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Larry McQuilliams: According to Media He’s a “Gunman,” Not A “Terrorist”


“Terrorism” is a meaningless word, in our day and age it essentially translates to “Muslim” in most people’s mind. That is why an individual such as Larry McQuilliams, who attempted to burn down the Mexican consulate and attacked Austin police with gunfire, can be described simply as a “gunman” and not a “terrorist.” This, despite the fact that his attack was described as “politically motivated,”

USA Today says the situation appears to be a politically-motivated attack that is anti-government and linked to immigration.

White guys who aren’t Muslim will get a pass, we know this and it will continue. What if they were Muslim?

(Reuters) – A man apparently upset about U.S. immigration policy was fatally shot on Friday after firing more than 100 rounds of ammunition at buildings including the Mexican consulate, a U.S. courthouse and police headquarters in the Texas capital, police said.

Police identified the gunman as Larry McQuilliams, 49, an Austin resident with a criminal history.

Police said they were investigating whether McQuilliams died of a self-inflicted wound or from a shot fired by a mounted officer who was bringing horses into a stable near police headquarters. No one else was injured in the incident, police said.

“The sergeant was right there getting ready to put the horses away for the night,” said Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo. “As he held two horses with one hand, he discharged at least one round with a single-handed shot.”

McQuilliams also tried to set fire to the Mexican consulate, police said.

In a statement, the Mexican Foreign Ministry expressed its “deep concern and condemnation of the incident.”

Acevedo said the targets indicated the attack may have been over U.S. immigration policy.

“When you look at the national debate right now about immigration, that … comes to mind. Sometimes our political discourse becomes very heated and sometimes very angry,” Acevedo told reporters.

President Barack Obama this month imposed the most sweeping U.S. immigration changes in a generation, easing the threat of deportation for some 4.7 million illegal immigrants.

Police said they received a call at 2:22 a.m. about shots being fired in downtown Austin. No bombs were found on the suspect or in his vehicle, Acevedo said. Police examined McQuilliams’ home in north Austin and said “the residence has been secured and is safe.”

(Editing by Will Dunham)

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    I’ve been wanting to ask for a while now, who is the person you use as your picture?

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    There are plenty more feminists out there.

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    Me and my homedog’s are singin “bling bling goes the donkey named Fred”.

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    That holding two horses, one handed pistol shot must have looked pretty badass.

  • The greenmantle

    A terrorist AND fashion victim judging by the photo

    Sir David

  • cmyfe .

    If he were a Muslim, his faith would most definitely have been mentioned and linked to this incident in some way.

  • What is and is not “terrorism” and who is and is not a “terrorist” is what the mass media describes and crime of violence.

    But, as we know the Golden Rules of Terrorism: Not a Muslim, not a terrorist, not connect to Islam, not terrorism.

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    I have no trouble calling such a person a terrorist.

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