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US Jets Bomb Hospital In Afghanistan


This is what the US did to a hospital in Afghanistan

By Emperor

A hospital run by Doctors Without Borders was bombed by our jets, to which our leaders crassly responded by describing those who were obliterated in the attack as, “collateral damage.” That’s how easy it is to dismiss these lives for our government.

Many applauded when Pres. Obama made the point of putting gun violence in perspective by asking media outlets to compare the number of people killed by guns in the last decade in the US vs. the number killed in terrorists attacks.:


This is an important point, one that will be glossed over by bigots and Islamophobes who don’t care about these facts. I wonder however if Pres. Obama will ever, if he even can, admit the number of people who have been killed and had their lives destroyed and uprooted because of our nation’s invasions and wars?

Doctors Without Borders staff members at a hospital in Kunduz that was badly damaged in an airstrike on Saturday. CreditDoctors Without Borders

KABUL, Afghanistan — At least 19 people were killed when a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders in the northern city of Kunduz was badly damaged early Saturday after being hit by what appears to have been an American airstrike, sparking international outrage.

The United States military, in a statement, confirmed an airstrike at 2:15 a.m., saying that it had been targeting individuals “who were threatening the force” and that “there may have been collateral damage to a nearby medical facility.” The strike will bring renewed pressure on the United States, which has been playing an increasingly active role in Afghanistan amid a resurgence of the Taliban, particularly in Kunduz, but has long been criticized for causing civilian casualties from the air.

“A few are still missing, they might have been buried in the rubble,” he said, declining to give his name because employees of Doctors Without Borders are not allowed to speak to reporters without authorization.

In a statement, the aid group accused the American military of continuing the bombing for 30 minutes after receiving phone calls telling military contacts that the hospital was being bombed.

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  • 1DrM

    Wrong, confused hypocrite. The Qur’an was not written in a cave by one person, Kindergarten drop out. Muslims have taken you Christofascists apart in religious debates for decades so why posture? But that’s not even the topic of discussion is it? It’s Anglo-American terrorism, and your pathetic attempt to throw out distractors. Uncle Sam has only ONE policy: world domination via US-based ‘multi-national’ corporations and military ‘interventions’. Proof? Overwhelming empiricism evidence! Period. End of discussion.

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

    That doesn’t categorise under the reasons for undergoing plastic surgery I’m railing against 😀

  • Reynardine

    I daresay freaky things happen. I considered nose surgery once, because I had my father’s nose: his had been broken three times, while mine had been broken twice. I had nosebleeds and sinus infections something regular. But then I moved out of New York City, and it got better with no surgery atall.

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

    Of course, but if they’re chopping of bits of their nose in order to make it 1mm in width then I hope the end result makes them look like a mutated monkey 😀

  • Mehdi

    Glenn Greewald summarized it best

    It’s a war crime, period, if it had been done by ISIS (and God knows these animals are capable of doing that), the condemnation would be everywhere, the same should apply here.

  • Mehdi

    I was going to say that, or for instance problems around breathing which can require a nose surgery and so forth.

  • Reynardine

    I won’t say no to that for anyone normal looking. Some people have actual disfigurements or deformities.

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

    If the patient is going under the scalpel for cosmetic purposes then they deserve everything they get. Cosmetic surgery is stupid and turns perfectly normal looking humans into hideous monsters.

  • Reynardine

    Any patient under the care of such a plastic surgeon would come out looking just like Ann Coulter.

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

    I think Alejandro was being sarcastic in the other comment.

  • apple crisp

    How is this a “Loon” worthy story? I thought this website was “looking for comedy in the Anti-Muslim world”. This is just news. The simple fact is that Islam/Muslims are not a religious group like others. Their religious culture has at its core to take control. Be it peaceful or by force. Like if eventually there is a muslim majority in political power – oh yea there not going to vote with with their God directed heart? HA! It bogles my mind that more isn’t discussed on the fact that the Bible is written by many authors over a wide period of time and backed up by archeological records. The islam book – written by one person after an intense experience in a cave by himself. Again 1 person!!!

  • Tarig Musa

    Although I assume there’s no point in posting this for your benefit based on your other comment, this is for everyone with a bit of sense reading these comments.

  • Alejandro Rodríguez

    I have to say that number of people killed by shootings seems waaay too high. Although it’s true that this is in a period of about a decade, and annually there are some 500,000 murders globally, we are still talking some 18 to 28 thousand people per year, which seems far too high for a country whose homicide rate is under 5 murders per 100,000 inhabitants according to UNODC. This number may be plausible for Central America, where there are far higher rates of violence and just this year there have been over 1,000 homicides in El Salvador alone. But it is not for the US even in a period of 10 to 15 years.

  • Alejandro Rodríguez

    Everyone knows that hospital was a den of AK-47 terrorists and burqa-wearing women. They deserved to die like the fanatics that they were.

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi
  • Jekyll

    I AM YOUR SIN!!!!!

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

    Begone, foul sinner.

  • mindy1

    I just want to say I hope no one thinks I am making light of what happened, that is not my intent.

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

    You pervert.

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