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Germany: Hand Grenade Thrown At Refugee Shelter in Latest Attack On Asylum Seekers

Police officers of the crime scene investigation unit examine a refugee shelter in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, 29 January 2016. EPA


Asylum seekers were asleep in the building at the time and police said it was just ‘luck’ that the grenade did not detonate
By Lizzie Dearden, The Independent

A hand grenade was thrown into a refugee shelter in Germany overnight as officials said attacks against asylum seekers in the country hit a new level of “hate and violence”.

Police in the southern town of Villingen-Schwenningen said it was “just luck” that the device did not explode when it landed at 1.15am.

Around 20 asylum seekers were sleeping inside the building at the time and were evacuated while a bomb squad destroyed it in a controlled explosion.

Andreas Stenger, of State Office of Criminal Investigation shows a model hand grenade after an attack on a refugee shelter January 29, 2016 in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany.

Heiko Maas, the German justice minister, said the attack represented a new level of “hate and violence” that must be addressed by local and federal authorities.

“Grenades are already being thrown at refugee homes – we can’t wait until there is someone dead,” he added.

“We need to do everything we can to ensure xenophobic crimes are more rapidly solved and punished more severely.”

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  • Awesome

    What do you expect them to do? Just allow their culture and history be swept aside by Islam!!! Screw that!

    If lobbing grenades at refugee shelters out of some self-righteous moral panic is a part of their “culture and history”, then the world is probably better off without it.

  • HSkol

    It was quite clear to me that you were enjoying yourself. I’m pretty sure “the enemy” was enjoying itself as well – gray mass against gray mass.

    Let me say, it takes you a long time to get stuffed. I simply thought that you were hyper-metabolic; but, then a 900 course meal will catch up with anyone. A nap well deserved. 🙂

  • HSkol

    Makes perfect sense to me. I would think there’s only so much “everyone wanting a piece of you” in the fight that you’d care to take. You were terrific.

    (Oh, and I wasn’t at all worried about it – in case I gave off that vibe.)

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Screw you.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Well. Like almost everything about teh Bosnian War this too is just a bad compromise. A way to give both sides a little something.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Thank you.
    It’s a foregone conclusion that this man would be convicted because he is guilty as sin.
    But as so often, international justice has failed the victims. Condemn him to 40 years for genocide? That’s ridiculous. Firstly, I’m convinced that in a few scant years they will let him go for “humanitarian” reasons; like, “let the poor old man die at home” (he will then of course live in very good health for many many years).
    Secondly, the genocidal project and joint criminal enterprise “republika Srpska” is unaffected in its existence, not only that, Serbia has said they will protect it no matter what. What a surprise, Vucic was the one who said jsut a few days after the massacre of Srebrenica that “for each killed Serb we will kill one hundred Bosniaks”.
    Thirdly, this is about Chritians committing aggression and acts of wanton violence against Muslims. Not just in our time but already since before one can expect the judges of such aggressors to show the convicted the utmost leniency. Were it the other way round, Muslims attacking non-Muslims they would throw the book at them (even though I have to admit that when I think about what IS does to Christians, Yazidis, and other Muslims in Iraq, I have to admit that in this case throwing the book at them is not a bad idea). So even if the Serbds try to get away with the partition of Bosnia, and if tables were turned, the Bosniaks would again get the wrong end of the stick, as no matter what they will be conflated with IS. ANd of course Putin will come to the help of his buddies in Belgrade and Banja Luka, with his air force and his “little green men” or “polite soldiers” as with his buddy Assad. With the connivance of the West, as a majority of Westerners are anti-Muslim, no doubt about it.
    (As I’m writing this I wonder which secret agencies are reading it, over my shoulders as it were, eavesdropping on me, and will eventually do me in as a subversive.)
    There may be some very decent Serbs around but they do not exonerate the Serb nation as a whole. Especially as they are few and far in between. The Serb Reconquista was postulated in Serb literature since 1804 and carried out many times since. Generations of Serbs have only read and heard horrible things about Muslims. And many Serbs today share the same ideas as Radovan Karadzic. They are not his ideas in fact. They go back for centuries. Read Ivo Andric, read Petar Petrovic Njegos to see what I mean.
    As I have Spanish relatives, and have been in Spain for half of my life at least, I have since I was a kid read and known the history and folklore related with the Reconquista, and I can say that I’m very well versed in it. I see very close parallels between the history and society of Al Andalus and that of Bosnia-Herzegovina, between the Spanish Muslims and the Bosniaks, and of course, between the Reconquista in Spain and the various Serb genocidal crusades in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Sandzak, and the anti-Albanian crusades of 1913 and 1998. It’s all about removing from the land an undesirable autochthonous population and taking over the land. Medieval and 19th century thinking at its best.
    And not just primitive, boorish, peasant types are like that, also educated, knowledgeable, well-traveled, supposedly liberal-minded Serbs are like that. Nationalism and chauvinism clouds their minds. I don’t want to say it but as a whole they come across to me, and not just to me, as a horrible, vengeful, hateful lot, half-crazy with fear from Muslims and therefore bloodthirsty. I do not say that because I have an innatehatred of Serbs – I don’t, no matter what my detreactors say. I say it because I have come to that conclusion after hearing their statements about, and seeing their deeds to Bosniaks, for the last 24 years.
    And I wish I could live long enough to see them put back in their place and be punished for their evil.
    Maybe if I give in to hate and rage I will become just as evil as my enemies, and I know that’s what they want. But I don’t see how I could try to shake hands with someone who refuses to unclench his fist. In the end it can be just him or me.

  • Celtic Saint

    What do you expect them to do? Just allow their culture and history be swept aside by Islam!!! Screw that!

  • George Carty

    Most likely the first.

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