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Kareem Abdul Jabbar: Islamophobia on the Rise

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar delivers a sky hook on Islamophobia.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar On Islam: ‘Islamophobia Is On The Rise’

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar spoke over the phone with Katia Couric on Wednesday and told her that he believes Islamophobia is on the rise.

“I think Islamophobia is on the rise,” the former Los Angeles Laker said. “I think the best way to counter it is just communication, to let people who we are and what we believe in. It’s no mystery and it’s certainly nothing that we have to be fearful of.”

He went on to say that when we’re dealing with radical people who “want to have a war with us, that gets thrown into the mix. A whole lot of confusion ensues.”

He said the best way in countering that is through education.

Scroll down to watch the video (The portion about Islamophobia starts at the 3:22 mark)

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  • DrM

    “Radical Islam” is just Islam as far as trolls like the “sanity inspector” are concerned. Since Muslims are not fond of western state terrorism, they are automatically “radicals.” It’s amusing that this bigot claims that Islamophobia is a bogus phenomenon to silence critics yet his own crappy blog links to sites like the JIDF and anti-Muslim hate sites which actively work to silence free speech contrary to their criminal mindset.

  • Awesome

    ““Islamophobia” has been reported to be a deliberately manufactured neologism, to be employed as a discussion stopper against anyone concerned about radical Islam.”

    First, “Islamophobia” is a neologism that refers to the irrational fear of Islam. There simply is no other term to describe this. The belief that just because a Muslim does something offensive must mean that it is somehow related to Islam, is not only unfounded, but is also based on irrationality and paranoia with regards to anything associated with Islam. That makes it an “irrational fear of Islam”, and thus the inevitable construction of the term “Islamophobia” to refer to it.

    Whether the term “Islamophobia” is used by some as a “discussion-stopper” or not, is irrelevant, as it is still quite a real phenomenon, just like anti-semitism, which is still a real phenomenon, even though it gets used a lot as a “discussion-stopper”.

    Second, please define “radical Islam”.

  • Defend the Prophet


    That is an excellent book. But I think it is way over the heads of common Islamophobes (like HalalPork).

  • NassirH

    What are you talking about “The Sanity Inspector”? It’s quite obvious that through their relentless demonization of Islam and Muslims, Islamophobes are doing everything in their power to help terrorists. Groups like the Hizb Ut Tahrir have even released videos in which they wave around Robert Spencer’s book and use it as “proof” that the West hates Muslims. The efforts of Islamophobes have been anything but ecumenical, and again, have only helped Muslim terrorists.

  • Dawood

    This text is a good discussion of the issue as it stands: Islamophobia: Making Muslims the Enemy

  • The Muslim Voice

    This guy represents us Muslims well!

  • Jack Cope

    No, it’s not, it’s a concern of millions of Muslims who have their faith demonized unfairly. Radical Islam? We hate it too and would rather people help us rather than spray away randomly at everyone. But you won’t will you?

  • The Sanity Inspector

    “Islamophobia” has been reported to be a deliberately manufactured neologism, to be employed as a discussion stopper against anyone concerned about radical Islam.

  • sunnishine

    Did anyone else watch this special? I thought overall that it was very frustrating and that the speakers had little to say to directly contradict some of the more negative points Nomani and Couric were pressing them on. They weren’t giving answers that the majority of Americans would see as adequate to countering the numerous false claims Islamaphobes have perpetuated in the media.

    It was a good effort, I hope to see more in the future. But the speakers weren’t hitting the nail on the head.

  • al

    We need more “prominent” Muslims to come forward about the evils of Islamophobia and the havoc it is wreaking upon the first amendment and democratic fabric of democratic society… Kudos to you, ‘Cap’. Let’s hope that Shaq does something of the same at some point soon.

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