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Center for Security Policy Compares Islamic Religion to the Plague


More dehumanizing insanity from the kooky anti-Muslim Frank Gaffney’s “Center for Security Policy.”

The Intercept, By Lee Fang @lhfang

The Center for Security Policy’s gala last Monday, a black-tie affair at the stately Metropolitan Club of New York, featured a procession of speakers warning darkly about the threat posed by the religion of Islam.

Tommy Waller, a marine veteran and the legislative outreach director for the group, said he had fought the enemy on the battlefields of the Middle East, but that he did not truly understand them until he joined the center. The enemy has “existed for 1,400 years” and “at the expense of 270 million lives,” he said.

Doctors study medicine, Waller continued, “but we don’t study something that has brought devastation to nearly the same number of humans as the plague.”

The Center for Security Policy, billed as a policy shop for national security concerns, has emerged in recent years as the go-to think tank for Islamophobia. The group hosted two summits for GOP presidential candidates this year, and regularly advises lawmakers. Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., spoke at the event on Monday.

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes, it was so. The economic crisis brought a rise of primarily Serb but also Croat ultranationalism and the situation escalated. And the Bosniaks were left, to quote the king of Afghanistan of 1878, Shir Ali Khan, “like an earthen pot between two iron ones.”

  • George Carty

    “The elimination of all the Jews on the planet earth is what Hamas’ charter calls for”

    …could you quote the relevant passage?

  • George Carty

    Just to clarify — it was my impression that the economic collapse was proximately caused by a combination of deindustrialization (as Yugoslavia’s second-rate industries easily fell to Asian Tiger competition) and a loss of remittances from Germany (as Yugoslav immigrants were replaced with those from former Warsaw Pact countries).

    Please correct me if I’m wrong or if I’ve missed anything…

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes, absolutely.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Also I would like to add that Islamophobic ideology and the ideological foundations of IS and similar are two sides of the same coin, just like fascism and communism are two sides of the same coin, equally evil and inhuman.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Er yes, possibly; the correct translation is “Ya Allah!”; but I’ve heard both.

  • George Carty

    Don’t you mean “Ya Allah!”? “Wa Allah” = “And God” IIRC…

  • George Carty

    About aridity – IIRC Israel couldn’t make peace with the Palestinians even if it wanted to, because it has become dependent on water stolen from the Palestinians and from the Golan…

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yeah, yeah, Islam (Muslims that is) is the scourge of mankind. A scant 26 years back – a mere wink of an eye in historical dimensions – it was communism or rather the communists (with more justification I think).

    All right, all right, IS is actually the worst that could happen to the region ever, only an evil fool would deny that.

    But to equate all Muslims with IS like they did with the Germans in the time of the Third Reich and in consequence to declare them fair game or outlaws is beyond good and evil.

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