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O’Reilly Factor: Jesse “Dirty” Watters vs. Muslims


Bill O’Reilly dispatched his ambush squirrel Jesse “Dirty” Watters to the largest Muslim conference in North America: ISNA. (h/t: Yausari)

One of the more ridiculous outcomes of Watters’ jaunt into Muslimville, USA was the conversation O’Reilly and Watters had afterwards in which they claimed that all terrorists (or most) today are Muslims and Christians never commit acts of terror.

Has he ever heard of Anders Breivik? Or like all the abortion bombers ever?

Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks on Jesse “Dirty” Watters.:

For the full Fox News clip see: Watters’ World: The Muslim Convention Edition.

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  • 1DrM

    Wrong half-life. You should be the one thanking me for bringing and applying my professional skill set in your backward society. The only begging done was by Anglos desperate for highly educated professionals like me. It’s called hard work, something creatures of your ilk have no conception of. That’s why you remain a predictable loser with no facts, figures, or future, living off some form of disability or state benefits (living off my tax dollars) and providing worthless football commentary online. You should also be grateful my ancestors dragged yours out of the Dark ages.

    Slither back to the latrine where you were conceived, kindergarten drop out.

  • No Mas

    Does “loonwatch” only approve pro-islam posts here…

  • No Mas

    You should thank your anglos for getting you an education and remove you from the jungle life… but no, you beg for more

  • No Mas

    We are In AMERICA… the muslims must assimilate to the Constitution to remain in America, SHARIA LAW is CONTRARY TO THE US CONSTITUTION.
    I do what I do… don’t impede in my life and I let you live… that is how it is! Impose your ish on me and you and your idiot radicals will perish. :p

  • zanqa

    Masha Allah. May Allah guide us all to truth

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  • jameyfan

    yes please!

  • Seeker

    And very strangely, veil-banning seems to be turning into quite the fashionable pursuit among European politicians.

    This has got to be one of the neatest articles I’ve ever read.

  • Seeker

    Miss America is of Indian origin and astonishingly is being labelled an ‘Arab’ and a ‘terrorist’ among other things. You know things like this really bring the idiots out of the wood-works !

  • Sodium

    To: 1DrM.
    Will you please let me know the key to your website. I am interested in reading your constructive thoughts there, not your reactions to some comments I might have the least interest in reading here. Thank you.

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    Thanks. I need to be more active here. 😀

  • jameyfan

    Chris Matthews is really showing his bigotry here.

  • jameyfan

    good to see you back!

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    Really? You got a source for that chief or are you just pulling it out of your ass? The only sources I can find that claim his attackers were “Middle Eastern” or “Muslim” are Gates of Vienna and other anti-Muslim blogs. Not any newspapers or anything. And their entire rational is based off several rather dubious claims; they say “that part of Malmö isn’t white,” “the media didn’t report the ethnicity of his attackers,” or, my personal favourite, “Swedes wouldn’t do that,” without backing it up with, you know, facts. Its emotion. Its conjecture. But its not fact.

    The fact is, his attackers could have been Kurdish. Or they could have been Polish, or Finnish, or Thai, or German, or Korean… or Swedish. And really, that’s the one that makes people uncomfortable, because it reminds you of people like Breivik. It reminds you that there are still plenty of white racists out there. It reminds you that the right wing, anti-immigration crowd are a bunch of racist pricks. Conservatives don’t like being reminded of that.

    Regardless, several facts I feel obligated to point out. While anti-Muslim bigots like to single out Malmö as a “Muslim no go zone” they fail to mention that only a quarter of the population is Mulsim. The bulk of the population is still Christian. White people still live there. Heck, there are almost as many Danish nationals as Iraqi nationals.

    Second, while we don’t know his nationality, Yusupha Sallah is most likely Muslim himself. Look at his name. Look at the fact that he is Gambian. Gambia is 90% Muslim. It’s possible that he isn’t Muslim, or is non-practicing, or converted, but regardless, there is a good chance is of Islamic background. That makes people uncomfortable too. I’ve noticed Gates of Vienna and other anti-Muslim websites play it down, but the fact is, Islam and black African heritage are not mutually exclusive. Much of West Africa is Muslim, and has been for centuries. Islam has a very rich legacy in Africa, but European racists try to downplay this, separating “black” and “Muslim,” with the implicit assumption that “Islam” is a religion for “brown” people.

    Finally, I would suggest going back to the anti-Muslim blogs and websites and actually reading the comments. Your anti-Muslim activists display a shocking degree of racism towards the victim here as well. So much for them being open minded and tolerant. The minute they read about a black man, especially a black man who has a child by a white Swedish woman, they go ballistic. I suppose that busts the myth that the anti-Muslim activists are tolerant, no?

  • Afro-Swede

    Um… are you aware that his attackers were Middle Eastern and North African immigrants?

    This horrible incident has started a big debate about the racism between different immigrant groups in Sweden… Try reading the whole story.

  • allie

    I agree it is a double standard for people to say that the Christian extremist aren’t really Christian but the Muslim extremists are actually Muslim…I am Christian and was bothered by this segment on Fox.

  • jameyfan

    looks like Cenk has been getting all his facts from LW! 🙂

  • CriticalDragon1177

    Also I don’t get the impression from that, that the US and Obama are pure good, or that Syria and Assad are pure evil.

  • CriticalDragon1177

    You think that’s comparable to the Jesse Watters segment on O’Reilly Factory? The title of the video even points out that non Muslim and Muslims have coexisted in Russia for four hundred years without any problems. That’s hardly a message anti Muslim bigots like the ones on Fox News would like to send.

  • Guess

    “No shortage of Anglo-American terrorists waging one war after another…”

    Don’t forget the Franco, now jealous of Anglo-American terrorism capability, urinating around to mark its old colony territories like a lion Pride leader.

  • Guess

    Muslims in America

    New Wave of Anti-Islamic Sentiment,

    America’s anti-Islam sentiment is unfounded and dishonest. For one, it discounts the violence and school shootings perpetrated by non-Muslims. And it ignores the fact that the US government has been responsible for the deaths of over one million Muslims in the past decade. Joseph Mayton shares his point-of-view…

  • JD

    Toddler, Dad Targeted In Brutal, Racist Attack In Sweden, Police Say

    Sep 13, 2013After a man and his 18-month-old son were brutally attacked in what has been called a racially driven assault in Malmö, Sweden, anti-racism activists are taking to both the Internet and the streets to call for justice.According to The Local, 32-year-old Yusupha Sallah and his son Yunus were out walking on a Malmö bridgeSunday, when a group of four people reportedly approached the duo. One of them is said to have “kicked a toy” out of the toddler’s hand.When Sallah stepped in to protect his son, the young boy was allegedly thrown to the ground while his dad was assaulted. According to local newspaper Sydsvenskan, several men rushed to the scene to participate in the beating.Sallah, a Gambian native who has been living in Sweden for the last eight months, says he was called a “black bastard” and that his attackers threatened to kill him and his child.”They beat and kicked his father on the body and the head. When he fell they tried to throw him off the bridge,” Thomas Bull, head of Malmö Police Department’s hate crime unit, told Sydsvenskan, per The Local.Fortunately, Sallah managed to hang on to the railing and survived the attack. Bull says the incident is being investigated as a hate crime.The horrific assault against Sallah and his son has prompted discussions and protests this week about racism in Sweden, specifically prejudice targeted at those of African descent.According to Swedish journalist Adam Hedengren, so-called “Afrophobia” has been a worsening problem in the Scandinavian country throughout the last few years.”In the past four years, we’ve seen that hate crimes have actually gone down in the country… [but] reports coming into the police regarding Afrophobia have increased,” Hedengren, co-founder of, told HuffPost Live this week, calling the shift a “worrying development.”This weekend, several anti-racism protests are being planned in cities across Sweden. The rallies, which are scheduled to take place Saturday in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg, are part of the “Stop Afrophobia” campaign, which was launched on Facebook following Sunday’s attack.Anti-racism activist Momodou Malcolm Jallow, one of the protest organizers, told HuffPost Live that he feels that people in Sweden often sweep racism under the rug as it goes against the country’s positive international image. He hopes, however, that the “Stop Afrophobia” campaign will not only empower victims of racism but will catch the attention of Swedish policymakers and the international community.”We as Afro-Swedes, we want to talk about this because it’s about our reality… and we’re going to keep talking about it,” he said.More than 3,000 people have already shown their support for the anti-racism campaign online with many sharing photographs of themselves bearing “Stop Afrophobia” signs.More than a thousand people are expected to attend the protests this weekend.Last year, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, Sweden’s Minister Of Culture, caused quite a stir when she was photographed cutting into what many called a racist cake. The cake, which depicted a naked black woman, was part of an art installation purportedly meant to highlight the issue of female circumcision. Click through this slideshow to see photos of the event:

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  • Jon Diamond

    If Jesse Waters had gone to the convention and found that one crazy Muslim saying, “Death to America” and “I love blowing things up,” they would have given him week long coverage. A segment would have been too small. O’Reilly and Watters would have thought they hit the gold mine.

  • mindy1

    They don’t think of it as terrorism when it’s their own that do it 🙁

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