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Michigan: Anti-Mosque Protesters “Felt Like A Mob”


Pretty shameful and sad, all at once.

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  • syed ali

    Ok by that logic the British, Spanish, Portuguese, Belgian, French and Germans must be blamed for the genocides, rapes and destruction of cultures during their colonial/Imperial past. These European imperialists try to white wash history and say they are “civilizing” other cultures yeah right they committed blatant evil acts as well.

  • ShunTheRightWhale

    The Reformation caused one of the bloodiest conflcts in the history of early Modern Europe: The Thirty Years’ War. Reformation was quickly accompanied by the Counter-Reformation on the Catholic (Papal) side, it formed a distinct theological identity on the Tridentinum (Medieval Latin Church did not know seperations on such a scale). The war some decades later ravaged large parts of the Regnum Teutonicum (the northern part of the Holy Roman Empire: today’s Germany etc.) as Protestant Union and Catholic League battled each other, quickly neighbouring powers (France, Denmark, Sweden etc.) took part in the conflict…
    You are perhaps referring to Enlightenment, but this was primarly (at least in Catholic countries) against the intellectual monopoly of the church and feudalism. Legitimation of war became more often a matter of nationality and other “rationalized” egoistic motives.

  • JoeW

    Why am I here on Loonwatch? I am here to watch loons like you. Again, you again did not give me any specifics as to how did the US or Western Powers harm Muslims before 9/11. You just keep parroting the same talking points with no specifics. You do not seem to get what my drift is. I say it again: keep parroting things does not make them the truth. Muslims committed thousands of terrorist attacks all over the world not because they are jealous – although they are. They hate anything which is non-Muslim, they hate kafirs and want to make the world into a single Muslim Caliphate. Tell me that this is not true, although if you do i just chalk it against your taqyiia. If you want me to list all the terrorist attacks in India, Pakistan, Kashmir, France, England and many other parts of the world, I can do it but I think it is useless because I keep telling you the specifics and the reasoning and you keep parroting the same lies. This is why the Muslims can never have peace with the rest of the world because they are severely brainwashed by the Koran, the Hadits and the distorted view of who Muhammad was. I am wasting my time and I am not going to do it anymore because you are totally hopeless.

    Dudette, you are dismissed and no more discussion from my part. I said what I had to say, you did not say anything meaningful and specific because you do not have any. Happy radicalization to you.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Can I defend “rummaging”? Here’s what I found “rummaging” in your Disqus comments from just the past few hours: “These so called ‘refugee’ vermins should be sent right back to where they came from.” Source: (Also, if you don’t want to sound ignorant, you may want to look up the plural of “vermin.” It’s not “vermins.”)

    I might engage further, but it’s generally not worth my effort to spend too much time on those who believe that political philosophies they don’t agree with are “a mental disorder” and that migrants or refugees (take your pick of terminology for purposes of this discussion) are “vermins [sic] [who] should be sent right to where they came from.”

    That said, I suppose I should question if your calling migrants or refugees vermin is indeed a sign of a mental disorder, or just a reflection of a belief that your position is on such weak ground that you need to dehumanize those who would suffer from its implementation.

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