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Zionist Federation cancels Mordechai Kedar lectures but only at schools


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The Zionist Federation this week cancelled appearances at three Jewish schools by an outspoken Israeli academic following concerns about his links to an anti-Islamist activist banned from Britain.

Dr Mordechai Kedar, an expert on Israeli Arabs who regularly appears to defend Israel on Arabic stations such as Al Jazeera, was due to begin a speaking tour on Wednesday night. But ZF chairman Paul Charney said that he had removed the schools from the tour after the intervention of the Board of Deputies.

Dr Kedar, who lectures at Bar-Ilan University, has spoken at events organised by Stop the Islamisation of Nations, founded by the Jewish American Pamela Geller, who was banned from Britain last year in a move supported by the Board of Deputies.

At a 2012 Sion conference, where speakers also included Tommy Robinson, then of the English Defence League, Dr Kedar urged Europeans to have more babies. Muslims, he declared, were “multiplying – somebody said [like] rats”.

The Board had said “their biggest concern would be about him visiting schools”, Mr Charney explained. “To which I replied that I would pull him from the schools so as not to have an argument, to which they replied they were glad to reach accommodation on this.”

Mr Kedar is due to speak at a number of British synagogues over the next few days as well as the ZF’s Israel advocacy conference. But appearances at two synagogues originally listed on his schedule will not take place.

His talk at the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation in Maida Vale, west London, on Wednesday night was cancelled. Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue said that his booking had never been confirmed. Rabbi Dov Kaplan of HGS said: “We probably would have had him and let him explain his comments.” One objector, academic Michael Pinto-Duschinsky, said that the visit would be “toxic for interfaith relations”.

But Mr Charney complained of attempts to smear Dr Kedar. “At the ZF, we are committed to bringing over expert speakers to educate and enthuse our audiences. We don’t necessarily agree with all their views… But we do think they should all be heard,” he said. He added: “What’s worse than a call for a boycott of an Israeli academic? A call for a boycott of an Israeli academic from within our community.”

Dr Kedar, who has had pieces published in the JC, said that “media outlets from Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia find no problem to have me on air”. He added: “Pamela Geller and her audience are not different from the audience of dozens of media outlets, in Arabic and English alike, which keep calling me to hear what an Israeli researcher has to say; they all deserve to hear the truth about the Middle East.”

Jewish Chronicle, 4 December 2014

See Paul Charney and Michael Pinto-Duschinsky, “Should Mordechai Kedar speak in the UK?”, Jewish Chronicle, 4 December 2014

Also Ben White, “Zionist Federation speaker: immigration will be death of Europe”, Middle East Monitor, 5 December 2014

And “Raping Palestinian women would deter attacks on Israel, says Geller ally”, Islamophobia Watch, 21 July 2014

Update:  See “Finchley Synagogue cancels talk by controversial academic Mordechai Kedar”, Jewish Chronicle, 8 December 2014

ZF Mordechai Kedar speaking tour

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  • You will be glad to know that Christians have also been killing each other from the beginning, and have not stopped.
    If, therefore, that is your “evidence” for seeing the so-called “flaws” of a faith which forbids its adherents to kill anyone other than a lawful combatant in a lawful war, then congratulations. Now you must, to be logically consistent, start bleating about the evils of Christianity.
    You also invoke the very existence of a Pakistani Taliban movement, Boko Haram, ISIS, and Jemaah Islamiyah as “proof” that Islam somehow condones the existence of the Taliban.
    Very well then, the existence of the NLFT is proof that Christianity condones rampant killing of non-Christians. The existence of the Lord’s Resistance Army–a Christian terrorist organization which has been doing the same things as Boko Haram, on as large a scale, for decades–as well as the existence of Anders Breivik, Christian Identity, and the KKK–all Christian, just like Westboro Baptist Church–must therefore be further “proof” that Christianity is an evil, violent religion which cares nothing for human rights or even common decency.
    In the meantime, the existence of the JDL–whom even the ADL calls a hate group–and Baruch Goldstein, combined with the fact that the Torah has overtly violent passages far in excess of anything contained in the Qur’an, are proof that Judaism is also inherently violent and evil.
    Isn’t this fun?
    Let’s have some more:
    in 2013 alone dogs killed more Americans than all of the domestic “Islamic” terrorist acts since 9/11 COMBINED.
    Applying your “logic,” clearly dogs are even more evil than Islam, and must be wiped out.
    So here are your options:

    1) by your *own standards*–standards which *you* invoked as proof–Christianity is just as “guilty” as Islam. (As if a faith which forbids killing can be considered “guilty” when its supposed adherents violate this injunction by killing anyway [!])
    2) these things are not “proof” and therefore you have spoken without knowing what the devil you are talking about.
    There are no other options.
    Thanks, have a wonderful life.
    And please educate yourself.
    Pretty please.
    I can’t stress this enough.
    Greg, I once believed as you do, that Islam is at best something to be tolerated if it stayed in its native environs, but it would be better for the whole world if Islam had never come into existence. I thought Debbie Schlussel was the bees’ knees [even before I reverted I recognized that Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller were pure garbage, which I would never invoke as a source for anything].
    The turning point came when I began studying Persian and, by extension, Islam. I realized in short order that I *really* knew nothing about that faith; although I had been studying religion for twenty-five years at that point, I had never taken more that a passing distasteful glance at Islam.
    Now I am a Muslim, alhamdulillah.
    I don’t expect that everypony who learns about Islam will revert; but they will at least know the truth about us and can avoid looking foolish when engaging in dialogue.

  • Identify where Mindy indicated that she doesn’t know anything about him.

    Then identify where Mindy said she was Muslim. (*hint: she’s Jewish. You schmuck.)
    You blathered about things concerning which *you* knew nothing.

  • Trimmercastle42

    Last I checked, the victims of the school attack where muslims, and the subhuman taliban pigs claimed they attacked the school because of recent military actions by Pakistan in the Waziristan region, which is why they targeted a school run by the Military.
    So no, it had nothing to do with religion.

  • Mifeng86

    He and fellow rape apologist Sam Harris would get along famously.

  • Mifeng86

    I definitely wouldn’t want a speaker who thinks that rape will deter terrorism. Yes, you read that right and no that quote wasn’t out of context; It’s exactly as bad as it sounds.

  • downwithpants

    Mindy is Jewish. ..if I’m not mistaken…happy Hanukkah

  • downwithpants

    Grammar Jihad. ..

  • HSkol

    Now, why is it that Islam is looked down on by you? Did the Fox suck you in?

  • mindy1

    Am glad he is no longer lecturing at the schools, but why was he invited to begin with? Did the schools not check his background?

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