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Muslim Women Reject FEMEN’s Attempt to “Liberate” Them

Posted on 08 April 2013 by Garibaldi


Amina Tyler on the Tunisian program “Labes”

by Garibaldi

FEMEN “International Topless Jihad” protests seemed to have been a good way for Eurocentric feminists to ignore Muslim feminists while at the same time gaining significant media attention. There was so much hysterical and fact-less hyperbole, laced with Orientalisms and Islamophobia in the protest that it was bound to elicit a rejection by Muslim feminists.

This most recent media conflagration pitting “West vs. East” sprung up after: 1.) Amina Tyler, the founder (and sole member?) of Tunisia’s FEMEN posed bare chested with the message “F–K your morals” (in English) and “My Body belongs to me and is not the source of anyone’s honour” (in Arabic). 2.) Adel Almi, a Tunisian cleric, commented that Amina could “be lashed” and even “stoned” for her protest implying that perhaps she needs to be in a “mental institution.”

These statements are sick and this cleric should definitely be reprimanded for possibly endangering someone’s life. His statements are equivalent to the statements of Evangelical pastors in the USA who say gays should be killed for their lifestyle, it does not have any bearing on the law–Tunisia is in fact one of the most “liberal” and “secular” Arab nations. Indeed, under the dictatorship of Ben Ali women were not allowed to wear the headscarf in Tunisian colleges, where was the protest from FEMEN regarding women’s choice then?

Interestingly enough it appears that despite the kooky statements of Adel Almi, Amina Tyler was quite open and free to express herself and defend her views in Tunisia, as was indicated by the fact that Amina was a guest on the popular Tunisian talk show “Laa Ba’s” (No Worries) and other venues such as “Jadal Tunisia” (Debate Tunisia). According to her lawyer, Bouchra Bel Haj Hmida, a famous Tunisian woman’s rights activist, Amina is safe and with her family.

I want to note that FEMEN doesn’t seem to do a very good job of highlighting their message in protests, their tactics rather seem to overshadow and serve as a distraction from the very real and important arguments feminists are attempting to advance.

For this reason one also has to question who funds FEMEN? Who leads the movement? One snippet that can provide an answer to this is what Jessica Zychowichz of the University of Michigan has written, noting that the group’s leader Anna Hutsol was a “participant in a leadership training seminar funded by the US State Department several years ago.” I’m not drawing any conclusions from this but it does underscore the need for more digging into the background of this organization.

Finally, no word on whether Pamela Geller participated in the topless jihad? Seems like it would be up her alley!

(h/t: DR Bartholomew)

Muslim Women send message to FEMEN

Muslim women have launched a campaign to send a message to “sextremist” collective Femen. “Muslimah Pride Day” was organised in response to Femen’s self-declared “Topless Jihad Day”, a day of topless protests around the world to support Tunisian Femen activist Amina Tyler.

Below is a screenshot from the “Muslimah Pride Day” event on Facebook:-1

  1. The organisers of the counter-protest urged Muslim women to speak out for themselves and assert their diverse identities:
  2. This event is open to ALL muslim women, Hijaabi’s Nikaabis and women who choose not to wear it. Muslimah pride is about connecting with your Muslim identity and reclaiming our collective voice. Most importantly it is about diversity and showing that muslim women are not just one homogenous group. We come in all shapes and sizes, all races and cultural backgrounds. Whether we choose to wear hijaabs or not is nobodies business but ours. So please get clicking, get creative, get loud and proud. #Muslimapride
    • Kevin Ingham days ago
    • Rajeev JainIt is your (Womens)Right how you must be, but for Descency in society it doesnt look Good that Women Roam about Naked or Topless, Dont Wear Hijaabs or full…more3 days ago
    • Nicole SmithJust as what I choose to wear or not to wear is nobody’s business but my own, so I agree that if anyone chooses to wear a hijaab it is nobodies business but…more3 days ago
  3. @fatemehf #muslimahpride – we appose #FEMEN & their use of Muslim women to reinforce Western Imperialism” JOIN:…
  4. Using the hashtag #MuslimahPride, netizens criticised Femen’s campaign and said it reinforced stereotypes about Muslim women:
  5. “Only if Femen and Richard Dawkins would come to rescue us from our oppressive men and religion” said no muslim woman ever! #muslimahpride
  6. We don’t accept the stereotypes enforced on us by the west. Nor do we need #Femen to become our collective mouth piece. #MuslimahPride

    4 days ago

    Mimicking Femen’s tactic of posting topless photos to social networks, “Muslimah Pride Day” participants shared photos of themselves expressing their opposition to “Topless Jihad Day”:

Read the rest…

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  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance
  • Awwaaba Shillingford
  • Tanveer Khan

    A fair point. Although i think people like (*warning* reader discretion is advised *warning*) Geller flashed their birthday suits then the whole world would take up arms. So i think their should be an international law concerning on the criteria on which you are eligible to bare all.

  • Reynardine

    I tried to upload a test photo from my Pantech Burst, and it still won’t recognize the file (It was of Pussy Riot; they’ll riot even harder when they’re old enough for canned cat food)

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    So easy it’s hard not disagree

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    very easy ;-)

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    How can you disagree with reasoning like that

  • Seeker

    And that social pressure is just another form of oppression that many people turn a blind eye to.
    I think it has best been expressed by Cindy Crawford when she said : “I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford”
    Do check this awesome video on advertising’s image of women.

  • Seeker

    Yes, that’s right. The Good Deacon Spencer said so and it must be so.

  • Reynardine

    As to someone’s question of whether American women are unendowed, I state this: Ever since the first generation of bottle+fed American men grew to manhood, American men have been boob- fixated. As a result, girls who develop well and early are often extremely self-conscious about having their bosoms looked at, while those of whom the opposite is true may feel they could walk shirtless down the street and never be noticed.Consequently, it is mostly the latter who have the nerve to take part in such demonstrations. Now, me, I don’t take part in such things; I wear a shirt when in public; I regard brassieres as misogynistic torture devices,and tits are for babies.

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    If all it takes to end all social problems then why have not just bare all end any and all dictatorships. Why invade Iraq when all we had to do was send in naked women I am sure that would have ended the need for war, Hell why even have wars at all a when all you need to do is flash your birthday suit.

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    He is the Martian Manhunter /Nathan Lean

  • Solid Snake

    Nice comment I agree. It is all about perspective. When Ben Ali was forcing women to uncover their hair there was not a word of protest from feminists, both in the West and in East.

    Its also interesting whenever I see a female in my class dressed in a sweater, baggy sweatpants, and hat after conversing with them it is almost always because they have a bad hair day, they didn’t have time to put on makeup, or they didn’t get enough sleep and so they have to cover themselves so they aren’t judged. Personally, i don’t think I would be able to live with that much social pressure.

  • Seeker

    He’s not Bruce Wayne. I am. And stop misusing my name ! Do you want me to punch a hole in your castle ? Don’t push me. I will do it.

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