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Brigitte Gabriel’s ACT! for America Meets with British “Freedom” Party

Looks like Brigitte Gabriel‘s loony ACT! for America is seeking to cement ties with Islamophobes from across the pond, the trans-Atlantic Islamophobic Axis continues:

British Freedom Party links up with Brigitte Gabriel

On Thursday night, the Chairman of the newly formed British Freedom Party, Paul Weston, spoke to a group of New Yorkers at a meeting sponsored by Brigitte Gabriel’s Act For America organization. Weston also said he came to warn America that what is happening in Britain today could happen in America in the not too distant future.

This meeting is going to be preceded by a joint event between BFP chairman Paul Weston and the Jewish Defense League (JDL).

British Freedom Party leader to speak at Jewish Defense League meeting in Toronto

Security will be tight on Monday as a controversial leader of a far-right British Freedom Party (BFP) talks to supporters in Toronto about his tough stand against immigration and spread of radical Islam. Toronto Police officers will be on hand as Paul Weston is expected to draw a large crowd at the Toronto Zionist Centre, on Marlee Ave.

The BFP was formed in Oct. 2010 and features a 20-point platform with a priority to “stop immigration to Britain from countries that promote the Muslim brotherhood.” Other points of the platform include abolition of the human rights of foreign criminals and terrorists; deport dual nationality Islamists and illegal immigrants and stop or turn back all aspects of the Islamisation of Britain.

“We have witnessed the spread of fundamentalist Islam across Europe and are witnessing the same trend in North America,” Weston stated in party literature.

Meir Weinstein, of the Jewish Defense League, an organizer of the event, said security will be high when Weston takes to the stage to bash immigration and Muslims. “We are very excited to have him (Weston) here,” Weinstein said on Thursday. “His party wants more stringent rules for people coming from countries that promote the Muslim brotherhood.”

He said police have been notified of the event and private security will be on hand to prevent possible disruptions by protestors. “There has been some chatter on the Internet about protests,” Weinstein said. “We are not taking any chances.”

He said Weston is following in the footsteps of powerful anti-Muslim politician Geert Wilders, of the Freedom Party of the Netherlands, who holds similar views. “There has to be a change to our immigration policy,” Weinstein said on Thursday. “One of our goals is to stop the spread of Muslim fundamentalism.”

Officials of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said Weston has no criminal convictions to bar him from entering the country.

Toronto Sun, 17 February 2012

Last year the JDL organised a meeting in solidarity with the English Defence League which was addressed by Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (“Tommy Robinson”) by video link.

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  • juju

    @Mindy, don’t feel ashamed. Those who stand for what’s right will come to us from all different backgrounds.

  • Dehnus

    I don’t beleive in Hell, so I rather try make the world better then to go “Yay God will punish them… eventually”.

  • Al

    Guys, it’s ok. There will be a circle of hell specifically for those in these hate groups. Also it’s easier to keep track of them if they are all working in the same groups.

  • Dehnus

    Want a simple answer? Money. All of these people are in it for the Money, Jews, “Ex Muslims”, CHristians, Black, White, Purple, Gay, Straight…

    There is is a lot of money to be made by preaching the hate.

  • marco

    Isn’t the JDL a designated terrorist group by the FBI?

  • Julie

    Isn’t the chairman of the British Freedom Party the author of the Gates of Vienna blog?

  • QualifiedAgnostic

    These bigots commonly say they want to stop Muslim immigration because of something like “stopping fundamentalism” or the Muslim brotherhood.

    They do this in order so they are not perceived as complete bigots and so they can hijack their their way into mainstream life by posing as defenders of ‘western civilization’ against the barbaric Islamic hordes.

    They frequently show some type of fantasy-like thinking about European Celtic Myth or Germanic ways and view these along with other elements as part of some heritage of an idealistic western civilization. They view this heritage as under siege by the beast from the east, i.e. Islam/Muslims.

    They are very determined, and will do almost anything to see their eventual fantasy realized, which is basically a white, Christian/European Paganistic society which honors it’s strong connection with it’s accorded ancestors….

    It is quite bizarre thinking they engage in, but nonetheless they are convinced of the validity of their beliefs. They are truly convinced that their ‘European heritage’ is under threat from the modern day boogeyman, which is Islam. And in their minds almost any course of action can be necessary to preserve their heritage against the so-called Islamic onslaught.

  • HGG

    Wait, is this a new one? What was wrong with the BNP? Not hateful enough?

    What is this party’s slogan? “Now with 15% MORE Nazism”?

  • QualifiedAgnostic

    Say No! To sadistic sanctions and war against Iran!!!

    Take Action by going to the below link!


  • mindy1

    WHY ARE MY FELLOW JEWS MEETING WITH HATERS?! I am ashamed of them :(

  • NurAlia

    Wow, imagine a building named after an ideology of pure hate and evil in it’s intention.

    I wonder if al Quid’a has a building named after thier evil ideology.

    Now I understand the danger that American Muslims feel now.

  • Christian-friend

    I agree with him…IF (and only IF) he means stopping muslims that have accepted the stupid words of Sayyid Qutb the heretic, and not the TRUE muslims that want only peace of the world.

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