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Rep. Keith Ellison’s Historic Testimony during House Hearings

Just as our children today read in their history books about the internment of Japanese-Americans and about the McCarthy Hearings, a time will come (not too far in the future hopefully) when our children’s children will read about how there was a generation of Americans who stood by idly as an elected member of public office–a United States congressman no less–held anti-Muslim hearings.

That future generation will marvel at our complacency.  But, we will not just be accused of apathy, but of wholesale bigotry.  And many of us will be disgraced and shamed–just like those police officers captured in 1960’s footage hosing down black Americans will forever live in infamy for what they did.  Mostly those who will be remembered will be the villains–Peter King, Glenn Beck, maybe Barack Obama (the president who did nothing to stop it–the guy who made it seem like it’s a smear to be called a Muslim)…

But there will be one good guy we’ll read about, and one testimony that we’ll remember.  It will be one of those defining moments in history. His testimony is hardly eloquent…but Ellison has captured the moment beautifully. He has shed a tear for us all, for America’s lost soul. Here it is:

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  • jacque

    Compare this interview with the one Maher had with Michael Oren, the Israeli Ambassador to the US. Predictably, that was a softball interview. Maher did not challenge Oren on any of his points and did not say anything crazy about the Jewish religion.

  • Jack

    Check out Cenk Uygur’s tirade against King. This is a much better voiced argument why these hearings betray the essence of what America stands for.

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