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Fox News host: Denouncing violence against Muslims ‘could be perceived’ as offensive


This what happens when you are demonizing a community 24/7 on the airwaves.

Fox News host: Denouncing violence against Muslims ‘could be perceived’ as offensive

By Eric W. Dolan (RawStory)

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s denunciation of violence against Muslims during a speech to the Anti-Defamation League could be seen as offensive, according to Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

Though the vast majority of his speech focused on the ADL’s importance in fighting hate crimes, some conservatives have become outraged that Holder denounced “misguided acts of retaliation” against Muslims. Kelly addressed the issue during a segment on Monday.

“He is speaking to the Anti-Defamation League, which is a group that fights anti-Semitism and he is lecturing that group on how they can’t be bigoted, and we can’t be ignorant, and we can’t have a backlash against Muslims,” Kelly said. “I mean, the context could be perceived by some to be somewhat offensive, that the Attorney General is perceiving the folks in front of him or others in this country are now getting ready to put on their bigoted clothes and go out there and exercise their ignorance as opposed to expressing outrage at the fact that we were attacked by two guys who apparently are followers of radical Islam.”


Kelly’s guest, Julian Epstein, completely dismissed her concerns, stating that nobody at the ADL thought Holder’s remarks were offensive. He noted Muslim Americans and mosques frequently faced attacks following high-profile terror attacks like the Boston Marathon bombing.

But Kelly was skeptical that Muslims in the United States were threatened, citing the lack of new coverage of such events.

Following the Boston Marathon bombing earlier this month, frequent Fox News guest Erik Rushcalled for all Muslims to be killed. Three days later, a man assaulted a Muslim woman in Boston and screamed, “Fuck you Muslims! You are terrorists!”

The FBI has investigated more than 800 hate crimes against Muslims — and those perceived to be Muslim — since 9/11.

Watch video, via Media Matters, below:

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