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No, Iranian Actress Leila Hatami is Not Facing A Public Flogging


The Media Claims Iranian Actress Leila Hatami Is About to Be Flogged, But Here’s the Real Story

By Sasha von Oldershausen (Policymic)
If Western media headlines are anything to judge, the public flogging of award-winning actress Leila Hatami is imminent in her native Iran, after photos emerged of her kissing the Cannes film festival president on the cheek.

“Iran’s top actress facing public flogging after she kissed male Cannes film festival boss on the cheek,” reported the Daily Mail. 

The Kiss That Sent Iran Crazy and the Actress in A Separation to Be Flogged in Public,” tweeted the Daily Beast.

But contrary to what the headlines say, Hatami isn’t facing a public flogging. Let’s get some facts straight:

The photo of Hatami — best known for her role in Asghar Farhadi’s Academy Award-winning film A Separation — kissing Gilles Jacob on the cheek, did draw criticism from Iranian authorities.

Iran’s deputy culture minister Hossein Noushabadi said, “Those who attend international events should take heed of the credibility and chastity of Iranians, so that a bad image of Iranian women will not be demonstrated to the world.” He added that Hatami’s behavior was “not in line with our religious beliefs,” reported Al-Jazeera.

No mention of a public flogging here. The calls that have the Western media up in arms came from a small group of conservative female students seeking legal action against the actress. The students called for Hatami to serve jail time, as well as to receive lashings, according to Iranian website Tasnim News.

But take this with a grain of salt. The calls of these students are not newsworthy.

Hatami has since apologized for the incident, saying that 83-year-old Jacob forgot the appropriate protocol for greeting her, and added that “he is certainly like an old grandfather who was also my host.”

This whole incident is yet another example of how stories from Iran are sensationalized in the Western media. What one group of hardline students believes by no means reflects Iranian society at large.

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While the article states that Hatami “apologized,” one Iranian commenter writes,

“She has just expressed regret if sentiments have been hurt and it goes without saying that, at least in Farsi, it has a totally different connotation from apologizing.”

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  • Mehdi

    I’m not pushing anything to your throat nor trying to silence/censor anyone.

  • Mehdi,

    Thanks for your
    comments. We are on the opposite side of the spectrums on 911 and to some
    extent on Holocaust. And YES, Holocaust is a contested event with people, with
    great academic credentials and who have had no desire for Anti-Semitism, having
    found completely different findings (which I have NO desire to repeat here)
    than the favored story. That’s another thing that any person who does anything
    close to revisionism automatically becomes
    a persona non-grata academically everywhere and in Europe, a criminal. So who
    would want to touch it? You can draw one man as a dog or a pig and that’s
    Freedom of Speech but if you don’t say “aye, aye” to the official perspective
    of how many dead and the manner of their death, you are the hater of all humanity
    and should be put in jail or have your career ended.

    The point is not
    that I buy your story or you buy my story. The point is that people should be
    allowed to have a difference in opinion about historical perspectives without
    castigating them or belittling them or sending them to jail or jeopardizing
    their career. The point is also that I am not pushing my beliefs your throat.
    Please don’t push your beliefs my throat. We can have difference in opinions
    and can co-exist. This theory should also apply to Islam and Muslims where
    Muslims are continuously at each other’s throats and labeling each other names because
    the other group feels that the first group is not Islamically right. Please let
    everybody be and if someone is not giving out calls for genocide, let’s just peacefully
    co-exist without forcing our beliefs onto others.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Ilisha quotes an article:“In 1945, at least 2 million ethnic Germans of East Europe were slaughtered, two million were raped, and 12-15 million ethnically cleansed.”

    Interestingly, apparently in Poland the way things worked is that as pre-WWII Eastern Poland was absorbed by the Soviet Union, Poles living there were forced into what became Post-WWII Western Poland, which used to be part of pre-WWII Germany. Essentially, Poland “shifted” West by half a country or so. But, it wasn’t as if the whole population moved; the Poles previously in the East mostly got relocated to the Western part of their new country (kicking out some of the ethnically cleansed Germans mentioned in that quote in the process), meaning that those in current Western Poland tend to have recent ancestral roots further East than those in current Eastern Poland!

    It was of course a tragedy, but we should at least take some encouragement in how Poland, Germany, and the other countries of Eastern Europe were able to absorb and integrate refugees, rebuild after World War II, and now often have reasonably well-developed economies and democracies. That’s not to defend the ethnic cleansing at all, but just to recognize the resiliency that we as humans can display if we have the opportunity and put our efforts into going on with life and rebuilding after even humongous crimes and tragedies on national scales.

  • Mehdi

    Hi, First of all, I apologize, I may have used words that hurt your feelings, and that is not the intention. As I explained, I’m against any censorship, people should be given the room and information to investigate and double check, this is important.

    Now, regarding AE911, I’m also an engineer, the number of engineers and architects signing up for the petition is not a proof that its findings are absolute science, if we take the other view, there are many thousands of engineers and architects (probably a lot more) who hold opposite views to AE911. With a group of friends, when the controversy took place, we held discussion threads on this topic, in the beginning most of us had different opinions on the topic and different backgrounds (I’m not a structural nor civil engineer so limited expertise but some of my friends had more insight). We read a lot of material and had a lot of heated debates and ended up not buying the AE911 story, that doesn’t mean we are right, but there are 2 things we were uneasy with:
    1- The big picture story did not make sense, there were a lot of deep dives into the details, but the overall story of such a large scale conspiracy is just too huge and inconsistent to buy, such an inside conspiracy has to be proven beyond footage on potential usage of explosives, and none of the evidence shown was convincing to us

    2- Many AE911 figures were eager to contest any scientific work, but if anyone dared question or criticize their work, he was pro-Bush, or a spy, or paid by the US government, or stupid, etc. Some friends were pro AE911 in the beginning but were shocked by the aggressive reception if they dared ask any question. Skepticism has to work in both ways.

    Personally I don’t buy that theory, that doesn’t mean that I gave any blessing to the Bush administration policies, or that I bought the whole official story, but there a lot of flaws in that AE911 story too and there is still a lot to prove on that side. But that’s just my opinion!

    Regarding the Holocaust, sorry, but saying it is one the most contested events in the past history is just not true, you can think so, and I did say that people should be free to think or say so (see my previous comments, I’m against banning any speech on the topic). Still, it is not a contested event, there is a lot of historical work done on the topic, there is a lot of research and evidence, for instance the most recent findings (like the one done by Timothy Snyder) are about matters like the decision process (like the role of the Wannsee conference, role of some prominent figures, how the decision to build death camps ended up being taken), scale of Jewish vs non-Jewish victims of the holocaust, scale of massacres by the Einsatzgruppen units or so forth. On such topics there is a lot of work, BUT NO the Holocaust is not a contested event, again, people are free to think the opposite.
    Similarly on this topic, I often get the comment that I’m pro-Israeli if I accept or express feelings about the Holocaust, which is insane, the Palestinians have no responsibility in a purely European genocide, and the Israelis have to be reminded that the Holocaust implies universal lessons that they need to think of and apply to themselves in the light of the dehumanization of the Palestinians that has become so mainstream in Israeli politics.

    Anyway, I am expressing my disagreement with you, sorry if it sounded arrogant or patronizing, that is not the intent.

  • “Yes and no, debate is always important, but the problem when debating genocide deniers (whether for the holocaust, Armenian or Rwandan one) or 911, is that the people who want to deny or “debate” are not interested in history or facts, their motives are usually political”

    My motive is not political and belonging to the AE911Truth movement is not engaging in silly little details for me. As an engineer, along with thousands of other signed engineers and architects of the movement, to find the actual criminals behind the 3000 plus deaths of 911, is a very important task for me. I am interested in history and facts. Just because you find it a waste of your time, doesn’t mean it is unimportant.

    I have no vested interests with Holocaust other than to find the truth because next to 911, it is one of the most contested events of the past century. I reserve the right to do so without being shut up, put in jail, have my tenure revoked or be fined. Thank you!

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