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Pregnant Muslim Woman Attacked By Teens Trying To Rip Off Her Head Covering


When Islamophobia is encouraged by Stephen Harper and his government, what else do you expect?


Montreal police are investigating after an attack on a pregnant Muslim woman.

Police say the woman was going to pick up her daughter from school on Tuesday in the city’s north end, near the Galeries D’Anjou, when two teenagers came up behind her on their bikes and tried to rip off her hijab.

The momentum of their tugging on her head scarf caused her to fall down.

Const. Abdullah Emran said investigators have few details about the culprits because it happened quickly, but said it appears they were boys around 15 years old.

Police are reluctant to call the attack a hate crime, but haven’t ruled out the possibility.

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes. Then they deserve the very worst. The very worst a human being can do to another. Too bad I’m not 2 meters tall and one meter across the shoulders, 120 likograms all solid muscle and with hands like manhole covers, arms like tree branches and legs like tree trunks. Then I would just LOVE to walk around dressed in Arab garb and see if some such twerps would try to get wise with me. And then give them the thraswhing of a lifetime. And say to them “The next time you even as much as look askance at me, I will give you such a thrashing that this here will seem to you liek a caress from a girl in love in comparison!” Becaused cruel people deserve not to be offered the other cheek, but on teh contrary , to feel the same cruelty they so callously vest on others, in their own flesh.
    With a gentleman /a lady you behave like a gentleman /a lady, and with a scoundrel you behave like a scoundrel. Everything else is BUNK!

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Blah blah blah. As if “honor killings” were an exclusively Muslim thing. As if all Muslims did that.Whern Christians or Hindus do that, then they are exonerated, right. Becaused Muslims are the new enemy of mankind, right?
    So it’s all right to humiliate Muslime women, and easy too, because they can’t defend themselves? Becuase there are “honor killings”?
    I would like to see such twerps try to attack a Muslim man wearing Arab garb on teh street, ifd he is, say 210 cm tall, 1 meter wide across the shoulders, and not slightly built with it (too bad I’m not like that, I’d love to teach suchg guys a lesson they’d never forget in a lifetime) What a lousy job at child-raising the mothers of those thugs have done.
    What you say is like this joke about the Soviet Union where the Sovet guy says “Yeah, but in America you lynch blacks.” As if by that any Soviet wrongdoing were excused.

  • cmyfe .

    I’m sure some pathetic worm will defend them from being labelled racist by saying .. “Islam is not a race”.

  • mindy1

    So much hate 🙁

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