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Hardball: The Cordoba House Controversy

Republican Michael Faulkner gets tongue tied here trying to support his view on why the Mosque near Ground Zero shouldn’t be built. I also think Scott Stringer did an excellent job.

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  • http://googlemail lawrence

    It is a SATANIC Idea to build a Mosque at ground zero.The Muslims will claim that as a victory of Islam over the Kufar with their twisted logic.It is a disgrace for America to let so many DISLOYAL Muslims into America.Look at how the AMERICAN born SOMALIS are behaving.You can never change the nature of SNAKES by letting them into your homes and looking after them.You are going to pay a very heavy price.You probably need more 9/11s to wake you up ,you politically correct liberal fools.

  • http://Googlemail Halal pork

    There is no such thing as REGULAR ISLAM or RADICAL ISLAM.There is only one ISLAM,which is REGULAR OR mODERATE,when it is week and turns RADICAL when it gains strength.Just like Mohammad who was moderate in Mecca and turned extremely VIOLENT in Madina.Have you ever noticed that a snake is quite harmless when it is cold but turns very dangerous when it absorbs heat from the SUN.

  • nat


    You make it sound like Cordoba House is going to be built on the ashes of the world trade centre. It’s two blocks away. Are Muslims meant to give up a perfectly good project just because there’s a media beat up, and someone misunderstands the basic defining facts of the situation and decides it is ‘insensitive’.

    1) Not a Mosque
    2) Not at ground zero.

  • TYO

    I don’t think the bad blood this is stirring up is helpful. This will unnecessarily burn some bridges, and make Muslims look like insensitive callous bullies in a spot that is a deep wound. I think this is an unfortunate gift to those who want to link regular Islam and not just radical Islam to the evil of 9-11, which is what so many have tried to separate all these years. I would not want anything of regular Islam associated in anyway shape or form to 9-11 if I were Muslim, especially not a mosque built from a building that was damaged by 9-11. That site of 9-11 will always be associated with radical Islam, terrorism, and murder and pain and death, and worst of religious fundamentalism. No mosque for regular Islam will ever change that, only unnecessarily link regular Islam to the evil of 9-11, and make regular Islam look at best insensitive to the pain of those who suffered. People of all religions died there including Muslims. Not all Muslims want a mosque there either. Even if you disagree with them, there is obviously a lot of hurt there and all this will do is add to that hurt. Show compassion. More bridges will be built this way.

  • Ab

    @eslaporte very well said! That’s the strange cognitive dissonance of the tea party supporters. Ultra-jingoistic chants of freedom and liberty but they look to prohibit both of those at every turn. With the Arizona initiative, the so-called Ground Zero Mosque, freedom of choice…

  • Biz

    I never thought that I would live to see the day that a black man in America would fight to limit the rights of another individual. Martin Luther King Jr. must be turning over in his gave. His dream was for all men not just those that beleived like him.

    “When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the ‘unalienable Rights’ of ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.'”

    Has America again “… defaulted on this promissory note.”

  • mindy1

    If Faulkner is going to be a politician, he should learn to speak better 😉 regarding the Mosque, I hope that they are right about the imam, and that he stands for tolerence

  • eslaporte

    The mentality of Mr. Faulkner – you see – is from the notion that “all Islam is the same” – the Islam of 9-11 hijackers is the same as Islam everywhere. Faulkner practices intolerance!


    This is a fight for religious freedom for all of us – Muslims included – and we must realize that people like Faulkner and the Tea Party actually want to take that away!

  • Leonora

    Maybe people just think the whole ground will only have a huge mosque with many minarets?
    Even then, it’s not exactly on the “ground zero” spot.

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