home and wait around until some pig-faced thugs with the manners of pigs come to throw me out or kill me, or throw a Molotov cocktail through my window while I’m asleep? What else did those cetnik pigs do in BiH in 1992-95?
    I’ll say it once again, such people deserve the very worst in the world.
    Or do you mean, I must say to those who took half of Bosnia-Herzegovina by force, killing or expelling its authochthonous Muslim population, “glad to let you have it”??? Do you really excpect me to turn the other cheek? Give Caesar what is Caesar’s and God what is God’s? In other world my earthly existence to Milosevic’s thugs (after all he saw himself as Caesar of Yugoslavia or rather Yugo-Serbia); and hope for heavenly justice?
    The meek shall NOT inherit the Earth. The cruel ones will dump them in mass graves before. Justice? Only in Heaven.
    That’s what I have seen. By their response to the Greater Serb anti-Bosniak genocidal crusade, that’s how i measure people. Who reacts with callous indifference or even approves of it, can never be my friend. If I could I’d send them back to Tartaros where they belong.
    I will not be insulted for being what I am. I will not assume responsibility for what the Turks did to the Serbs, Armenians etc. centuries ago. I will not accept collective guilt for Muslims for what IS and AQ do, nor for the (admittedly) horrible way the Saudis and Pakistanis treat non-Muslims. It has NOTHING WAHTSOEVER to do with ME!!! Even more, it does not exonerate any anti-Muslim pogroms in Burma nor the attempted genocide of Bosniaks!!
    I don’t have anything against people who don’t share my views. But for those who wish genocide upon my people, I wish that they meet that same genocide themselves. And don’t nobody expect of me to stretch out my hand to people who refuse to unclench their fist. What use is there trying to talk reasonably to those who only understand the language of violence.
    Get that inside your thick skull you evil half-imbecile islamophobes out there!!!!

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Oh yes.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    I’m just watching a documentary about Alled war crimes during WWII. And what can I say? That goes a while back. After all in WWII the Americans were fighting the good fight, against the most evil regime the world has ever seen. How could they do wrong, they felt. And they have been taugh that at school ever since, so it’s easy for them to believe it.
    The Americans may feel justified for acts of gratuitous violence and murder against Wehrmacht soldiers and SS men (and in many cases these soldiers and SS men got what was coming at them) But then, how could they say they had a higher moral ground. Of course they had a hzigher moral standingthat the Nazis. But too often they stooped down to the same low level. Gratuitous violence can never be justified and certainly those committed against Iraqi and Afghan civilians can never be forgiven.
    As for myself, I’m sorry to say but I think that some people are so beyond good and evil that they have forfeited all their rights. But I woud never want an innocent person to be killed.
    Yet, can the sons and grandsons of the cetniks who committed the worst atrocities against Bosniaks in 1941-45 and 1992-95 still be considered innocent if, like most actually do, they support and justify the crimes of their fathers and grandfathers? Most of them were not even born at the time of the war. Yet, many young Serbs who were born after the war share the traditional genocidal Greater Serb anti-Bosniak attitude they have, as it were, taken up with their mothers’ milk for generations, since 1804. We know how easily hate speech translates into crimes against humanity. Given the chance they would do exactly the same things. Then, were it up to me, if I have reason to believe any one of them has Bosniak blood on his hands, I’d have them summarily executed on the spot. And give all others the scare of a lifetime.

  • Judging from some people’s comments, I’m not sure it is obvious.

    Americans are conditioned to think their own country’s violence is always justified and Muslim violence is never justified. Not everyone buys into that, of course, but some certainly seem to.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    It is perfectly obvious. But as we all know, might makes right.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    A while back I said that IS is the Muslim equivalent of the Khmer Rouge who devastated Cambodia in the late 20th century and decimated its population through various atrocities anbd acts of inhumanity. One can of course try to find an rational explansation as to why such things always happen. It’s because man is man’s wolf. And on the contrary, some things, the better you understand them the more you loathe them, or those who do them.
    Terror and inhumanity are never irrational. They are coldly calculated means, weapons as it were, to achieve political ends. They do however capitalize on diffuse fears among teh populace. Fear of the other. That too is teh origin of Wahhabi ideology. In their remote backwate in the Najd people developed a diffuse and very intense fear of the outside world, that’s why they came up with that restrictive ideology Who disagrees with it is most cruelly repressed, and out of diffuse fear of the outside world is why they want to spread it to the outside world. Much in the same way Stalin and his successors believed not in the moral superiority of their ideology but just wanted to have a slarge a security corridor around the Soviet Union as possible. As does Putin (that’s why he’s trying to restore the Soviet Union). As do the Israelis. If they were allowed to, they would create a complete desert, over which even birds couldn’t fly, 200 miles around their border. And a lot of islamophobes approve of that. all followers of such authoritarian, repressive, inhuman systems arfe just a thoughtless, lawless, blind, fear-crazed mob, that’s why such despicable figures like Milosevic, Donald Trump, Geert Wilders, AfD, the Le Pens find it so easy to manipulate them. Even though their policies are nt only xenophobic and racist but also, corntrary to what they say, tehy will only make teh rich richer and the poor poorer. And peole do not see it, because they are half-crazed with fear.
    I also find it so hypocrite of islamophobes to say that the so-called “moderate” Muslims must clearly distance themselves from IS. Firstly, the average Muslims already do, indeed many Muslims are fighting IS or Al Qaida, but the Islamophobes flatly refuse to see or acknowledge it. Why should they? They want the Muslims to disappear.
    Secondly, Muslims cannot, just to be against IS, back Western imperialist policies in their countries. They would not only be regarded, but also see themselves, as traitors to their own people.
    I want therefore to tell all those islamophobes who whine about teh common Muslims’ alleged support of IS that they can go f#ck themselves, and when they’re finished, they can go f#ck themselves again. all that islamophobic whine and wail only infuriates me to teh point that I want to commit teh worst acts of violence and inflict the most pain I possibly can on those evil, vile, hypocrite, disgusting, nauseating half-wits and half-odiots who utter it. I would like to grind them under my heel. I’d love to hammer them into the ground, to roast them on a small flame, to cut them to ribbons, every single one of them. I would liek to round tzhem up and put them in political re-eductaion camps and let half of them starve there and/or die from untreated illnesses. That’s what I would like to do with the IS terrorists too. They are not conducting Jihad. Firstly, you’re not a martyr

    when you intentionally seek death, either in battle or by blowing yourself up. Secondly, if you admit that you will kill innocents, or even your own co-religionaries and you facilely deismiss that as necessary, then you have, according to teh principles of Islam, already condemned yourself to Hell.

    The only admissible way is for soldiers wounded in battle so bad that there is no hope of survival or avoiding capture, especially when they know the enemy will kill them anyway (as in the Bosnian war!); then it is admissible to detonate a hand grenade when the enemy is already over you and take down to the Nether-world as many enemy soldiers as possible. When you’re in the same hopeless situation as the Jews at Masada, or those in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising were, yes, then this is the only thing to do.

    But to go into a crowded place, or a subway, and blow yourself up among innocent by-standers, to steer a plane into a building, no, no, no, no way I can accept that. The best punishment for such people and for those who send them out is to deny them the martyrdom they so crave. Try to capture them alive, but shoot their legs off; or if not, lock them up for the rest of their natural lives, but not in a standard jail cell but underground, for example inside a mine shaft that is no longer being exploited, so they will never again see the light of day. Buried alive. That, I think, is the most appropriate punishment for such, ah, people.
    I do not see myself as an authoritarian. Government and state should in my opinion, be benevolent and reliable, allow the highest degree of personal freedom and guarantee acceptable minimum standard of living for all, regardless of their origin, ethnicity, beliefs. On the other hand, those who stand for racism, segregation, oppression, tyranny should be repressed in the most cruel way possible or withdrawn from circulation altogether.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Look what I found as a comment on the original article:
    “And how does the professor explain the violent expansion of Islam starting in the mid 600’s? Huh? Explain the takeover of Israel, how you guys put a mosque over the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. What were your armies doing in Spain starting in the 700’s until around 1500? Explain the intended invasion of France. Why did your armies roll over Rhodes? Why did you send an army to Malta in the 1500’s? Why did Italy have to beat your navy off the coast of Italy. You sent armies across the Dardenelles and conquered Constantinople. Your “peaceful” armies were sent to the limits of Vienna, until a Polish army of rescue routed your armies. Justify your armies in any Christian country. It was [not] the US that caused those. It didn’t yet exist. Face the Truth, your Moslim, Islamic armies were and are armies of expansion, violence, and brutal murder. Always have been, always will, as long as the Koran and the hadiths exist. Your Koran teaches you violence, glorifies it. Indeed, it says a ‘believer’ will attain the highest level in heaven if he kills an infidel. Quite a motive there. No, the plain fact is that Islam is an evil, heretical religion. Do you not know that “Satan is the father of all Lies”?”
    Half-truths, misrepresentationa and outrigt Lies. Where was “Israel” in the 7th century?!? Where was teh Jewish Temple??? Besides that, they have to rummage through history and collectively blame people of today for the occasions when the non-Muslims were licked centuries ago.

    Do you need more proof for their evil and malevolence? And I should be peaceful and let me be led like a lamb to ths slaughter. REALLY???

    Such talk only infuriates me.

    Surely this goes against any netiquette – which in a most hypocrite way
    lets all and any kind of genocidal anti-Muslim hate speech pass. Like it
    it or not – these are my true feelings. EVERYTHING I HATE is embodied in such individuals, so there goes what I think of such people and what I would lile to do to them, if I only could.

    It makes me want to grab the one who utters things even half as bad as that by his lapels and SMASH his nose with my forehead. PUNCH him in the nose until he bleeds. Grab him by his ears or his hair and SMASH his head against the wall until he bleeds there as well. Slap his face until my hands are numb. PUNCH him in the stomach and when he doubles up, in the back of his neck. KICK him in his stomach and in his butt until my both feet are numb. Jump on his ribcage until all his ribs are fractured, break his arms and legs, jaws and collarbone. Grab his head and punch it into the ground. Rip off his ears and parts of his scalp. And then tell him that if he ever dares even look askance at me and my kind again, I’ll give him such a thrashing that the one he just got will appear to him like caresses from a girl in love in comparison. And then some. I would not go so far to say that such individuals derserve to be cut to pieces very slowly, bit by bit, as the ancient Chinese did. But I think such evil ideas must not be allowed to exist.

    Ilisha, what do you think of the above quote as an example of fascism. Of ideas that are unaccepotable and inadmissible. THERE’S fascism for you. Yes, I do believe such ideas should be suppressed. They have cost the Bosniaks half their country, 100.000 killed and 50.000 raped women and girls, plus their freedom to travel the world, their wealth and income, in short, everything but their naked existence. And the Rohingya as well.

    Who has such ideas shoud be put down as well, and if I don’t answer the lady who wrote this evil nonsense then only because such people are beyond my contempt.

    I don’t want to reason with such poeople, I only want to inflict them as much pain as I possibly can! Tie her up with nylon cord, pour 30 liters of gasoline over her and …

    Also pour salt wate all over her afterwards and I hope she lingers for at least 30 days.

    You might say that if I continue uttering such violent speech you will bvanish me from here. I’m sorry but I can’t help myself. After seeing what has been done to the Spanish Muslims 1492-1614, the Balkan Muslims in 1878, 1912, 1913, 1924, 1941-45, 1989 (in Bulgaria under the Zivkov regime; that inspired Milosevic as well) and 1991-99, to the Tutsi in Rwanda, the Rohingya and so on and so on ad nauseam infinitam, my blood boils and I can only say I feel hate for everyone who does not feel sympathy for teh above mentioned poor people whose only crime is that they exist. All those who think they can be exterminated, like the horrible lady who wrote the above quote does, SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN BORN, DO NOT DESERVE TO WALK THIS EARTH, ARE BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL, HAVE RESIGNED FROM THE HUMAN RACE, ARE CURSED AND SHALL NEVER HAVE PEACE, NOT IN THIS WORLD AND NOT IN THE HEREAFTER!!!

    And to all those wh0o think tehy must come to Muslim lands and exterminate Muslism I would liek to say that neither I nor all other Muslimns will be led like lambs to the slaughter. You are no better than the NAZIS ! ! ! !
    I do not share in IS’s views of tyranny, culturicide and repression. But for any Western or Russian soldier or combatant who shares islamophobic genocidal anti-Muslim crusader ideas, if he is killed, by whoever, I will NOT grieve for him. Most certainly not. He will noly have got what was coming at him.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    I don’t know which are worse, those who actually believe the fascist nonsense that Islam is evil by nature and hate Muslims from the bottom of their heart, or those who just think “Of course we know the notion that Islam is evil is just rubbish but it’s most profitabe for us, so we’re usin’ it”.
    That both kinds equally deserve the very worst in the world is a foregone conclusion for me.

    Well, actually it’s quite obvious. The latter are more morally rotten.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    That’s something I’d too like to know.
    But even if someone came up with a good, sensible, practical, and above all right idea (in the sense of appropriate, that is), they would not listen to him or worse, would kill him.
    (Gandhi, Arnulfo Romero, Jean Jaurès, …)

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yet those disgusting evil malicious fascist islamophobes do it all the time.
    And I’m sich and tired of debating them when their words only make me feel I want to CRUSH them like the LICE they are!!!!

  • Friend of Bosnia

    No, of course not, after all, “it was just Mooslims.”

  • Friend of Bosnia

    The comments I read on the original article’s forum only show that the West is full of isdlamophobes, rightists, racists and fascists and that no matter what rational arguments you might present them with, they will always say “No, Islam itself is teh problem, it’s violent, racist fascist, and where it’s npot well the Qur’an abrogates the older, peaceful verses, why aren’t teh Africans, Hindus, Chinese, Latinos committingany acts of terrorism (hint: could it be perchance because the West is not bombing them?) and I have read only that far before turning away in disgust. Still I refuse to believe that there must be a war between Islamic peoples and teh West but there are such evil elementsyx on both sides who want just that and Mankind has a penchant fro doing exactly teh opposite of what they themselvs say is rational and reasonabls. I still believe most Westerners are not hostile to Muslims. But those who are deserve the same, or even more, vioence tehy desire upon Muslims, to be done to them (I would liek to refrain from more graphic dsescriptions, but… no. They deserve to be executed, not with rifles, but with a 30 mm quadruple flak. Or by placing them inside a barrel, hammering in lots of very sharp and large nails from the outside, and rolling them down a mountain. Or worse, find out what they fear most and do exactly that to them.
    I don’t wish to start a discussion with such individuals shoudl I ever have the misfortune of coming across one of them. There is no way of talking reason into them. No way to make them let go of their evil thoughts.
    It’s so unfortunate that I’m not built very heavily, say, 210 cm tall, 1 m across the shoulders, arms liek tree trunks and hands the size of a manhole cover, plus an eleite soldier’s training to boot, and armed with an AK-47 and/or a 12-gauge pump gun. Because then I would crush those LICE like what they are. At the very least I would give them the thrashing of a lifetime they so richly deserve.
    I have never believed in a system like the Soviet Union or Tito’s Yugoslavia had, but now, the way things stand, the malevolence and hatred of such individuals for me places them beyond good and evil, and outside mankind. So I have the notion that if I can’t physically hurt them (much as they deserve it) they should be locked up in political re-education camps for no less than five years, their civil rights should be limited or taken away form them, their freedom of movement and residence should be restricted, they should be banned from certain jobs, and generally their wretched unworthy lives should be made as miserable as possible. I would even go so far as to force them to wear a red armband or a badge with a skull on their lapels. After all, fascist did just as bad things to their victims, and do you know something? Most fascist and genocidals are still going scot free when what they truly deserve is the worst thing in the world!!!
    Because who says so with words will actually do it if given the chance!

  • JD

    On 27 March 2016, at least 75 people were killed and over 340 injured in a suicide bombing that hit the main entrance of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, one of the largest parks in Lahore, Pakistan.a majority of whom were Muslim.
    Was the Eiffel Tower is lit up with Pakistan colors like the Brussel attack?
    One World Trade Center is lit up with Green and White colors in New York City?
    Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy is lit up in the colors of the Pakistan flag, in tribute?

  • Alejandro Rodríguez

    His mention of drug use is revealing. The US in Latin America has armed drug Cartels to destabilize governments (ironically the same ones it is fighting right now), and may well be doing the same thing with the Triads in China. It shows how drug criminality around the world and Islamic terrorism are interrelated, drug criminality being one of the most common causes of violence around the world, which itself shows the absurdity of ascribing the violence of Islamic extremists to Islam.

  • The powers that be will continue with their “blame Islam” narrative because they want to continue their own bloodletting, plunder and efforts to achieve full spectrum dominance over other people’s lands and resources. Their worst nightmare is for common people to connect the dots and demand sensible foreign policy changes.

    It’s neither morally sound nor logical for countries that constantly employ grand scale violence to demand pacifism from their victims. Why isn’t that perfectly obvious?

  • mindy1

    Sad thing is that these attacks further the divide, continuing the cycle. How do both sides step back?

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