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Islamophobic Paranoia and Hate Erupts in Florida Town After Photo Shows Muslims Praying At Beach

Muslim men praying in Wakulla County (Facebook)

Muslim men praying in Wakulla County

The paranoia of Islamophobia has reached “Mashes Sands Beach, Wakullah County, Florida.” Love the reaction of Vanessa More, the Christian mother of one of the Muslim men praying in the picture: “Hatred only leads to more hate, so now are you going to make every Muslim carry a card that says, ‘I’m a good citizen, I’m not affiliated with ISIS, I just want to pray.’”

By , Raw Story

A photo taken by a Florida county commissioner of a group of men observing their Muslim faith has ignited a racist backlash that spilled over into a recent government meeting, WTXL reports.

The photo was taken at Mashes Sands Beach in Wakulla County by county commission chairman Ralph Thomas and posted to his Facebook page with the caption, “Walked up on this at Mashes Sands this evening! First time seeing this in Wakulla County.” The photo has sparked an emotional storm that has included death threats.

“I’m raising the question of whether or not a group of military aged Muslim men… are praying on our beach, well label me whatever you want,” said Wakulla County Sheriff candidate Will Dance, according to WTXL. “The reason I brought this up is because my daughters use that beach, my wife uses that beach and gentlemen, under Sharia Law, the cutoff shorts and tee-shirts… that my family wears on that beach are considered offensive under Sharia and any Muslim man may carry out what he feels is fit punishment. And I’m sorry but that type of behavior cannot happen here.”

Muslim leader Imam Amro was interviewed by WTXL and assured people that in general, no Muslim would retaliate against anyone not wearing modest clothes because it’s none of their business.

“A sick brain, then you will find it in Islam and in Christianity, in any religion there is a sick brain, but this is something else,” he said. He also pointed out that Sharia is a divine religious law that is not forced on people who don’t know what it is or don’t want it.

Devout Muslims pray five times a day facing Mecca, which is what the picture seems to portray. Responses on Thomas’s post show a great deal of fear at what appears to be nothing more than routine prayer.

Vanessa Moore is the mother of one of the men who happened to be at the beach and was caught in the photo. She says her 29-year-old son never expected to attract attention and worried about the implications of the anti-Muslim hate on display.

“He never wanted to be in anyone’s spotlight, he was just out there, at a barbecue, praying,” she told WTXL. “Hatred only leads to more hate, so now are you going to make every Muslim carry a card that says, ‘I’m a good citizen, I’m not affiliated with ISIS, I just want to pray.’”

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  • Vicky Elm

    I would run like my life is in danger. Love the picture.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Don’t be daft. All the wars of conquest, especially those by teh Christian powers after 1492, were just to rob and dispossess and to appropriate wealth. Not religion. All religions command us to respect the others. Yet in real life people rarely do. They do the opposite.
    Reliogions don’t kill people. Greed does.
    Yet you want to force all people to give them up. How do you dare to put yourself above us all?

  • Friend of Bosnia

    I do not go around forcing my beliefs on anybody. If you don’t like the way I dress or that I pray in public then just look the other way. If you don’t like that my wife and daughter wear Hijab just look the other way but don’t you dare question it. Don’t you dare question my existence or my lifestyle. After all I’m not forcing you to join my faith. But if you try to force your ideology down my throat I will stick it back in yours.
    AND don’t you DARE call me “terrorist”

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes, Vuk Jeremic (or was it Nikolic himself?) a while back called the Albanians “Orcs”.

    At their convenience the serbo fascists call Bosniaks either “Turks” (implying they are alien invaders) or “Islamicized Serbs / converts” (implying they are traitors) just as they please.
    It’s exactly the same as the Christian Spaniards did in the times of Ferdianand and Isabella, Charles V, Philip II and III. At their convenience they called the Spanish Muslims “Moors” (implying enemy aliens) or firced them to become Christians, be baptized and take Christian names (implying they were Spaniards after all, but traitors – that’s why teh Inquisition pursued them and that’s why in the end they expelled them).
    Spain in the time between 1492 and 1615; the Western Balkans / former Yugoslavia in 1991-99, that’s all the same thing, nothing new under the sun. True, the Muslims came as invaders but it was rather so that there was a political vacuum when they came: various factions of the Visigoths were fighting each other in Spaon before 711, and in the Balkans there too was strife and internecine wars between Byzantines, Bulgarians, Venetians, Genoese, Aragonese, etc. Now, some 100 years afteer the Arabs resp. the Turks came, quite a few people hadd converted to Islam. Well,, that was their good right. Had they done that foor purely economic reasons (not to pay djizya, or to keep their real estate and other assets) they – or rather their descendants – would have converted to Christianity. Yet very few did, either in Spain or in BiH. That’s why the Christians, in Spain and BiH approached the Muslims with oppression, pursuit, repression and finally destruction and exile.

    Also it was the intention of their Christian conquerors to rob and dispossess the Muslims, but it appears much more moral if the robbers say they just wanted to do God’s bidding and were defending themselves from dangerous enemies.
    As everybody can see, nothing new under the sun.
    I have known these things since I was a kid. It sufficed to visit the famous monuments of Muslim Spain, the Alhambra, the mosque at Córdoba, Almería, Málaga and so on, and to read the stories, either romatic stories liek in Washingon Irving’s “Tales of the Alhambra” or in history and art books, and listen to the folk songs still very well known either in Spain and in North Africa about the strife between Christians and Muslims. Even as a kid of 10 or eleven, I knew that those people had got a very raw deal. I wonderd why not a single one of them was left. Then, with teh wars in teh former Yugoslavia I knew. That was just the same. The only difference is that in medieval and 16th century Spain they just had swords, pikes and bombards as weapons, and in the former Yugoslavia, well, one side had heavy artillery, machine guns, tanks, aircraft, missiles and so on, the equipment of the fourth most heavily equipped army in Europe, while the other side just had small arms (mostly hunting rifles, pistols and shotguns) – and courage. So, for now, the Bosniaks and the Kosovar Albanians (the ones Jeremic insulted) have prevailed (well, those who weren’t killed, raped or forced into exile), but who knows for how long? The Serbs have never given up tehir idea of creating a religiously and ethnically purified Greater Serbia, by committing genocide on all non_serbs who happen to live in all the territories teh serbs claim for themselves. Even though in the times of Emperor Dusan, thew kingdom of Bosnia, and what is today Bosnia-Herzegovina, was NOT part of Serbia. Bosnia came under Serbian rule only after 1918.

  • Reynardine


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