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Islamophobia Rages On In Tennessee

A woman takes a picture of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro after midday prayers on Friday, Aug. 10, 2012, in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Opponents of the mosque waged a two-year court battle trying to keep it from opening. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Tennessee Islamophobes never know when to quit. (h/t: JS)

Islamophobia Rages On In Tennessee

Murfreesboro Residents Still Fighting to Close Mosque

[Remziya] Suleyman said, surprisingly, the Murfreesboro situation is still not done, as local residents are not happy the mosque is open. In fact, the case – originally heard by an appeals court in which a federal judge said the mosque had the right to be built – is potentially headed to the U.S. Supreme Court (after the Tennessee Supreme Court declined to hear the case).

“There are still a handful of people that are trying to have the mosque closed down, saying the county never gave proper notification (on the plans to build the mosque),” she said. “Even though the mosque is up and running, these people are still fighting, and it’s basically wasting taxpayer money. What it boils down to is that they are upset at the county for approving the mosque.”

Suleyman said she remains hopeful.

“We’ll know more within the next few weeks if they will hear it,” she said. “I think the appeals court made the right decision. We’re optimistic that the Supreme Court won’t even hear the case – that they’ll let the appeals court decision stand.”

In the meantime, the ACO has a host of other issues to deal. One is a state bill – by many of the same people from Murfreesboro, and the legislators who originally proposed the ban on practicing Islam in Tennessee – to censor education curriculum textbooks, removing references to Muslims entirely.

Another big priority for the ACO is preparing for the 2014 elections and getting out the Muslim vote, which they did a great job of in 2012, according to Suleyman.

Protecting Suleyman

And one final issue for Suleyman is her security, which has come under increasing risk as of late. She told MintPress that someone tried to run her off the road near Murfreesboro in 2010, so she has grounds for being concerned.

“I’m a regular target of these blogs and websites,” she said. “There’s been a lot of threatening rhetoric about my safety.”

She said she’s been in regular communication with law enforcement officials regarding her own well being and the ACO’s office.

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  • eslaporte

    Well mindy1 – if these hateful radicals could be punished like this security guard …

  • sasboy

    Why aren’t tea partiers outraged by this misuse of tax dollars ?

  • eslaporte

    They seem to believe it’s for white, Christian males…only.

    This is Fortuyn stuff – Fortuynism – to strip religious freedom protections for Islamic believers. One of the ambitions of Geert Wilders is to change Article 1 of the Dutch constitution to limit religious freedom protections to Christian faiths, humanists and Jews.
    Their basic goal is to remove religious freedom protections – but whose religion is next?

  • eslaporte

    Ok, which European Muslims are poisoning dogs? Where do they live?
    If you know of “European Muslims” poisoning dogs, call the police!

  • Ed Dolle

    Morons. You can’t ban someone from practicing religion. Did these people even read the constitution they defend?

  • rookie

    “…saying the county never gave proper notification (on the plans to build the mosque),”.
    Then they should go and sue the county, and not mazlumz.

    But, even birds know that is not the case, yawn.

  • Amro

    I recently saw claims that European Muslims were poisoning dogs. Honestly, I was flabbergasted. Is there no level these people won’t stoop to?

  • eslaporte

    From Rotterdam to Murfreesboro: “Lawmakers in Tennessee, where Muslims make up about 1 percent of the population, have recently complained about a mop bucket they believed might be used for Muslim foot washing and claimed Islam may not a religion, in addition to their efforts to ban the mosque and introducing legislation to bar Sharia law.”

    Folks, this strain of Islamophobia comes from the Netherlands. The crackpot notions of Pim Fortuyn was the main carrier of this strain….We never had this strain of Islamophobia here in the US and it was circulating around the Netherlands well before Sept. 11, 2001.

  • eslaporte

    It is anti-American to want to deny religious freedom to other Americans. Those that want to “stop this mosque” are anti-American and need to stop saying they believe in American values, as they don’t! Those Americans who oppose this presence of a mosque simply do not understand what it means to be an American. Americans support religious freedom for Muslims and their houses of worship!

    I’m also, frankly, SICK AND TIRED of Islamophobic crackpots and cockroaches who think “American” and “Muslim” are mutually exclusive!

  • mindy1

    GET A LIFE PEOPLE! It’s up, it’s not hurting anyone, go focus on important manners and let these people worship >:(

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