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Daily Show Takes on Peter King’s Terrorist Connections

Jon Stewart skewers Peter Kings so called radicalization hearings for the farce that it is.

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  • The_BigT

    I haven’t Laughed this hard in months

    John Stewart FTW!!!

  • Al

    Stewart for Prez in 2012!

  • Yusuf

    I liked the Thursday show. “If a tree falls on the forest and doesn’t land on an American than did even fall at all?…If a tree falls on an American then the entire forest needs to pay for the actions of that one tree…chop em all down!”

  • sunnishine
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  • HGG

    The segment was hilarious. Jon is so full of WIN.

  • mindy1

    Should have been hypocrite 😳

  • mindy1

    Mario Batali-lolol. Jon Stewart 😆 Peter King-hypocrit

  • Cynic

    “It’s like they’re trying to make him miss a free throw”.

    I lol’d at that.

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