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The Emerging Islamophobe Coalition

PEGIDA, anti-Muslim group in Germany.

Part 3 of 6 of an original series. See: part I and II.

By Umar Lee

It is no secret Islamophobia is on the rise. Hate for Muslims is manifested every day on social media, FOX News, talk-radio and other formats.  Most often this hate is relegated to only words. However, on occasion Islamophobia will manifest itself through violence or acts of physical intimidation.

Behind the random Twitter accounts and talk-radio hosts an Islamophobia industry exists.  There are those who see Islam as a threat for religious, political and nationalistic reasons.  These groups form a coalition of institutional and grassroots support for Islamophobia.  Other writers have looked at the financing of the Islamophobia industry.  I want to look at who is supporting Islamophobia from the grassroots.

Christian Right

The Christian-Right in America is the group perhaps most associated with anti-Muslim bigotry. This is the result of numerous articles and sermons by Evangelicals attacking Islam and Islamophobia becoming a staple of the Christian-right media along with issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage.

In years past there have been positive relations at times between the two groups. During the pre-9/11 years a significant portion of the American-Muslim community viewed the Christian-Right and the Republican Party as a natural ally as the two often shared conservative views on social issues and favored lower taxation.

Post-9/11 the Christian-Right has positioned itself not only as the defenders of America against a Muslim onslaught; but has aggressively attacked Islam theologically.

While the Christian-Right may share some concerns with other groups in the coalition what distinguishes them is theology.  With the proliferation of mosques in the United States and conversions to Islam the Muslim community is viewed as theological and spiritual competition.  Therefore, the more influence the Muslim community has in America, the less influence the Christian-Right has.

A cottage-industry has emerged within the Christian-Right for proselytizing to Muslims similar to what developed in previous eras when Jews, Mormons, and Catholics were viewed (and still are) as theological competition.

Hindu Nationalism

Ignored by many Muslim writers is the increased calls for unity between Christians, Jews and Hindus against the “global jihad”. This is an idea promoted by the Hindu-nationalist RSS in India and the BJP political party. As organizations affiliated with the RSS control a large portion of Hindu temples, summer camps, cultural institutions, and are politically active in America they’re using this influence often to promote Islamophobia.  Their Islamophobic position is rooted in political opposition to Pakistan and the search for allies on that front.  In the racial context of America Islamophobia can also help “scrub the brown away” as writer Arsalan Iftikhar said referring to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (a raised Hindu converted to Christianity).


I don’t generally like to write about Zionism or Jews because I know this will open the doors in the comments section to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Illuminati, the Rothschild family controls the world and a variety of other Jew-centric hair-brained conspiracy many, (including Muslims) seem to go for.

However,  there is no denial that there is a large, vocal and well-financed group(s) dedicated to Islamophobia within the Jewish community in America.

These Jewish Islamophobic groups range from right-wing Republican Likud supporters such as Sheldon Adelson to Orthodox Jewish groups associated with Israeli settler movements.  For these groups on the right of the political spectrum engaging in the promotion of Islamophobia in America and militarism abroad directed at Muslims is not ideologically problematic.

On the Jewish-left there is a more problematic ideological problem.  Having traditionally been at the frontlines of promoting civil-rights and equality in America, it is hard for many American-Jews on the left to take an outright hostile position towards Islam and Muslims.

Thus, a nuanced approach has emerged within the liberal-Jewish establishment to combating the emergence of a strong American-Muslim community in America.  Dissatisfied with the leadership of the American-Muslim community and the religious,  political and social norms within the community there has been an attempt to prop up an artificial leadership in a colonial-like fashion.  The greatest manifestation of this is the Shalom Hartmann Institute which has managed to cultivate a group of C, D, and F list Muslim writers, chaplains and others and try to establish them as the new Muslim thought leaders of America (with very little success).

From left to right the rationale for Islamophobia is clear within elements of the American-Jewish community; support for Israel.  A growing American-Muslim community is a community that brings a different perspective to the Arab-Israeli conflict, works to increase support for the Palestinian cause, and erodes media bias on the topic. For those not attached to Jewish groups that are either anti-Zionist or promoting peaceful co-existence, there is a great need to counter what they see as the Muslim threat in America.

White Nationalists

The presidential campaign of Donald Trump isn’t about Christian Conservatism it’s about White Nationalism. Trump and his supporters have identified two groups which threaten the racial-dominance of the white race in America;  Latino immigrants and Muslim immigrants.

This support for Islamophobia is rooted in both race and Civilization with roots as far back as the Crusades and as recent as the Minuteman standing guard at the border.

White Secular Left

The white secular-left at this time for the most part is seen as an ally for Muslims in America and for the most part it is. Look at the stances Democratic governors and presidential candidates have taken towards Syrian refugees as opposed to Republicans.  Look who is standing against Islamophobia on the ground and supporting refugees and it is most often the left, secular or religious, black or white.  In Europe this isn’t the case.  There are deep roots of Islamophobia within the European left based on cultural nationalism, belief in the supremacy of Western thought and values, and an extreme secularism. This strand of Islamophobia on the left isn’t absent in America (see The New Republic); but is certainly on the fringes at this time.

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  • Andrew
  • Ilisha

    You can? Well, let’s parse this a bit.

    What evidence do you have the ISIS is referencing this hadith? What in this hadith says rape is permissable?

    What do you think Muslims should have done with women whose husbands were killed or fled in a war, 1400 years ago? The options were:

    (1) Kill the women and children.
    (2) Leave them to starve and die.
    (3) Take them captive.

    What do you think was the custom at the time? Do you have the impression the women could just go apply for a barista job at the local Starbucks in the middle of the Arabian desert more than 1400 years ago? Have you studied what was typical in that era during wartime?

    Do you think it would have been better to kill them on the spot, or to leave them to die a miserable death due to starvation or attacks from marauders or whatever happened to befall vulnerable women and children in those days? Would that have been a morally superior choice? I think not. In any case, the conditions that existed then do not exist today–so this doesn’t necessarily apply.

    Also, this hadith doesn’t instruct anyone to take captives. It just says not to use the withdrawal method, which seems peculiar, but I’m not familiar with the context.

    Finally, the Qur’an is the primary source, above Hadith, and the only source of Islamic doctrine universally agreed upon by Muslims worldwide. The Qur’an stipulates what can be done with captives and what cannot, and no secondary source can trump directives that made specifically in the Qur’an.

    Captives cannot be raped. That is made clear, and the punishment for rape has traditionally been death for the rapist. So if ISIS is raping captives, that is not consistent with Islamic doctrine. Thousands (yes, literally THOUSANDS) of scholars have said ISIS is not acting in accordance with Islamic law. So I don’t know on what grounds you, an apparently non-Muslim layperson, can confidently contradict their position.

    Here is just one example:

    70,000 Indian Muslim clerics issue fatwa against Isis, the Taliban, al-Qaeda and other terror groups
    Clerics said the terror groups were ‘not Islamic organisations’ and said they were a threat to humanity

  • Ilisha

    What do you mean? You posted it in English, already translated. Why have you posted three comments with essentially the same information? Please let me answer, rather than littering the discussion with repetitive comments and questions.

  • ShunTheRightWhale

    I’m sure the Antigermans got nothing to do with Ernst Jaensch, a rather obscure psychologist, who, at least according to the sparse information on the net, is responsible for the concept of the “Gegentypus” (opposite type). Jaensch differentiated in a pseudoscientific, racial essentialist manner, characteristically for that time in accordance with HFK Günther’s raciology (discussed already in another thread), different psychical types:
    J-types (“integrational”): J1: the playful child (labile, artistic, extrovertly spirited) -> Southern/Mediterranean
    J2: the sacrifical, enthusiastic youth -> Central
    J3: the rooted, established man (externally unspirited, but strong-willed, fashioned for leadership) -> Nordic
    Germans would be a mix of these types. Jaensch drew parallels to his research with Northern and Southern hens (!) and their temper, pondered about an emerging age of virence (manhood) for the Germans manifested in the Nazi movement etc. ad nauseam.
    Contrary to this “nation recovering”, “culture elevating” tendency was the S (“lytic”)- or opposite (Gegen-) type manifested in the Jews, the Parisien French and “Americanism”. The S-type was labile, “culture corroding” and curiosly, as you already mentioned, synesthetic.
    S1: labile, without a “rational superstructure”
    S2: compensating lability with an “unorganic pulled over” “rational superstructure” -> individuals affected by miscegenation, degeneration and incurable disease. p.90
    To put it short: convoluted crap!

  • Ilisha

    What is it?

  • Andrew

    Can you show me the correct interpertation and correct translation of this one

  • Andrew
  • Ilisha

    What’s “Koran Bukhari”? Do you mean the Qur’an?

    Do you speak Arabic or did you read a translation for f the Qur’an? If it was a translation, which one? Or ones? Did you read the whole thing?

    Which scholars have you followed to help with your understanding?

  • Andrew

    The Koran Bukhari and Muslim haddiths
    Where do you get your information from?

  • Andrew

    Hi Eddie what part of it don’t you understand. Were you just like me?
    You read the Koran … Me two… Several times and bukhari and Muslim haddiths
    What do you think about the parts where Mohamed condoned raping captured woman or killing post pubescent boys or killing woman and children because they are “of them”
    Pretty evil stuff isn’t it. In fact from my reading ISIS is the purest form of Islam

  • Eddied

    I was like you Andrew but then I read the Quran. I am not a Muslim but now have a problem with your John 3^16. You have it in your avatar. Can you explain it for me, please.

    And your statement. Even to me it seems a bit of a stretch. Don’t you think?

  • Reynardine

    Because he’s a big one.

  • Ilisha

    Not really. It would be nice if “critics” of Islam who visit LW were willing to engage in a good faith discussions.

    Why are you here?

  • Andrew

    Same place ISIS do and all other sharia loving Muslims

  • Ilisha

    Where have you gotten your information about Islam?

  • Reynardine

    Here is the flag to which he pledges *his* allegiance. That is his state… his permanent state.

  • Reynardine

    Well, well. The oligophrenoleukophallocrat is following me around.

  • Brutus Maximus

    Yep I knew it.. You are a student of Adolf Hitler. You are a statist. If you don’t think that’s bad, you should really find out what that means. You actually support state tyranny.

  • Hasan karim

    Zion flag everywhere at far right demonstrations. Don’t listen to me I just heard too much conspiracy theories. They just like that flag for no reason……..

  • Joey Sanders

    Of course you are correct. Many of their speakers like the Gellars, Gabriels, and more are all great supporters of Israel. It can’t just be coincidence. I have always believed the Islamophobia industry was created by them to create hostile attitudes toward the Palestinians and a favorable attitude towards the Israelis.

    What is shocking to me is how ignorant Americans are about Israel. There are Palestinian Christians who are being murdered as well. Also, no one ever seems to mention that many Christians, while visiting Christian holy sites will have Jewish extremists walk up to them and say “F–k Jesus.” There are many videos of this on Youtube. Funny thing is they keep getting reposted after they get taken down.

    To the Jews of America who believe that they have a claim to that land after thousands of years, let them donate their homes to the Native Americans. It’s only fair. Right?

  • Reynardine

    I know how dangerous it can be.

  • 1DrM

    I’ve noticed Umar usually doesn’t go full on when it comes to Zionists, probably for fear of being labeled antisemitic. The reality is that Zionist Jews are the head of the Islamophobic snake, followed by legions of their slavish Christofascist/Nazi followers, with hindutva fecal fascists at the very bottom, and liberal(pun intended) sprinkling of atheism all over.
    I’m a multi-tasker, and have no problems flushing all the aforementioned turds circling the toilet. If you’re serious about dealing with Islamophobia, arm yourselves with FACTS and an aggressive way of crippling the vermin with them. Hasn’t failed me yet.

  • Just_Stopping_By
  • Reynardine

    Would that be Gegendeutsch, in German? I am curious, because Nazi “medicine”, during its T-4 days, postulated a Gegentypus, a human type that evinced the opposite traits of everything Nazis prized: “too” perceptive, “too” empathetic, “too”creative, “too” given to originality. Synaesthesia was an unmistakable hallmark of a Gegentypus. Most of us would find them far more attractive and sympathetic than the “correct” type. Are these people claiming to personify the Gegentypus?

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Everybody who knows that 2 + 2 equals four, and not five, or three, knows. It’s those who can’t let go of their pre-conceived notions who are potentially genocidal. And God help us all if that potentialy murderous clown should ever become President.
    By the way, have you noticed how they all look and sould alike, have the same histrionics, how they screech and flap their wings – Benito Mussolini, Vojislav Seselj, Donald Trump – birds of one feather.

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