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Young Turks: Michael Moore vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Osama bin Laden

Cenk, posing as a Bollywood hero

Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of the Young Turks analyze the debate between Michael Moore and Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View regarding the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck makes almost absolutely no sense:

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  • michael

    in cell & cloister, in chrch & synagogue
    here on fears hell & another dreams of paradise
    but the one who knows the true secrets of god
    sows no such seeds within his heart

  • DrM


    Wrong on all counts, liar. The evidence is there for those seeking the truth, not amateur internet zionist buffoons. Ever use a more detailed source then the internet cliffnotes known as wikipedia? The Donmeh tribe are followers(Ataturd and co) of Sabbatai Zevi, a false prophet who was excommunicated from the mainstream Jewish community. Knowledgeable Armenians, Greeks and Bulgarians know this all too well.
    Go look up Israeli journalist Hillel Halkin’s work on the matter from the Jewish forward archives.

  • Jimmy

    DrM is basically trying to blame the Armenian genocide on Ottoman crypto-Jews; which is about as repulsive as well everything else, there is no evidence to suggest that Talaat or Ataturk were Jewish. What are you doing is using a genocide to attack Jewish people, an interesting variation on the blood libel.

  • Jimmy


    “Talaat Pasha, like Ataturd was a member of the Donmeh tribe, who most certainly were not Muslim.”

    Oh really?

    “Religion: Shia Islam”

    Even if he was a mason (which doesn’t prove any masonic conspiracy theory, I’d advise you to stop reading Alex Jones) so what? You also ignored my other arguments, I can’t imagine a secularist leading an ‘army of Islam.’

  • Mr. Spock

    I request Loonwatch admin to crack down on those users using multiple names, especially the teabagger with a Star trek fetish.

    Right, because you have no legitimate response, especially on this issue. So much for open-mindedness.

  • DrM

    I request Loonwatch admin to crack down on those users using multiple names, especially the teabagger with a Star trek fetish. Time for registration.

  • @ Mr. Spock/Jim Kirk -You wrote: “However, I am very confused as to why Muslims want to shield Osama Bin Laden and other terrorists from lawful prosecution.”

    Actually, I haven’t read any comments on Loonwatch which indicated Osama bin Laden should be shielded “from lawful prosecution”. The argument that many are making is that he was in fact DENIED “lawful prosecution”. “Prosecution” is not at all the same as “assassination” (assuming that it was actually bin Laden who was assassinated by the US military recently; there’s good evidence that he has actually been dead since December 2001). “Prosecution” plainly means court trial, with the accused having the right to legal defense in court.

    Since bin Laden was not given a trial, he has never been legally PROVEN to be a murdering terrorist. Therefore it is only appropriate to call him an “ACCUSED terrorist”. Just because high ranking government officials declare him guilty, and issue questionable propaganda in support of their declaration, does not make it to be a proven fact. It is that opportunity to defend himself against accusations, and force his adversaries to prove their charges, which was denied bin Laden (again, assuming he didn’t die in 2001) when he was purportedly assassinated in May of this year.

    Osama bin Laden repeatedly denied involvement in the 9/11 atrocities prior to December 2001 – when reports began to circulate from CIA officials and US government officials that bin Laden was dead (or probably dead). He did, of course, praise those who DID commit the atrocities – in the same interviews in which he denied his complicity – which in my estimation makes him a hypocrite and definitely a “bad” person; But praising the murderers does not at all make him guilty of those murders – at least before any human court of justice.

    After his reported death in December 2001, a number of new videos were produced in which he purportedly did acknowledge his complicity. But many (or most) expert video analysts said those videos were obvious fakes and frauds – and bin Laden apparently became younger and more healthy in each succeeding video! 😀

    So bin Laden has in fact never been legally proven to be guilty of 9/11 or other terrorist acts; he remains an “accused” terrorist who – if he was indeed assassinated in May – was not allowed “lawful prosecution”.

  • Sir David, all I remember is he had funny ears and that his catch phrase wasn’t ‘beam me up scotty’.

    Mr Kirk, my post is on the old thread and I don’t wish to bring up the topic again. Nor am I defending OBL, I am merely pointing out the facts of the case. We should not whitewash either side ever.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    but Mr Spock is not hunman he is a Vulcan everyone knows that . No emotions just logic ( keep up with the story line 😉 )

  • You didn’t read my posts on this issue did you? Or rather, you couldn’t reply to them so slunk off just to bring the same point back up again. Be a man!

  • Mr. Spock

    The analogy with Nazi Germany is a fallacy. OBL’s death was completely legal and morally justified.

    The Nazis surrendered and then were taken to court. In contrast, Bin Laden was killed with his henchmen who were firing on American forces. He had no intention of surrendering. Completely different situation. Apples and Oranges.

    But of course, it does make a good talking point for hippy liberal uninformed reflexive self-righteous America-bashing. =)

  • DrM


    Time for you to go back to school. Talaat Pasha, like Ataturd was a member of the Donmeh tribe, who most certainly were not Muslim. Pasha was the interior minister and dictator of the regime during World war I. He had been a member of Carasso’s Italian masonic lodge in Salonika. One year prior to the 1908 coup, Pasha became the grand master of the Scottish Rite Masons in the Ottoman Empire. If you go to the [archives of] Scottish Rite headquarters in Washington, D.C., you can find that most of the Young Turk leaders were officials in the Scottish Rite.

  • sahra

    If the hegemonic U.S gov’t thing the world will bite into every bold-faced lie and fake scenario they utter, then the have another thing coming. Obviously they’re hiding something, that’s why they never intended to give him a trial and the world to find out what exactly happened. Why the quick burial? why not an autopsy?

  • Qster

    Honestly as an arab muslim i was glad obl was taken out quickly, a trial would’ve opened a lot of issues. He’s dead, fanatical islamic terrorism is thankfully dying. Now let americans move on to their next group of ppl to h8 the chinese.

  • Jimmy

    “Most people miss that tiny yet important detail about the Armenian genocide, by the secular Young Turks.”

    This is a blatant lie; the three pashas were Muslim fundamentalists if Enver Pasha was “secular” why did he lead an “army of Islam?” Talaat Pasha was a shiite Muslim, not a secular atheist, apart from your lies the armenian genocide really began with the massacres ordered by Sultan Abdul Hamid II, I suppose you think he was “secular?”

  • Skhan

    ^Wait wait wait…do you mean to tell me that some brown people from the Middle East are…not Arabs???

  • Crow

    Know what decal? I’ll tell you what makes right wingers complete douchebags…ever since netanyahts goverment ran into trouble with Turkey for murdering their civilhans, scum like you have been yelling about how you support Armenias and Kurds, funny how you scum NEVER mentioned them before (I’d be willing to bet rightwing scum thought Armenians and Kurds were Arabs) and if Israel made up with Turkey tommarow you people would never mention Armenians and Kurds again. And that is why I find people like you disgusting decal. Btw you do know Israel murdered Kurds on that flotilla? Also do you know the PKK refused help from Israel till they apologized? Nobody likes the israeli fanatics…poor israeli fanatics LOL!!!

  • DrM

    Iraqis don’t count, just like millions of other victims of Anglo-American terrorism.


    Well said. Most people miss that tiny yet important detail about the Armenian genocide, by the secular Young Turks.

  • Jack

    What are Hasselbeck’s credentials? Oh, wait, she starred on Survivor ten years ago…

  • Link182

    Bush and Blair were responsible for deaths of millions of Iraqi people. 3000 Iraqi children died per month, for years. This was before the war, before they reduced a country on the brink of entering the first world to one of the most underdeveloped nations on Earth. After 9/11 America killed 20, 000 Afghans when they invaded. This is ignoring the many thousands more they’ve killed in the past 10 years. I guess we should follow Hasselbeck and kill them without trial.

  • JD

    I reamember some guy saying the same thing a few days ago here on Loon watch on this article….

    who was that guy hummmmmmmmm

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