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Hilarious piece by Alex Pareene, one of the anti-Loons of the year.

Fox: Why does Obama hate Easter and love Ramadan?

Can we all agree that the worst thing about “Fox & Friends” is how clumsy and obvious they are with their political agenda? (Ok, the second-worst thing, after Steve Doocy’s face. And voice. And the things he says.) Good propaganda is supposed to be sort of covert and insidious, right? Anyway, a couple months ago Fox attacked Obama for not issuing a “proclamation” for Easter, even though the president celebrates Easter every year with a massive party. If you wondered why they did this, the punchline came this morning, when Fox trashed Obama for issuing a proclamation… for Ramadan, the Shariah Easter!

It begins with what in a regular morning show would be “news” — the president recognized Ramadan — and then everyone sort of freezes and Gretchen awkwardly just brings up today’s designated attack line, attributing it to “some people.” “Some people are saying,” she says, more than once, to describe what she is saying. What “some people” are saying is that Barack Obama did not release a “proclamation” for Easter. Why didn’t he tell everyone when Easter was? (No president has released in Easter proclamation in at least 20 years.)

As MediaMatters explains, Barack Obama did not actually issue a proclamation for Ramadan, the Muslim holy month. He did release a statement. There is a difference. (Proclamations have actual legal weight behind them!)

But none of that matters. The story is, Barack Obama hates Easter and loves Ramadan. I wonder what they’re suggesting, about the president? That he… doesn’t like chocolate?

Alex Pareene writes about politics for Salon. Email him at and follow him on Twitter @pareene More: Alex Pareene

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  • Khushboo

    ^He sent more troops to Iraq as well, the surge. We don’t believe in the resurrection but we do believe that he was a messenger of God.

  • @ Khushboo:May I respectfully correct you?Obama sent more troops to Afghanistan and not to Iraq.Muslims do not believe in the resurrection of Christ Jesus,just as the Christians do not accept Mohammad as a true prophet of God.

  • Khushboo

    ^um, yes I know Tyrant Muslims like Saddam and Mubarak have killed their own people and there has been war against Muslim countries. I’m not stupid! I was simply using Porky’s twisted logic. It was tongue-in-cheek if you can see the little :/ thing at the end. I guess I shouldn’t stoop to his level cuz it causes confusion. Sorry.

  • Khushboo, your response to Hala..Pork makes little sense.

    ^Obama’s a Muslim?? Then why did he send more troops to Iraq, and sent drones to pakistan, and agree to give billions of $$ to Israel. He must be a “secret Christian”. :/

    Doesn’t make sense, you infer that a Muslim wouldn’t fight a Muslim country? Why did Saddam go to war with Kuwait? Ahmed Chalabi, betrayed Iraq, and he calls himself a Muslim, Jordan killed Palestinians, and i can go on and on..

    Giving billions of aid to Israel is a litmus test of a Muslim? I don’t think so, what kind of logic is this? Egypt gets aid too,
    A Muslim President of the USA, wouldn’t do things any differently, simply because he is a Muslim, these are political decisions


    Obama is not a Muslim. He is not a religous person, but is a liberal Christian. He is an Islamophile due to his background, but he is not a Muslim.

  • khushboo

    ^Obama’s a Muslim?? Then why did he send more troops to Iraq, and sent drones to pakistan, and agree to give billions of $$ to Israel. He must be a “secret Christian”. :/

  • As a Muslim,how could Obama celebrate Easter?That is the litmus test of him being a true Muslim.

  • Mohammed Al-Arabi

    Eh, I wouldnt call Al-Hayat (I apologize, not al-Hurrah – that one is INDEED rubbish :p) an amatuerish newspaper, or for that matter al-Sharq. Both are pretty centrist, and its interesting that they actually lean towards a more liberal agenda. Yes, they dont criticize Saudi much, but neither does Aljazeera viz a viz Qatar. Both outlets, and particularly Al-Hayat produce very sophisticated articles I think.

    In anycase, we shouldnt risk derailing this article. Ramadan Kareem!

  • Al ARabi

    True, they’re not as bad as some of the real crappy media in the Muslim world (voice of the dictators) but even Ashrq al Awsat and Al Hurrah do not have the freedom of speech that media should have. They still are bound to cover the sins of their owners.

    Al Jazeera does not. Compared to Al Jazeera, they’re just amateurs, and so is Fox News.

  • Mohammed Al-Arabi

    Well, Prince Walid’s actual investments in the Arab world like Al-Sharq al-Awsat and Al-Hurrah arent what I would call state-media “crap.” They’re not bad, and dont all necessarily reflect the same views. They both issue from London I believe 😉

  • ahmed

    Yesw. All opinions should be tolerated and opposing views should be debated in a dignified manner and not in violence.

  • Anticipated Serendipity

    This is just another example of how Fox News often distorts things to get their far-right BS across, either they really are stupid and they believe what they’re saying or they’re pandering to their gun-toting, Bible-thumping, wing-nut base.

  • Ahmed

    Why the hell does Prince Waleed bin Talaal Al-Saud have shares in fox News which is a very bigoted news network? Its weird!

    Actually no, it’s good he doesn’t intefere. If he did, then people would be able to point to the meme, Muslims buying the media and controlling debate.

    We don’t the type of media Prince Al Waleed has in his own country, state controlled crap. Opposite voices, and even enemies should be able to speak freely. That you let them speak freely means you don’t fear being able to show them for the lies they are.

    More importantly, if anybody tries to say petro dollars are buying and capping free speech, you can point to Fox and say,

    “Well no, actually they are not. Prince Waleed hasn’t capped anti Islam sentiment at Fox News”.

  • ahmed

    Why the hell does Prince Waleed bin Talaal Al-Saud have shares in fox News which is a very bigoted news network? Its weird!

  • Robert Spinster

    This is ridiculous…Even if Obama did proclaim Ramadan and not Easter, it wouldn’t be anything bad…

    Fox News is always operating with this kind of hidden agenda in mind…

    They really are pathetic…

  • Skhan

    FOX NEWS is just jealous because the Ramadan Angel PWNS the Easter Bunny!!!!!

  • Dan

    You guys should have the Google +1 button :).

  • Crow

    Although if Obama did proclaim Easter, terry jones would know when it was and not look stupid, ok ok terry jones will always look stupid no matter what.

  • Nemo Fish

    So back to the conventional conclusion? Obama is a secret Muslim/Jihadist trying to install Sharia?

    Yea why not? Makes a lot of sense!

  • Mandy

    I can’t stay on this site for too long unless I want to lose ALL faith in humanity. BRB

  • Why he’s a secret Mooslim…ooooo!

    If you notice all the silly and – well – RACIST crap that these RACISTS pin on President Obama:

    he’s a socialist;
    he’s a communist;
    he’s bring Bolshevism to America;
    he’s goes to an anti-American church with an anti-American pastor (Rev Wright);
    he’s cheated to get into Harvard;
    he takes too many vacations;
    he doesn’t care about flooding victims;
    he bows down to foreign leaders;
    and – of course – we cannot forget-
    he was actually born in Kenya and has a phony birth certificate!

    And just about anything else to make President Obama look like he’s not “a real American.” The mentality here is that NO black man can actually president, or anything beyond a drug dealer, pimp or rapper. As the Fox News ilk see it, Obama is acting out side of his appointed social position for a black man!

    There are actually vastly more better things about Obama. Nope – he really needs to FIGHT HARDER, but let’s work, despite his short comings and give him another term. Besides being better a second time around;
    It will drive Fox News and their ilk totally NUTS and that’s fun to watch. As much fun as seeing Obama sworn in, sitting at a desk afterwards, with the two must hated women on the right flanking him: Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein.

    Hey – he could be a Muslim, and I would still vote for him. I’d also vote for Representative Keith Ellison if he ran for president! Rep. Ellison would be a great president!

  • Khushboo

    I guess the Easter Bunny standing next to President Obama was not enough! Fox News owe Easter bunnies everywhere an apology!

  • Perseveranze


  • Good luck with that Mindy 😉

    Also, what is this ‘proclamation’ thing? Does the US President have to ‘proclaim’ Easter or… or what? Easter is canceled?!

  • mindy1

    They should find bigger things to worry about…

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