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Pamela Geller is Getting Sued for $10 Million Dollars for Defamation

Omar Tarazi, the attorney for the parents of Rifqa Bary is suing Rifqa’s former attorney and Pamela Geller for defamation. Yes, Pamela you regularly defame Muslims and claim they are terrorists or terrorist supporters/sympathizers. Watch Pamela play the victim soon. (hat tip: Marco, via. LGF)

$10 Million Defamation Suit Filed Against Pamela Geller

Last year Pamela Geller injected herself into the case of Rifqa Bary, a teenage runaway and Christian convert who claimed her Muslim parents were planning to kill her. (The Florida Department of Law Enforcement subsequently investigated these claims and found “no evidence whatsoever of alleged abuse or threats of death made by the girl’s parents.”)

As part of her usual hateful rabble-rousing, Geller repeatedly labeled the attorney for Bary’s parents as a terrorist sympathizer who was “appointed by CAIR.”

Now attorney Omar Tarazi is suing Geller and an activist Christian attorney in federal court for $10 million.

A Muslim attorney on one side of the Rifqa Bary dispute has filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit against Orlando attorney John Stemberger, an activist Christian attorney who worked for the other side.

The suit was filed by Omar Tarazi in federal court in Columbus, Ohio, Friday. It names John Stemberger of the conservative Florida Family Policy Council.

Also being sued is a blogger from elsewhere, Pamela Oshry, who writes under the name Pamela Geller at the website atlasshrugged2000 and penned scathing anti-Muslim posts after Rifqa ran away from home in July 2009, saying she was afraid her Muslim parents would kill her for converting to Christianity. …

In the suit, Tarazi accuses Stemberger of falsely claiming on Fox News that Tarazi was associated with a Columbus-area mosque that had ties to terrorists. It also says Stemberger defamed Tarazi by saying Rifqa’s parents fired qualified court-appointed Ohio attorneys to use only one – Tarazi – who was paid by a pro-Muslim group in Ohio, the Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR.

Tarazi was paid by no one, according to the suit. …

Oshry [Geller] published web posts that falsely said Tarazi had joined Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist organization, and received payments from ” ‘criminal’ organizations with ‘ties’ to terrorists,” according to the suit.

The attorney being sued, John Stemberger, is apparently also under investigation by the Florida Bar for possible ethics violations in the case:

Stemberger on Tuesday called the suit “ridiculous and frivolous.”

“This is just an attempt at grandstanding after a loss,” he said.

Stemberger acknowledged but would not discuss an investigation by the Florida Bar into possible ethics violations by him for statements he made about the case.

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  • unknown

    There is no law in Muslims country, in which Honor killing is allowed.
    You have no knowledge. you are a nuisance person just motivated by
    Islam phobia.

  • Loon Watch, can you update us on Omar Tarazi v Geller? Tarazi and the Orlando prosecutor John Stemberger have come to an agreement, but Tarazi is still sueing Geller.

    When is the hearing? Anyone know?


    Ohio lawyer drops claim against convert’s attorney

    .The Associated Press

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — A former lawyer for the Muslim parents of an Ohio teen who ran away from home after converting to Christianity is dropping a defamation claim against the attorney who represented the girl.

    Columbus lawyer Omar Tarazi had argued that Orlando, Fla., attorney John Stemberger defamed him by calling him unqualified and also alleging in a 2009 TV interview that he has terrorist ties.

    Both Tarazi and Stemberger agreed Tuesday that the complaint be dropped, Tarazi’s claims against a blogger who took the girl’s side remain in place.

    Tarazi represented the parents of Rifqa Bary, who fled to Florida saying she feared harm from her Muslim mother and father.

    Bary was returned to Ohio but never reconciled with her family before turning 18 last year.

    Read more:

  • This is Omar Tarazi’s blog, but there is no new update

  • What is the latest on this lawsuit? Can we have an update please, does any reader have any info on the Rifqa Barry’s pareents lawyer, Omar Tarazi’s $10m lawsuit against Geller?

    These was a hearing last week wasn’t there?

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