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Farmersville, Texas: Planned Muslim Cemetery Raises Fear of Sharia Law Zombies

Read some of the objections of the residents and you know that most of it is disguised bigotry and hate for a religion and people they don’t understand or comprehend.

One participant in a local council meeting however was quite explicit in how he thinks the planned cemetery should be dealt with, “Take and dump pig’s blood and put pig’s heads on a post so they won’t buy the land,” he said.

It’s as if in the imagination of these easily frightened townsfolk the deceased Muslims will somehow turn into zombies and thereafter Shariah Law will be instated.


FARMERSVILLE, Texas — Plans for a Muslim cemetery northeast of Dallas have some people living nearby in an uproar.

JD Miles of KTVT was there for a fiery city council meeting.

“We used to grow a lot of onions here, we sure enough don’t want to be growing bodies,” Collin County resident Troy Gosnell said.

Some residents don’t have a problem with a cemetery nearby.

“All my life I’ve lived next to a cemetery, it’s never bothered me,” Mont Hendricks said.

However, if this undeveloped land off Highway 380 becomes a cemetery used primarily to bury Muslims, many Farmersville residents who filled city hall Tuesday night will have a major problem.

“This is not a money maker for the city of Farmersville. So regardless of whether you like Muslims or not, it doesn’t conform,” one resident said during the meeting.

Residents packed city hall after the meeting agenda referenced the development of a cemetery by the Islamic Association of Collin County. It’s generated opposition from those who don’t want Muslims in the town of 3,000 and even question how they bury their dead.

“When somebody dies they bury them at that time. They don’t know whether they were shot, diseased or anything else. All they do is wrap them in a sheet from the grave and bury them,” Gosnell said.

“The bodies are generally above the water. We get rain just like we did. It’s going to be in our drinking system,” Collin County resident Patricia Munroe said.

Local Islamic leaders have tried to dispel those beliefs, calling them untrue and offensive.

“They are fearful of what they don’t understand and hopefully it’s an opportunity for us to come together and learn a little bit more about each other and hopefully dispel some of those misconceptions,” said Alia Salem of the Council on American Islamic Relations Dallas.

Farmersville city council members didn’t even discuss the cemetery during the meeting because it’s not ready for a vote. But residents have organized and some are even making threats to keep it from being approved.

“Take and dump pig’s blood and put pig’s heads on a post so they won’t buy the land,” one person said during the meeting.

No one involved in the proposed cemetery project was at Tuesday night’s meeting. The proposal still has to be approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission before it’s voted on by the city council.

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