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Beaten For Speaking Arabic on Philadelphia Street

Amine Aouam (Facebook)

Amine Aouam (Facebook)

David Edwards 21 Jan 2016 at 14:08 ET

A Muslim immigrant said that he was beaten for speaking his native tongue while walking down a street in Philadelphia.

Amine Aouam, 34, told Metro that he was walking home after getting a drink with a friend on Saturday night when he encountered “a group of five or six white people.”

He recalled that one of the women in the group seemed to be staring at them while they spoke a Moroccan dialect of Arabic.

“I said to her in Arabic, ‘Good evening,’ which is ‘Masaa al-Khair,’” he explained. “She said ‘What?’ and I said, ‘I just said ‘Good evening.’ Then I walked. And the guy next to her was like ‘Stop this sh*t!’”

Youssef Amarouch, who was walking with Aouam, had a clearer recollection.

“Take that sh*t you said and shove it up in your ass,” Amarouch remembered the man saying.

Amarouch said that while Aouam was speaking to one of the men, another man “sucker-punched him from behind,” according to Metro.

“The guy came from his side and just punched him so bad. The first part of his body that hit the ground was his head,” Amarouch noted. “The whole thing happened in 10 seconds.”

The next thing Aouam remembered was waking up in the hospital.

Since the attack, Aouam has been forced to miss classes at Temple University, where he is a full-time student. And he hasn’t been able to return to his valet job at the Bellevue Hotel due to follow-up CAT scans and MRIs.

“To be honest, the only bad thing that happened to me in this case is my heart is so broken now,”

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  • Mifeng86

    I’m reminded of when those dumb rednecks freaked out b/c the TV station used the word ‘haboob’ XD!

  • Mifeng86

    We’re about one step away from this.

  • Reynardine

    I’ll post it here, too:

  • JD

    “The Guy Scares Me”: Holocaust Survivors Warn About The Danger Of Trump’s Right-Wing Media Approved Rhetoric

  • Eddied

    Nah, he was just goofing. I thought I’d take him behind the barn but I guess he sobered up before we could have that chat. I wonder why he chickened out. Sure am going to miss him.

  • Marinater

    its a hindu-arabic system IIRC…let’s not argue on that ,i think we both could agree that it was brought to the west by the arabs

  • Alejandro Rodríguez

    To be fair, numerals are not Arabic, they are Indian.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    If he really said that, then he’s a pogromist and a genocidal. Because even if he wouldn’t get blood on his hands, somebody who agrees with his ideas might.
    And if there is someone I hate more than bullies it’s genocidals and pogromists. At the very least such people deserve the thrashing of a lifetime.

  • Ilisha

    Yes, history didn’t begin on 9/11.

    Who is really breaching national borders? The US and friends, for example, invaded Iraq. They have been bombing that country and starving its people for 25 years now. A quarter century, starting long before 9/11. And the most amazing part is that Iraq NEVER DID ANYTHING to the US.

    Please provide an example of a Muslim NATION–not just a rogue terror group–that has attacked and decimated a modern, Western country. Did the Muslims destroy France? Britain? Germany? The US? No, of course not.

    The bombs are flowing FROM the West to Muslim-majority lands and beyond and it’s been that way for DECADES. Who drew the present-day borders in the Middle East? The Western imperial powers.

    So it is THE WEST that is not respecting people’s borders, and as a result, there is relatively SMALL amount of blowback. Yes, blowback–a term coined by the CIA to describe the results of our foreign policy.

    It’s none of your business what people are kissing or not kissing over in Mecca. Mind you own affairs and STAY OUT of Muslim-majority lands. I know the Western imperial powers are not going to take that advice. So expect blowback.

    If it comes to a point where the citizens want safe, peaceful nations, then insist YOUR GOVERNMENTS stop terrorizing other people. Good fences make good neighbors is the perfect metaphor–and common sense tells you in the most obvious way WHO is responsible for breaching fences all over the world. Hint: Not Muslims.

  • Annabel Lee Lovender

    I can’t believe you said, “… good fences make good neighbors.” I mean, seriously? Were you even born when 9/11 occurred? And, No! I don’t have to live with it. I will never bend my knee to another. The world has not reached its tipping point yet but that day is not far off. Oh, and it’s the 1/5 of humanity — these moon worshipers (when they are not kissing a black rock framed in a toilet seat cover at Mecca) , we can best do without.

  • AJ

    This woman assumed two Brazilians to be Arabs. It’s hilarious….well, somewhat if not downright sad.

  • AJ

    Wow…that was your first Disqus comment. Expecting great things from you!

  • Reynardine

    Don’t know, but the first name is probably more like Hannibal.

  • Reynardine

    Albuquerque, q.v.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Is “Lovender” your real name or just an accurate description for you?

  • mindy1

    Take sertraline, it is wonderful for relaxation…..

  • Sam Seed

    Let’s start with you closet Nazi.

  • Eddied

    Trump is simply enjoying the bandwagon. The wheels are getting a little squeaky lately, though. Don’t you think.

    I am not much of a political couch potato but has been welcome entertainment. Getting a bit scary though, with all that hate flying around.

  • Eddied

    “I believe Islam to be a cancer that must be eliminated from the entire planet. Heavy doses of focused radiation to the Middle-East will do the trick”

    Well that sterilizes the Middle East from the Muslim cancer but what about their “elimination from the entire planet”. How would you go about doing that? They are a tough lot you know.

    You got to be trolling or on drugs? Come again when you are not so high and we can discuss eliminating the Muslim Menace from the entire planet. Else let me booze up a bit and we can have that tete a tete on equal footing, level ground.

  • Ilisha

    You have zero right to do anything to the Middle East. Your problem as a society is that you keep butting into the affairs of others while your own countries crumble.

    Islam is one of the world’s great religion with a billion and a half followers. About one fifth of humanity. You can’t and won’t eradicate Islam. Not now. Not ever.

    You will just have to learn to live with it. And as far as I’m concerned, your first lesson is “good fences make good neighbors.” Stay out of other people’s lands. It won’t entirely solve the problem, but it’s a great start.

  • Annabel Lee Lovender

    Bullshit! Trump’s rhetoric has nothing to do with the prevailing American sentiment that Muslim’s are, collectively, violent and sadistic assholes. Our society needs to recognize that Islam is a political ideology of social domination — it masquerades as a ‘peaceful’ religion to present a false mask of legitimacy to the unsuspecting. I believe Islam to be a cancer that must be eliminated from the entire planet (i.e. heavy doses of focused radiation to the Middle-East will do the trick) — never mind the U.S.

  • Marinater

    ah..does’nt the english language borrow some words from arabic?
    and umm..the numerals we use today…guess we shuld all beat each other up

  • Friend of Bosnia

    What can I say. My blood boils whenever I hear such a thing. So they bullied him just for being courteous. They bullied him for speaking Arabic. They bullied him for being what he is.
    Such despicable critters, such sons of swine deserve the very worst in the world, and at the very least they deserve a very sound beating themselves. Sending them to jail is utterly useless, because there they will onloy learn to be more violent and evil. Stupid evil racist fascist scum, they do not deserve to walk this earth. They deserve to be kneecapped. Unless they ask for forgiveness.

  • Reynardine

    I can’t guarantee they wouldn’t have whipped up on him if he’d been speaking something else. If he “looked like one”, they’d have *assumed* he was speaking Arabic.

  • mindy1

    How sad, I hope he heals fully :((

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