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India: Four Year Old Boy Beheaded And Sacrificed To Hindu Goddess Kali


A very disturbing story out of India about a man who abducted a four-year-old boy and killed him by strangling him and then decapitating the head as a sacrifice to the Hindu goddess, Kali. Of course Hindus should not be blamed for this grisly act by one individual, however, one has to ask: what if he were Muslim? You can bet that the right-wing and many on the left such as Bill Maher would be yammering about how Islam is uniquely evil. (h/t: J. Hind)

The Independent

A four year-old-boy has been beheaded in a gruesome “human sacrifice” ritual in a rural village in southern India.

Indian media reports a 35-year-old man abducted the little boy as he was returning home from nursery in the remote Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh state.

The man, named as Tirumala Rao, is reported to have beheaded the child in a ritual to honour the Hindu Goddess Kali and he was alleged to be seeking “divine powers”, according the Times of India.

Mr Rao was discovered next to the little boy’s, named locally as¬†Manu Sagar, body.

Police officers believe he strangled the boy before chopping his head off as they found rope at the scene.

Villagers then attempted to lynch Mr Rao, tying him to a pole, throwing kerosene on him and setting him on fire, reports the Indian Express.

Villager elders rescued him from the mob and called the police.

He was taken to hospital with 40 per cent burns.

Local police chief Ch SriKanth told the Hindu newspaper: “This is a first-of-its-kind incident in Prakasam district.

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  • Alejandro Rodr√≠guez

    What is worse is the logic that Hindu nationalists and anti-Muslims use. “Hindoos hav bn domintd by Muslamcs fer centries” “Muslams ar teh oens who alwayz star”

  • Jekyll

    I wonder how all the sexually insecure Hintuva Trolls here feel about this…lol

  • mindy1


  • mindy1

    No kidding

  • MichaelElwood

    Sarfaraz Abbasi wrote: “It is not a new thing in India. Few years ago a man sacrificed all his six children in India to please Hindu goddess.”

    Unfortunately, it isn’t a new thing. It seems to happen with some regularity in India:

    “A group of occultists beheaded 55-year-old Thepa Kharia in his home in Jharkhand on Sunday just days after the decapitation of five-year-old Sanatan Bag in Assam last week.”

    “A 10-year-old boy was mutilated and sacrificed in a witchcraft ceremony, police have reportedly said.

    “An Indian worker is alleged to have told officers that he murder the boy, identified as Pranshu, a third year standard student, in a bid to help his wife become pregnant, the Times of India said.

    “The body of the child was found by his father in a sugarcane field in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh with mutilated ears and heels two days after he went missing.”

    “A 50-year-old priest allegedly killed his wife to seek the blessings of the Hindu goddess Bagulamukhi.

    “The gruesome incident happened in Bagulamukhi temple in Kurara village of Dindori district of the northern Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

    “According to a Hindustan Times report, Satyanand tied his 24-year-old wife Manju Shyam to a log and beheaded her.

    “A local artist Ram Krishna Dhruve said Satyanand had asked Manju’s father Jai Jodhan Singh for her hand in marriage. As the family was in a financial crisis, both tied the knot three months ago.

    “Later, after protests from other family members, when Jai Jodhan, the father of the girl, went to temple to bring her back, she refused to go with him. The priest always used to lock her in a room of the temple,’ Dhruve said.

    “The murder came to light when the victim’s father got a call from the culprit. A feast was organised by Satyanand before beheading her.

    “‘He then took all the jewellery and fled. On getting the information, the victim’s father reached the temple and found her beheaded body,’ Dhruve added.”

    Matthew White, author of “The Great Big Book of Horrible Things: The Definitive Chronicle of History’s 100 Worst Atrocities,” estimates the number of people killed by Hindu thugs (devotees of the Hindu goddess Kali) from the 13th to 19th centuries as roughly 35,000,000.

    Despite this, you can bet the rent that prominent Hindus like Rep.Tulsi Gabbard won’t be called upon apologize for the actions of her fellow Hindus. Nor will she be called upon to recognize the theological motivation of the perpetrators the same way she insists on the theological motivation of the perpetrators of “Islamic” terrorism:

    “So that’s why it’s so important that we recognize that these people are being motivated from different parts of the world by a spiritual, a theological motivation, which is this radical Islamic ideology.”

    –Dem. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

  • cmyfe .

    Hmmm… so no one was there to save the old Muslim from a mob who was killed for supposedly eating beef but this Hindu was saved after beheading a boy… they sure have their priorities right.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    That movie had a lot of cringe-worthy Orientalism.

  • JD

    You mean this guy…. Dr Jones took care of it dont worry about it

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    This reminds me of the Thuggee movement

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