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Fake Picture of Syrian Girl Being Stoned By Rebels For Having Facebook Account

By Emperor

Another casualty of the Syrian Civil War has been honest and accurate reporting. Much of what is relayed from the civil war torn nation is overt propaganda and evidently biased depending on which side the reporter or news agency is supporting.

Recently, a picture has been making the rounds on the interwebs showing a woman being stoned to death by angry, Muslim men for the ostensible reason of having a Facebook account.


When one searches “Syrian girl stoned to death for using Facebook account” you get 294,000 results. iCNNThe Daily Mail, Breitbart, Tundra Tabloids, Examiner, India Today, Global Times, Israel Hayom, Daily Bashkar, FrontPageRag and numerous other news sites and blogs reported the story.

One immediately notices something wrong with the picture, it looks to be a still from a movie and indeed it is: The Stoning of Soraya M.

The story first originated ironically in Iran’s, Fars News Agency, which is pro-Bashar Al-Assad and cites the Arabic website Al-Rai Al-Youm as its source. It is ironic because the still that was used to claim that Syrian rebels were stoning a woman for having a Facebook account was originally about a supposed “true-story” recounting of the stoning of “Soraya M.” in an Iranian village in the 80s.

Iran’s government castigated the movie as false and Orientalist but apparently years later their news agency has no quibbles in pushing their own Orientalist style fear-mongering that eventually played into essentialized characterizations of Islam and Muslims.

Surprisingly The Blaze, not usually known for its accurate reporting about Muslims and Islam actually published a decent write up on the story, noting its origins and the way the unconfirmed reports spread like wild-fire across the internet. (h/t: Shuaib)

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  • Gary Mathis

    We all know Muslims would never stone anyone to death. Never.

  • Talking_fish_head

    The loons don’t care about the truth as long as they get to demonize muslims.
    It’s kind of like nazi propaganda from the 30’s on how the Jews were trying to destroy “The Fatherland” and are working with the communists.

    I’ve actually seen comment on news articles supporting the idea of a “Yellow Cresent” patch that all muslims must wear

  • JD

    Even IF it is something posed by network Syrian News Station that news agency is known to be loyal to the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and what is there claim “Syrian rebels were stoning a woman” so source is still wrong on this that like quoteing a Texas news paper’s story about the
    Union Army during the civil war . War Propaganda been around for ever and anti Syrian rebel Propaganda is being used to bash muslims

  • moraka

    The story is by no means real. Why would Muslims stone anyone over Facebook? Its just meant as propaganda, for an orientalist world, dumb enough to shallow that turd.

  • What “original article?” And considering it’s been shared on iCNN, The Daily Mail, Breitbart, Tundra Tabloids, Examiner, India Today, Global Times,Israel Hayom, Daily Bashkar, FrontPageRag and others without such alleged distinction, isn’t the problem that these media sources are gleefully sharing false claims that fit their pre-existing narrative?

  • JD

    Meet Fox’s New Anti-Muslim “National Security Analyst”

    Fox News has repeatedly hosted members of the fringe group Clarion
    Project, an anti-Muslim organization known for spreading Islamophobic
    fears, to discuss serious national security matters.

    On February 20, Fox News hosted Ryan Mauro, a national security analyst from the Clarion Project,
    also known as the Clarion Fund, to discuss possible security threats on
    airlines. Mauro has recently appeared on Fox several times where he has
    argued that ‘Muslim patrols’ were a growing security concern for the United States, discussed the possibility of an anti-American alliance in the Middle East with Syrian Jihadists, and hyped fears that Somali refugees in the United States were becoming ‘homegrown’ terrorists.

    But Mauro and other Clarion Project members are not credible sources
    to discuss issues such as these given their virulent history
    of Islamophobia. Clarion Project has been widely criticized for
    producing and spreading Islamophobic material including the movie, Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West, a film that depicted Muslims as terrorists seeking world conquest. Think Progress reported that this was only the first installment of “Clarion’s ongoing production of Islamophobic films.”

    Mauro himself has penned numerous pieces for the anti-Islam blog Islamist Watch where
    he has tracked his progress in identifying “Muslim enclaves” in the
    United States that he says will become “‘no-go zones’ where governments
    admit to having little authority over Muslims living there” :

    The construction of the building blocks for similar Muslim enclaves
    and “no-go zones” in the U.S. is one of the most disturbing programs of
    Islamist groups. If successful, these territories will be the first to
    establish Shari’a law in the country, thus offering a profound challenge
    to America’s constitutional order.

    Other board members from the Clarion Project who have also made their way onto Fox include Frank Gaffney, one of America’s most notorious Islamophobes and Fox’s go-to anti-Muslim activist, Zuhdi Jasser. Gaffney has used funding for his Center for Security Policy to produce reports promoting the baseless myth that Muslims are conspiring to implement Sharia law in the United States.

    According to a Center for American Progress report, the Clarion Project is funded by three
    of the seven top anti-Islam and anti-Muslim think tanks and
    organizations in the United States, including the Donors Capital Fund,
    Newton D. & Rochelle F. Becker foundations and charitable trust, and
    Anchorage Charitable Foundation and William Rosenwal Family Fund. The
    Center for American Progress describes these donors as the “lifeblood of
    the Islamophobia network in America,” and the report tracks how these
    donors use their money to support groups like the Clarion Project to
    “spread a deliberately misleading messages about Islam and Muslims that
    is fundamentally antithetical to our nation’s foundation and principals
    of religious freedom.”

  • Amro

    There are plenty of other hoaxes where people have been named. The presence of a name does not tell you whether it is real or not.

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  • Heinz Catsup

    Man are these Islamophobes desperate…

  • Elmorocojo

    Daily Baskar only added that after it was pointed out to them that the pic was from the movie, which is not “Soraya S,” but “Soraya M.”

    I understand laziness in using pics but the report itself is completely unconfirmed and so there is a double, triple laziness in just reporting what Rai says, especially since it is a biased news agency as well, relying themselves on Bashar’s mouthpiece.

  • mindy1

    It’s sad they do that, in war truth tends to be a casualty. Regarding the movie, was there ever anything to back it up? I saw it, and it made me cry but allegedly it might not have happened. Is there ANYTHING to back it up?

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