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Electronic Intifada: Islamophobic rally in Texas as senators push for anti-Palestinian bill



Islamophobic rally in Texas as senators push for anti-Palestinian bill

By Patrick Strickland

A new bill introduced in the United States Senate demands that President Barack Obama move the US embassy from its present location in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as reported by the right-wing Times of Israel website.

Sponsored by hardline Republican Senators Dean Heller of Nevada and Ted Cruz of Texas, the bill – the Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act of 2015 – is an updated version of previous bills that sought the same goal.

The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 grants the president “authority to waive certain funding limitations for Department of State acquisition and maintenance of buildings abroad until the US Embassy in Jerusalem has officially opened,” according to the US Congress’s website.

Heller’s and Cruz’s new bill, if passed, will eliminate the president’s authority to delay or not implement the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995. In other words, it is an attempt to force the United States to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

Though the bill stands little chance of surviving both the Congress and the Senate, it reflects an increasingly reactionary and pro-Israel agenda of right-wing American legislators. Cruz’s sponsorship also highlights the influential nature of Christian Zionism among Texan legislators.

Cruz, a prominent member of the Christian Zionist community in Texas, has a long history of promoting reactionary policies at home and supporting Israel’s racist policies and ethnic cleansing abroad.

As Cruz and other Texas leaders push for anti-Palestinian legislation, Islamophobia spreads on the ground. Hundreds of right-wing protesters gathered in Garland, a suburb of Dallas, on Saturday to demonstrate against a conference being held by the Muslim community organization Sound Vision.

According to the event’s Facebook page, the annual conference’s stated mission is to combat Islamophobia and “stand against terrorism and hate together with the Prophet …” Expecting a large turnout, Sound Vision rented the Curtis Culwell Center from the Garland Independent School District, as many local religious and civic organizations often do.

Upon catching wind of the conference, the Garland Tea Party and other local right-wing groups began complaining to local news outlets weeks before the event took place. Unabashed racism was on full display.

A Facebook event to protest Sound Vision’s annual conference was created by a group of motorcyclists — it is laden with Islamophobic myths and violent rhetoric, often associating all Muslims with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Ahead of the protest, several of the bikers debated whether or not they ought to bring guns, despite it being illegal under federal law to carry weapons on school grounds.

One Facebook user, Jonathan Peugh, stated his intention to bring a pig to the protest — ostensibly believing that the mere presence of pigs is somehow offensive to Muslims. On its website, the Tea Party-affiliated nonprofit organization Voices Empower posted an article suggesting that a new Islamic educational complex is a smokescreen for plans to establish a “Muslim village” in Dallas.

Debora Green, the article’s author, was parroting the widespread claim that cities across Europe have so-called “no-go Muslim areas.” This claim, peddled by Islamophic hate groups and anti-Muslim figures, has been demonstrated as false time and again.

Once the event was underway on Saturday afternoon, protesters assembled outside, waving American and Israeli flags and taunting Sound Vision conference attendees. Ruben Israel, a protester who traveled from Los Angeles with the group Bible Believers, told the Dallas-Fort Worth NBC affiliate that Muslims are “trying to promote that they are a bunch of peaceful people. I have issues with that.”

Greg McKinley, another protester, claimed the conference’s attendees are “a faction of people who want to destroy [the United States],” as shown in another NBC report.

Others held up signs absurdly claiming Muslims are trying establish “Sharia” — Islamic law — in Texas and the rest of the United States. One man brandished a poster reading: “Go home and take Obama with you.”

“We pay our taxes to that school, and I don’t want [Muslims] here,” Lavona Martindale said, as bigoted chants like “You’re not welcome here!” rang out.

A similar protest is scheduled to take place outside a Houston hotel holding a conference for local Islamic religious organizations on Sunday night.

Read the complete article at Electronic Intifada

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    One can also understand my statement as some sort of compliment to his wife, without even daring daring to include her in a debate, wouldn’t it? And it would make me a chevalier yet again, not that I insist on being one, that is..
    But I appreciate Your concerns, and will follow promptly, when Hskol asks me to do so..

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    I will, but why is that?

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    …The loon army makes no distinctions, sees no subtleties…

    You should know as their president, of course..

  • Cengiz_K

    Isn’t Ismelda Hskol’s wife’s name? Respectfully..

  • Cengiz_K

    … Nazi savagery on the Eastern Front…

    I beg to differ.. The savagery was driven merely by the notion “Lebensraumerweiterung”, which defined what was rightfully germanic according to esoteric beliefs by the same people called “Herrenmenschentum”, which classified the worth of people by their genetic heritage..

    …The savagery of both Assad and Daesh is driven by thirst…

    About Daesh I cannot say much, except that I despise what they are doing, if it is true and not some sort of spin.. This goes as far as people are being criminalized and persecuted of being members of which for having been in Syria and have been aiding groups very much hostile to Daesh and Assad alike.. That a few people can decide by themselves who is supposed to be Khalif is utterly ridiculous, and even what they are talking about is proof of their ignorance of the last prophet’s way, and rather reminds me of the distortion of Islam in the appropriate prozionist hate-zines all around having gotten a crash-course in islamic matters.. I share AJ’s opinion about this, that these people are in their core mercenaries to destabilize the region..

    About Assad’s thirst, this can only be quenched by blood.. The apple doesn”t fall far from the tree.. But the public in Europe and the US rather decided to see him as a secular socialist, who is keeping “Islamism” at bay.. Someone who murders muslims must be the good guy in their opinion, or as Sarah Palin and the teabaggers pointed out (not so) sarcastically: “Let Allah sort it out!” explains US and european policy very well..

    … temporarily resettle millions of Syrians…

    Will be necessary in Iraq as well at least from what I hear.. There can’t be no discussion about the fact that Assad needs to go and be put in a trial court..

    … their theft of Euphrates water…

    probably or probably not.. This is what I found online:
    It appears as if the fertile crescent is drying out and fuels tensions anyway.. Tell me what You make of this article..

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  • 1DrM

    Theres no such thing as “Islamism,” “islamist” etc as I’ve explained earlier, and Qutb is not the originator of the term. The French came up with “islamist” when faced with fierce Muslim resistance to their colonization of North Africa.
    All those serious about learning what Islamic society is about should read this book :

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    “The loon army is growing”

    This is comedy gold!!

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  • George Carty

    So Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Gamal Abd Al-Nasser and Erdogan weren’t Muslims then?

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    “You are very intelligent. So am I,…”.

    Believe it or not…

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    “Do you find Hama’s tactics of launching rockets SOLELY aimed at civilians horrific?”

    What a moron?!
    Compare civilian casualties on both sides…

  • George Carty

    What word would you suggest instead of “Islamist” to mean “someone who wants Shari’ah to be the law of the land” (which is how I’d define Islamist)?

  • You didn’t mention if you denounced the killings of civilians by IDF and you didn’t denounce the stealing of land and settlements either. So what is it?

  • The guy disappeared. Do you know who he is in real life?

  • George Carty

    The rise of Daesh is the fault of the Turks, as it was their theft of Euphrates water which started the Syrian carnage in the first place.

    The savagery of both Assad and Daesh is driven by thirst, just as Nazi savagery on the Eastern Front is driven by hunger. The Nazis’ aim in that war was self-sufficiency in food, as thy didn’t want to be dependent on imports from the (in their view Jewish-controlled) USA.

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