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Rep. Cravaack got Schooled by Lee Baca

House Republican: Hypothetically, Let’s Say CAIR Is A Terrorist Organization … (VIDEO)

Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-MN) continued on the theme that Reps. Peter King (R-NY) Frank Wolf (R-VA) started on earlier today at King’s hearings on the “Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community’s Response” by attacking the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

But Cravaack upped the rhetorical ante a bit, referring to CAIR as “basically… a terrorist organization” and asking Los Angeles County Sheriff Leroy Baca — hypothetically — if he would continue to work with CAIR if he “knew that CAIR was a terrorist organization sponsored by Hamas.”

“Let me answer this way,” Baca said in response to the accusations, “if the FBI has something to charge CAIR with, bring those charges forward and try them in court and deal with it that way.”

“There is a reality that in my culture as a police officer that you have facts and you have a crime, deal with it,” said Baca, who was called as a witness by Democrats on the committee.

“We don’t play around with criminals in my world,” Baca said. “If CAIR is an organization that’s a, quote, ‘criminal organization,’ prosecute them, hold them accountable, and bring them to trial.”

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  • RDS

    But the thing is, who would want to listen to CAIR? After all, a popular saying goes, “No thief admits to his own wrongdoing.” The logic goes that, if someone accuses CAIR of being a terrorist organization, no matter how CAIR tries to defend itself, people will just say “Yeah, sure, OF COURSE a terrorist organization of Evil would try to clear its own name as damage control; why would we want to listen to THEM?” You can’t win with these ones.

  • Daniel

    See for CAIR’s response to these old and debunked lies.

  • On CAIR”s site ( ), there’s a link in red letters on the top right side of the page labeled “Dispelling Rumors about CAIR”. When you click that link, you’ll find a page listing 8 or 9 Internet rumors – such as the “unindicted co-conspirator” charge and “Hamas front” craziness – which CAIR refutes. But it’s almost always the case that lies spread much better than the refutation of those lies.

  • Mrislamanswersback

    Jack and Cynic are right. I agree CAIR should put out a clear and direct refutation to set the record straight and also sue for defamation. This way any and all bigots will have their un -indicted, co-conspirator beating stick taken away. Bigots and their claims must be refuted and debunked or their lies will spread if unchecked. This is why LOONWATCH , Spencerwatch etc are much needed.

  • Cynic

    That’s exactly what I was going to say Khushboo :P. Heck, I think even Christina Abraham is an attorney. They’re not even co-conspirators anymore. Get this thing over with once and for all CAIR.

  • Khushboo

    CAIR is full of lawyers who should sue for defamation to clear up their reputation once and for all.

  • marco

    The Co-conspirator claim made against CAIR is OLD NEWS. It was thrown out – maybe someone needs to inform that hate mongering troll Spencer of that little fact – though facts mean little to the likes of him

  • Anj

    Cynic- I am not sure how cair is funded but I do know that lawyers cost money.
    Besides there is a legal argument of “innocent until proven guilty”. If the authorities have got anything then I’m sure they would have taken action ages ago.

  • Cynic

    Is it any surprise that the Islamophobes relentlessly attack the largest Muslim civil rights organization? And why the hell doesn’t CAIR sue for defamation, and try to set the goddamn record straight once and for all?

  • Cynic

    They’re not even co-conspirators anymore. *facepalm*

  • Dan

    That was awesome ownage right there.

  • JD

    Anyone else see this hearing more of a attack and Defame Cair and try to shut them down then really muslims I dont blame them because Cair always has called out bigots like Pete King and other bigots in our government and media If they can shut down care they are free to say and do what ever they want with muslims

  • Loonwatch, how about doing a comparison to the Reed Smoot Hearings? These were similar but about the Mormon church during the early 1900’s and were used as a means to an end to united the shattered Republican party. I think the similarities are there.

  • Jack

    The sherrif is correct, but it matters little, because what the Islamophobes have accomplished, is that these tropes about CAIR being a HAMAS front have now gone mainstream.

    Listen again:

    “This was actually proven and the FBI identifies 1993 Philadelphia meeting as Hamas meeting, and that all attendees of this meeting are Hamas members. The two people that were in that meeting were both founders of CAIR.”

    What do you think will viewers take away from this? They will take away that CAIR was founded by members of HAMAS. Now what CAIR needs to do, is investigate these claims – all of these claims concerning the Holy Land Foundation, secret memoranda, CAIR being infiltrated, founded, led by Muslim Brotherhood types – and explain convincingly why these claims are bogus. If they don’t they’re tarnished goods.

    And don’t come at me with this pious nonsense about how people are innocent until proven guilty. Save it for the jury. In television land, you’re guilty in the court of opinion unless you make a compelling case that someone else is the villain, here.

  • Nur Alia


    Un indited co conspiritor.

  • Crow

    jihad watch is calling Baca clueless LOL. Baca must really be making spenser feel extremly stupid (not a hard thing to do) so is spenser clueless or an ignorant biggot

  • mindy1

    Ownage 😛

  • Khushboo

    cravaack is on Crack!

  • anj

    chip cravaack! wow he sounds about as american as apple pie, no doubt.
    where do they find these idiots from and why did his parents not give him a proper name?
    at least the sheriff could hold his own.

  • Mrislamanswersback

    These idiot bigots need to stop with the Un-indicted , maybe alleged to be ,terrorist , co-conspirator BS. They are using the words as if it means guilty totally going against the words real meaning. Of course they do this because they have nothing to go on, so make it seem like the group or persons is guilty by throwing around the words un-indicted ( really meaning innocent not charged with a crime) as if it means guilty. Total desperate bigot tactics.

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