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Zionist Zuhdi Jasser Shills For “StandWithUs”–Again


“A guy like Zuhdi understands our mission, which is to promote Israel,” said Puder

Zuhdi Jasser, is a favorite with Zionist organizations, headlining many of their events as a keynote speaker. In fact, Jasser owes his career to another Neo-Con Zionist who has been one of his biggest backers; Daniel Pipes. Jasser began his association with Pipes in 2003 and quickly morphed into that strangest and loneliest of creatures: the Muslim Zionist. Pick a topic and Jasser will likely be on the wrong side, the side of warmongers, bigots, torturers and criminals:

Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan? Wrong side.

Israeli apartheid? Wrong side.

Discrimination based on religion? Wrong side.

Islamophobia? Wrong side.

“Ground Zero” Mosque? Wrong side.

Congressional Witch Hunts? Wrong side.

NYPD spying? Wrong side.

For his efforts Jasser has been rewarded handsomely, with funding and support from Islamophobic organizations. Recently, Jasser was once again displaying his qualifications as an all around nasty Islamophobia enabler at another “Stand With US” luncheon (Previous: “StandWithUs” Destroying Human Rights Conference).

This time Jasser was whining about how he isn’t respected in his local community and mosque, that an Imam hurt his feelings by calling him a “hypocrite” and when he does lecture in mosques people keep him “away from their children.” Hmmm, I wonder why that would happen? All of a sudden Mr. Patriotic Muslim Sheikh of America is getting upset that Muslims are using their own right to free speech to critically condemn him and his strange beliefs?

Jasser has been preaching his hatred of the Muslim American community for over a decade now and no one has hurt a hair on his head and no one will because he’s a pitiful hatemonger. Should Jasser be surprised that he is so overwhelmingly disliked when he forwards conspiracy theories claiming Muslim Americans are a Fifth Column?

“The bigger threat is the quiet majority” of American Muslims “that hates America, that doesn’t feel a bond to this country, would be horrified if their kids became military officers, and don’t feel an affinity for America,” Jasser said.

On Israel, Jasser pushed the typical Hasbara line, normalizing Israeli human rights and war crimes by sweeping them under the rug, stating “Israel is just like England and the US,”

“It is absurd that the U.N. spends so much time on Israel when it’s like England, it’s like America,” Jasser said. “The Palestinian question is a problem because of the Palestinian leadership — the warmongering Hamas, which is sending rockets and starts a war and then expects nothing to happen in response.”

This lie doesn’t hold any currency among most reasonable, informed and honest folks anymore; the tide is shifting and Jasser needs new talking points. When you don’t point to continued settler colonization, occupation, apartheid, periodical bombings and invasions of Gaza, etc. etc. then you are a hypocrite and it’s no wonder you aren’t respected.

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  • Awesome

    How could I have been so stupid,….It was the Jews!

    You were “stupid” (and arguably still are) because you do not bother to understand things properly. Even now, you only understand things in broad collectives, which is never how anything actually works in reality.

  • Awesome

    There is nothing “moderate” about being a Zionist. Being a Zionist is just taking the side of the aggressor in an ongoing conflict over land and resources that they have no right to and over race and religion, which they have no right in trying to regulate.

  • Awesome

    It is a difficult and virtuous endeavor for a Muslim to realize that Zionism is great and to see that the only reason for its opposition is blind hatred and moral corruption.

    Zionism is a scourge on humanity, and its “greatness” is only in evil. Zionism is to being Jewish as Nazism is to being German, as both represent extreme nationalism and militarism of the worst kind. Therefore, “blind hatred” and “moral corruption” would in fact be the only reason to support Zionism, rather than the only reason to oppose Zionism.

  • Awesome

    Attack on a satirical magazine in Paris : work place violence, nothing to do with Islam.

    While it doesn’t have anything to do with Islam, it is also not “workplace violence” either. It is more appropriately termed a “shooting spree”, in which the spree killers happen to be military-trained privateers, working for either “ISIS” and/or “Al-Qaida”. “ISIS” or “Al-Qaida” were likely commissioned to carry out this massacre by Israeli intelligence, and had to have been permitted to do so by the French government, who allowed those 2 spree killers to operate freely and were probably monitoring them the entire time as well. They put on quite a spectacle with all the over-the-top pretentiousness one could possibly expect from fake “jihadists”, making it all the more obvious that they were only posturing when doing so.

    Some are keen on scapegoating Islam and/or Muslims collectively for every violent crime for literally no other reason than because of the perpetrator(s) association with being Muslim. However, blaming a collective only serves to undermine the responsibility of the individual(s) responsible, and is therefore unethical and immoral.

  • feyenoord

    Thou shall not be a moderate Muslim.

  • Smellfungus

    God Bless Zuhdi Jasser. He and Muslims like him prove that Islam is actually capable of producing great people. He has transcended the vile bigotry and hatred that some feel Islamic doctrine requires him to believe in. So many of his Muslim brothers and sisters are indoctrinated into this hatred from birth and are not righteous or strong enough to overcome it. It is a difficult and virtuous endeavor for a Muslim to realize that Zionism is great and to see that the only reason for its opposition is blind hatred and moral corruption.

  • Trimmercastle42

    I wonder what tired, worn out argument is going to use to try and “debate” you?

  • feyenoord

    Attack on a satirical magazine in Paris : work place violence, nothing to do with Islam.

  • Awesome

    No use in continuing this discussion.

    The use in this discussion is to expose the fallacy of your arguments and to demonstrate what the reality actually is. Therefore, as long as you are going to make claims and arguments, then this discussion is going to continue.

    It is time that Muslims start realising they are the perpetrators of evil and not the victims, but that seems hardly possible to me since Islam destroys their shame and their conscience.

    Islam in fact does the opposite, as “shame” and “conscience” are a necessary part of faith. Islam enjoins what is good and forbids what is evil. Therefore, whatever “evil” is perpetrated by anyone is against Islam, and if Islam actually encourages or enjoins on people, then it isn’t “evil”.

    Muslims are not any one thing, and are not collectively responsible for the actions of individuals who happen to be Muslim. Crime isn’t an inheritance and its responsibility isn’t socialized. If the negative is socialized, then by extension, the positive should be as well, and vice versa. Accepting the socialization of one but not the other amounts to a lopsided, inaccurate assessment of reality that is inherently flawed.

    As for Muslims being victims, the reality is that the victimization of Muslims is a worldwide phenomenon, and unlike the hysterical claims of Muslim megalomania, the victimization is a verifiable fact of reality.

    A few helpful tips for accurately assessing reality:

    – Avoid collectivism, prejudices and stereotypes as much as possible
    – Avoid double-standards
    – Do not depend exclusively on news reports and superficiality
    – Keep things in perspective (don’t exaggerate or fall into sensationalism)
    – Don’t jump to conclusions (use critical thinking with reason and rationality)

    A little ‘slip of the tongue’ of ‘Allah’: Quran 5:20-21.

    It is not a “slip of the tongue” when it’s in the Qur’an, and here are those verses in their textual context:

    Qur’an 5:20-26: Moses said to his people, “My people, remember God’s blessing on you: how He raised prophets among you and appointed kings for you and gave you what he had not given to any other people. My people, go into the holy land which God has ordained for you––do not turn back or you will be the losers.” They said, “Moses, there is a fearsome people in this land. We will not go there until they leave. If they leave, then we will enter.” Yet two men whom God had blessed among those who were afraid said, “Go in to them through the gate and when you go in you will overcome them. If you are true believers, put your trust in God.” They said, “Moses, we will never enter while they are still there, so you and your Lord go in and fight, and we will stay here.” He said, “Lord, I have authority over no one except myself and my brother: judge between the two of us and these disobedient people.” God said, “The land is forbidden to them for forty years: they will wander the earth aimlessly. Do not grieve over those who disobey.”

    This is recounting the story of Moses and his people as they were about to enter the holy land 3000-4000 years ago. Those people have nothing to do with the “State of Israel” today as the only connection between the ancient Israelites and the “State of Israel”, is the name “Israel” and the location.

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    I don’t know if you are being ironic in writing this but whatever. And it did illicit sympathy but there was not a need for mass protests since.

    Since the person who did the act committed suicide so therefor there is no need to pretests since there was no miscarriage of justice. By the way were were all these protestors when Jared Miller killed cops in Las Vegas.

    Why people protested the killing on African American men and women is because it has been going since the founding of America and is still happening with immunity. And any time African American’s are killed even the slightest infraction they did at any point in their life to the way are dressed to even benign hand sign they made is used an excuse to justify their killing. The so called media will go with a presumption of guilt with Black victims of police violence. This just does not happen with white victims of Police violence.

    Whereas as white open carry types (like Cliven Bundy) can point guns at federal law enforcement and be praised for it.

  • downwithpants

    Yep the whole thing never happened. Happier now?

  • Jekyll

    So you been to both Hell and Heaven ? No, you haven’t, just your own deluded projections.

  • Jekyll

    You are seriously in place to pull your pants up and go study some real history instead of pissing out the first thing you feel like saying on stuff that you really don;t have any idea about.

  • Jekyll

    Beat yourself over the head with a baton if you blame yourself, which you should, because you are.

    When it comes to anything nefarious, it is always the “Islamic world”…you smurfs are insecure even in your projections.

  • moraka

    You defiantly are young and have no understanding of the world. Or you are like George R.R Martin when he wrote A Song of Ice and Fire, a 14 year old stuck in a 40 year old body. Freedom of speech is a western invention, here amongst the freedom to insult religions. Demanding that other civilizations submit to this self given right and finding it more sacred than what they do is Eurocentric. When the white man give himself the right to insult another civilization at its most sacred and then demand that that civilization submits its nothing more than Eurocentric racist imperialism. If you didn’t worship the state then you would not have submitted to this bizarre concept, that the white man has his right to insult other people, that you submit to western values even when they get absurd is nothing more than worship of the state. On top of it your atheism and general disliking of organized religion is nothing more than a secular mentality.

    All religions call on the sanctity of life “he who kills one person as
    if he killed all humanity”……unless they write something we don’t
    agree with…

    Intelligence is not one of your strong points oh worshiper of the state. Not only do you generalize all religions, you also lie. The same way that a racist will do against say black people.

  • downwithpants

    I do have a hard time. I don’t think freedom to writers and not calling for the death of a writers is a Eurocentric idea…In fact history shows us the opposite is true in many cases. …I used to be religious when I was a kid and have always had a fascination with the idea of God. I would never say I don’t believe in God full stop. I do question organized religion as it should be questioned. Lol I don’t worship the state I love the people hate the leaders. Maybe I just have a problem with authority. The only reason your belief is a sacred spiritual belief is because that’s your belief it’s not spiritual fact.
    All religions call on the sanctity of life “he who kills one person as if he killed all humanity”……unless they write something we don’t agree with…

  • moraka

    You try hard don’t you. But apparently you really have a hard time understanding don’t you. On top of it i haven’t made fun nor insulted your belief in the individual person, i merely mocked your eurocentric culture chauvinism, your atheist inability to understand religion and your atheist worship of the state. And that belief in the individual person that no real religious power as it is an ideological belief not a sacred spiritual concept to be upheld higher than life.

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