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Calls For The Resignation of Official Over Anti-Muslim Remarks


Jo Lyn Haussmann is “sorry” for her anti-Muslim rant because she might have to resign. CAIR-Texas has called for Haussmann’s resignation.:

“The Keller community deserves a trustee that is committed to diversity and sound judgment regardless of race, religion, or national origin,” stated Alia Salem, Executive Director of CAIR-NTX. “An apology in this case is insufficient. These comments are not the first of its kind from Mrs. Haussmann, as she has made similar negative comments in the past regarding Islam and Muslims. This indicates a deeply held belief that cannot be washed away with a mere apology. We hope that other trustees and local leaders will work with the community on this issue by taking a zero-tolerance policy on racist and discriminatory statements”

In 2012, she wrote online: “RIGHT! That’s what I said, ‘MORMONS DO ‘NOT’ SUPPORT ABORTION OR SAME SEX MARRIAGE!” If Muslims aren’t for it, then why is Obama and all of his muslim followers supporting it? Why is HE not decapitated!?!”

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  • Anonymous

    Your right, Heart disease has killed more people than the “EVIL MUSLIMIC EMPIRE!!!!!!!”

  • Iman

    People who don’t support her vision are morons.what a civilized western woman.

  • Reynardine

    Decapitate the President, huh?… Suggestions like that once got you in trouble.

    The face itself isn’t that hideous. It could belong to a perfectly decent English teacher or school librarian if it weren’t for that. …expression.

  • Reynardine

    I believe you mean the quiet suite in the Hotel Quilty.

  • mindy1

    She needs a soft cozy room someplace safe….

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