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Brunon K: Another Anders Breivik Admirer Planned Huge Terrorist Attack in Poland

Of course the Islamophobes’ strategy is to close their eyes, shut their ears and pretend that their ideology didn’t contribute to anti-Muslim radicalization. Nativist currents that Islamophobes both in the USA and Europe have been keen to disguise are coming to the fore much more blatantly as Islamophobia, xenophobia and anti-Semitism become visible and intertwined hallmarks of an increasingly stronger trend in the “new racism” of the 21st Century. (h/t: rookie)

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Polish bomb plotter said ‘Breivik made mistake’

by Matthew Day  (Telegraph)

A source from the investigation into the activities of Brunon K told the news channel TVN 24 that the suspect had examined Norwegian killer Anders Breivik’s car-bomb attack on government buildings in Oslo, which claimed eight lives, and had concluded that the Norwegian mass murderer had made a number of errors.

“He said that Breivik had made mistakes, and that he wouldn’t have made them because his [attack] would have been better,� said the source. The far-right fanatic killed 77 people in a bomb and gun attack in July last year.

A university chemistry lecturer and self-confessed admirer of Breivik, Brunon K. was arrested in the Polish city of Krakow earlier this month although news of the arrest was only made public on Monday. Police also seized four tons of explosives, detonators and a pistol.

It is thought he, or maybe a fellow conspirator, planned to use a tanker packed with explosives to ram through barriers protecting the parliamentary complex in Warsaw, and then drive it into a courtyard adjacent to the lower house of parliament. The massive bomb would then have been detonated.

The need to trigger the bomb as soon the vehicle got close to the parliament has led investigators to believe that the suspect planned a suicide attack.

Brunon K, had apparently become convinced that foreigners ran Poland and therefore the government and the president needed to die.

The Polish press reported that students at Krakow’s Agricultural University, where Brunon K worked, had become alarmed by their lecturer’s comments about the need to remove the government.

Breivik bought some of the chemicals used for his bomb attack on Oslo in Poland, and the prime minister said that the investigation into his Polish contacts had led the authorities to Bruno K.

“Simply put he [Bruno K] believed society and the economic situation were moving in the wrong direction due to all government posts and positions of power being held by what he described as ‘foreigners’—not true Poles,� said prosecutor Mariusz Krason. “He said he belonged to a nationalistic, xenophobic and anti-Semitic movement.

“He was planning to detonate four tons of explosives,� he added.

The Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza said Bruno K had attracted police attention by praising Breivik on internet forums, and their interest increased when it became apparent that the man was a trained chemist who had access to bomb making materials through his job at Krakow’s Agricultural University.

When contacted by undercover agents posing as potential co-conspirators, Bruno K urged them to take training courses on how to handle industrial explosives. Police said he had already blown up 250 kilograms of explosives in a series of tests around Poland.

Investigators also revealed the suspect had travelled to Warsaw to carry out reconnaissance missions on the Polish parliament. It is thought he hoped to assassinate government leaders and the Polish president by detonating his massive car bomb during a key parliamentary debate on the budget next year.

It also emerged that Bruno K’s wife, a biologist, had gone to the police when her husband started to enquire about how to kill many people with a biological dirty bomb.

University colleagues of the suspect expressed their “shock� over the arrest, with one describing Bruno K. as an “average worker�. But a former neighbour said he had always played with explosives, and had lost some fingers to an explosion when he was young.

Two other men were also arrested for illegal possession of weapons, while a further two were detained for questioning.


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  • Firstly I would like to congratulate the Polish police, its good to see at least some police forces are on the ball
    Secondly Suicide attack ? but he is not a muslim! ( please send your answers to this riddle to Mrs P Geller c/o Atlas Drugs home for Loons )
    Thirdly this is at least the second copy cat when are the police going to look at who is encouraging and inciting these idiots .
    Fourthly where will the next copycat be from ? France ? the USA?

  • mindy1

    Oh my, scary that that man has people who admire him D:

  • tyrone biggums

    when Bruuuno K
    try to bomb the nighbourhood
    who you gonna call

    sadly this event will pass unoticed by the verry objective mass media

  • reymohammed

    Poland run by foreigner?… Its name literally means “meadowland”. Like all low-lying coastal areas, it has been a highway for almost every nation that has entered Europe, and even the Slavic portion of its ancestry is considerably more complex than Lech, Czech, and (yes!) Rus. Goths, Gauls, Vikings, Varangians, Swedes, Kurs, Lithuanians, Old Prussians, Germans…that doesn’t even begin to scratch it. Remember Charles Bronson? By descent, he was a Polish… Tatar, many of whom, though Muslim at the time, fought the Ottoman invasion under the command of Jan Sobieski. This guy doesn’t like “foreigners” in Poland? He’s several thousand years too late.

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