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Mosque Opponents File Federal Motion to Stop Islamic Center of Murfreesboro


Mosque opponents file federal motion to stop Islamic Center of Murfreesboro

Opponents of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro filed a motion in federal court Monday claiming that U.S. District Judge Todd Campbell accepted “false allegations” in affirming that the controversial mosque can continue its opening process.

Attorney Joe Brandon, who has represented mosque opponents in the past, said he was vexed that federal courts intervened in a local case.

Brandon said the only way to properly conclude the dispute is to provide the public with adequate notice about the mosque, making mosque advocates restart the approval process.

The motion also questioned whether Islam qualified as a legitimate religion.

Brandon requested a hearing for the injunction sought.

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  • Jeff

    BuddhaShrink, “absurd” is what redneck America does best. There are a good number of people there that try their best to pretend that the last 150 years never happened… until they get behind the wheel of their car and slip their iPod earbuds in.

  • BuddhaShrink

    The idea that one can, with the stroke of a pen, or the opening of the mouth, declare the world’s second largest religion, Islam, not a religion – after centuries of the world counting Islam as one of its major religions – is absurd.

    Sorry mosque opponents and attorney Joe Brandon. You don’t have the power or the authority to decide that Islam is not a religion. Islam is a religion. Islam is the world’s second largest religion. Islam has been a religion for hundreds of years. Islam is a religion.

  • truth

    @ JD you are right

  • JD

    They are trying to file as many court actions as possible so the mosque will run out of money in court fee …..maybe the mosque should go after them with every legal action they bring up to get there court fee back

  • Octane

    Not really surprised. Its just a smoke screen for hate.

  • mindy1

    Would these people get a life alreadY??? There are MUCH more important things in the world, try to make it better not worse :roll:

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