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Beaten For Speaking Arabic on Philadelphia Street

Amine Aouam (Facebook)

Amine Aouam (Facebook)

David Edwards 21 Jan 2016 at 14:08 ET

A Muslim immigrant said that he was beaten for speaking his native tongue while walking down a street in Philadelphia.

Amine Aouam, 34, told Metro that he was walking home after getting a drink with a friend on Saturday night when he encountered “a group of five or six white people.”

He recalled that one of the women in the group seemed to be staring at them while they spoke a Moroccan dialect of Arabic.

“I said to her in Arabic, ‘Good evening,’ which is ‘Masaa al-Khair,’” he explained. “She said ‘What?’ and I said, ‘I just said ‘Good evening.’ Then I walked. And the guy next to her was like ‘Stop this sh*t!’”

Youssef Amarouch, who was walking with Aouam, had a clearer recollection.

“Take that sh*t you said and shove it up in your ass,” Amarouch remembered the man saying.

Amarouch said that while Aouam was speaking to one of the men, another man “sucker-punched him from behind,” according to Metro.

“The guy came from his side and just punched him so bad. The first part of his body that hit the ground was his head,” Amarouch noted. “The whole thing happened in 10 seconds.”

The next thing Aouam remembered was waking up in the hospital.

Since the attack, Aouam has been forced to miss classes at Temple University, where he is a full-time student. And he hasn’t been able to return to his valet job at the Bellevue Hotel due to follow-up CAT scans and MRIs.

“To be honest, the only bad thing that happened to me in this case is my heart is so broken now,”

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    Thank you. Yes, it was painful to watch Bosnia being slaughtered. And indeed I got to know quite a few people from BiH, who had been through the war, lost loved ones, lost their livelihood, hometown, fortune and belongings; soldiers who had been wounded in the war. I got me some books and did some reading. I read the genocidal Greater Serb anti-Muslim propaganda. And it bothers me a lot that today, potentially pogromist ior outright genocidal right-wingers say exactly the same things.
    It started with hate speech. It ended with a mountain of corpses and the genocidals rewarded with the spoils of war. Will we see more of that?

  • Eddied

    Sorry about the delay. Your statement has brought up a lot of thoughtful issues. Including a distrust of the system. Understandably so. Your name and observations suggest that you have personally felt seen and experienced them close at hand or heard it personally from those near to you. Once that happens one is never the same. .

    Much of what you have said is reasonable. You seem like a philosopher, thinking and contemplation but distressed at events. Many people feel the pain that you feel. They are all over the human spectrum but most can’t do much about it. Many exchange views on the blogs.

    I have not see you on any other blog. When you review them you will see a lot of variety of thinking, then you will get a better view of differing opinions. Many like minded and many against. You will be able to exchange ideas and thoughts. It is only human thing to differ but yet be similar in many ways. I keep an open mind.

    The usual everyday syndicated news is filtered and much of it is propaganda. Not for me anymore. I rely more on the Internet now as you can then exchange notes with like minded and others who may not even like you.

    I am now looking to the Internet for information, to get an overall world view and make my own assessment. I have learned a lot from all that. See you there too, sometime somewhere.

  • Marinater

    yup agreed…tho it’d just be buried by the media

  • AJ

    I guess it’s good to remember the old glory but we could use some new one.

  • Just_Stopping_By
  • Friend of Bosnia

    That evil idiot.

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