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Zuhdi Jasser: Beards OK For Sikhs But Not Muslims


Is there a bigger clown and useful idiot than Zuhdi Jasser?

Not only does he contradict himself but he also salivates at the chance to agree with arch-bigot Allen West.

Still, it is Faux News. (h/t: JD)

Fox Fears That Ensuring Religious Freedom In The Military Degrades Core Values

By MICHELLE LEUNG (Media Matters)

Fox News spread fears that new military instructions that grant commanders the discretion to accommodate service members’ religious practices and physical appearance will threaten the core military values and cohesion of the troops despite the fact that the Pentagon requires these accommodations be made on an individual basis in consideration to the health and safety needs of each unit.

On January 22, the Department of Defense released new instructions on accommodations for religious expression — instructions which they believe will reduce discrimination “toward those whose religious expressions are less familiar to the command.” The Washington Post reports the new instructions will ensure “rights of religious-minority service members to display their beliefs outwardly — such as wearing a turban, scarf or beard — as long as the practices do not interfere with military discipline, order or readiness.”

On the January 23 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends, co-host Brian Kilmeade turned to Fox’s go-to anti-Muslim activist, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser who attacked the rule change as a threat to military readiness. Jasser argued that the rule change might be manipulated by “pseudo-civil rights groups that are really trying to weaken our unit cohesion, weaken mission readiness, and ultimately tee up the football for litigation Jihad or people like — monsters like — Nidal Hasan who want to wear a beard.” Kilmeade agreed, adding “if your religion conflicts with what the rules are in the military, do something else.”

Later in the show, co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck invoked the story of former army officer, Nidal Hasan, convicted of killing 13 people on a military base in Fort Hood, Texas to stoke fears that the new policy might hurt safety and unit cohesion:

HASSELBECK: You can’t help but think, I mean, people are harkening back to Nidal Hasan asking to maintain and grow a beard while a trial was going on. I think it definitely brings up concerns, both for safety, unified front, and just cohesion.

But the new instructions came after a long struggle on the part of religious minority groups like Sikh, Jewish, and Muslim Americans who have previously been barred from serving in the military due to the strict dress and personal appearance standards. The new instructions will allow military departments to accommodate individual religious expression, but each individual will still have to be granted permission from his or her unit to assure that physical appearances “do not interfere with good order and discipline.”

The Washington Post further clarified that these new accommodations will not be allowed to affect safety or military readiness:

According to the Pentagon, requests for such religious accommodation will still be decided on an individual basis but will generally be denied only if the item impairs the safe use of military equipment; poses a health or safety hazard; interferes with wearing a uniform, a helmet or other military gear; or “impairs the accomplishment of the military mission.”

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  • Seeker

    Oh no. Unwashed sheets would not help this dude. Especially not if he heads to shop in Dearborn. Why, everyone would just avoid him and that would only aggravate his condition.

  • Chameleon_X

    I think he was referring to his head and how it is filled with “nutting” (I think that was a double entendre). Poor guy – it sounds like he really needs a “habib” (friend).

  • Sam Seed

    Maybe or equally it could be carrion or crayon….but even a child can spell better.

  • Nur Alia binti Ahmad

    Actually, Mr Jasser is a ‘media prop’. He is a ‘paid contributor’ to Fox News on Islamic matters, and a paid speaker who claims to be Muslim.

  • To give him the benefit of the doubt, I think he is referring to the difference in fiqh that exist in the Islamic faith (his can of worms argument), though his conclusion is riddled with ignorance and conflict to both constitutional and religious principles, as the difference in legal and opinion matters in both call for required flexibility in opposition of rigidity.

    I myself would not join the military in the US, and not only on the grounds that they are non-muslim as a political entity and I have the legal right not to do so, but in opposition to Zulm (oppression) as the US has a LEGAL stance of pre-emptism and commercial protective interests in regards to military use (shoot first and protect commerce over life). This alone should be discussed before anyone of any faith enter the so-called “protective services” that have fought over a dozen wars at the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives with ONE (and it being by a non-nation state entity) US soil ground attack since the countries overthrow of the British after the sacking and burning of DC.

    The Shariah (yes I used the dirty word) allows the removal of the beard, and even the eating of pork for life saving reasons. So the use of safety as a broad brush for prohibition is not a legal issue for either constitutionalists or Islamists of any fiqh.

  • Seeker

    Do you suppose he means the Grand Canyon ?

  • Sam Seed

    Where can one find the Caryon and a Habib?

  • Talking_fish_head

    Here is his reward, The golden poo award for the most retarded comment goes to: Mark McDonald

  • sasboy

    Beards or no beards, people of good conscience should avoid dealing with the US military which has a horrid human right record and routinely bombs civilians around the world and tolerates sexual violence in its own ranks on an endemic scale.

    Muslims, Sikhs, Jews and gays may or may not be allowed to enter the US military, but not entering it is or having to do anything with it is a blessing.

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