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Stop Islamization of America has their ad campaign derailed


Spencer and Geller's proposed banner

Crossposted with permission from Omer Subhani’s blog

Robert Spencer and Pam Geller are part of an organization called Stop Islamization of America (SIOA). SIOA just announced a bus ad campaign on Tuesday, April 13 in Miami-Dade County, FL designed to thwart the supposedly “misleading” bus ad campaign created by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and CAIR to promote the shared commonalities of Islam with Christianity and Judaism.

SIOA’s bus ad campaign had the following remarks on the 10 or so buses running their ads:

Fatwa on your head?

Is your family or community threatening you?


This ad was apparently designed for the purpose of promoting freedom of religion. Obviously, the purpose is a bit more sinister once you start to dig deeper into what Spencer and Geller are promoting here.

The ad includes an address to a website: Go ahead and check out that web site. What do you find there? A web site dedicated to slandering Islam and promoting the views of Spencer and Geller.

Here’s a fair and poignant remark from this web site:

Muslims like you who have seen the falsity of Islam and have made the difficult decision to be free.

Oh sure, that’s just speaking the hard truth. Islam is false and Spencer and Geller want all Muslim apostates to know they got their back in saying so.

Well, it’s Friday, April 16 now, and guess what? The Miami Herald is reporting that the Miami-Dade transit authority took a look at the ads after they were posted on some buses and decided to remove them because they “may be offensive to Islam.” Ya think?

Of course, there’s a freedom of speech issue here. Certainly, Spencer, Geller and their lunatic fringe can spew their hatred on their blogs, but once they take their trashy bigotry outside of their internet cesspool into civil society it only goes to show you that normal, civilized people aren’t going to go along with the whole freedom of speech defense these bigots might use.

Do you think the Miami-Dade transit folks would be okay with posting up ads for the KKK or for some neo-Nazi group? Of course not. So why should ads smearing Islam and manufacturing propaganda against Muslims be tolerated? It shouldn’t, and it isn’t. Kudos to Miami-Dade County for standing up and doing the right thing here.

This entire ad campaign being led by Spencer and Geller is not about freedom of religion anyway, but is about their agenda of smearing Islam and Muslims.

There may in fact be Muslims out there who want to change their faith and fear doing so, but this ad campaign is nothing but propaganda designed to smear Islam and scare ignorant Americans into believing there is a genuine problem with Muslim apostates fearing for their safety. There is no such problem.

The real problem is the double standard Spencer and Geller hold when it comes to Muslim Americans exercising their First Amendment rights.

So for example, Spencer and Geller argue for the freedom of apostates to leave Islam. But what about Muslims who want to be able to practice their faith here in the United States?

Such Muslims don’t get any love from Spencer and Geller. In fact, they only get scorn and vitriol.

For example, recently a Muslim woman in Michigan was refused a position with McDonald’s because she wore the hijab or Muslim headscarf. Spencer accused Muslims of wanting America to conform to their “Islamic sensibilities.” No mention of freedom of religion there. Of course not, because freedom of religion doesn’t apply to Muslims, according to Spencer. The EEOC was quoted in the article Spencer referenced as saying that it had issued new guidelines for accommodating religious practices and beliefs in the workplace. The EEOC must also be a part of this whole Islamic sensibilities campaign, too.

Applying Spencer’s logic to other faiths would mean that a Sikh man shouldn’t complain if he is not given a job at McDonald’s either, or an orthodox Jew. They simply want to impose their “sensibilities” on the rest of us real Americans. Freedom of religion? Pssh.

After saying things like that, Spencer has got a lot of gall to be talking about freedom of religion. The Miami-Dade County transit folks aren’t buying his and Geller’s propaganda, and neither should anyone else.

Addendum by Danios:

The astute law student Omer Subhani has pointed out that this has nothing to do with freedom of speech, as nobody is stopping Spencer et al. from posting his profuse vitriol on his website.  However, he does not own the buses and therefore has no right to dictate what goes on them, as I do not have the right to dictate what ads run on JihadWatch.  Hypocritically, these Islamophobic elements supported the removal of the banners on metro stations, but now they seem to be struck with partial amnesia, claiming that it is a violation of their rights to remove their Islamophobic ads.  Apparently, freedom of speech to them is the freedom for them to voice their views and silence those of their opponents.   The issue is made exceedingly clear by the example given above, namely that nobody would expect the buses to put up ads supporting the KKK or some neo-Nazi group.  Alternatively, one can hardly imagine Usama bin Ladin being allowed to promote his message on these buses.

This is less of an issue about freedom of speech, but more about common human decency.  It revolves around Spencer and Geller’s departure from the bounds of reasonableness and entrance into the realms of fringe fanaticism.  (A reader of ours noted: “The word ‘departure’ implies that there was a time they were ever within the bounds of reasonableness.” Good point!) Their ad campaign reflects their juvenile behavior.  One can hardly expect better from Geller, but shouldn’t Spencer have at least some standards so he can continue to uphold his false claim to scholarship?  Bravo, Spencer.  You continue to expose yourself as the lunatic you are.  Please continue, so we can show the world what a raving lunatic you truly are.

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  • Sir David

    Khemofilly shouting loud in an empty room does not make things correct.
    You are paranoid and need help see a doctor soon please .

  • IbnAbuTalib

    Khemofilly:Islam means “submission.” If you don’t submit, you die. End of story.

    And to say otherwise would be Taqiyya, right? Lol!

  • Khemofilly

    I can’t believe your head-in-the-sand attitudes! Being against the takeover of America by islam is NOT islamophobic! It’s smart! See what your well-intended, but seriously deluded “tolerance” gets you if the “jihad” is successful. Women? You’re property. Gay or lesbian? You’re dead. Educated and free-thinking? You’re dead.

    Islam means “submission.” If you don’t submit, you die. End of story.

  • Lilly

    Anyway… I only believe my eyes or unbiased media.. ^_^

  • Lilly

    Possibly… I really have been checking and have found only mention to the suit, but not the results… and I get the feeling.. if they did win.. we would be hearing a LOT more about it.

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  • @Lilly – Ha ha ha! I LOVE that you won’t trust the Atlas Shrugs website even as a source for information about the Atlas Shrugs website. Pamela Geller’s anti-Arab and anti-Muslim hate site is the epitome of disrepute!

  • Sir David

    maybe lilly it only happened in pam world

  • Lilly

    @ Proud – I’ve seen no information on their winning of the suit. Just that it is going on. Can you show my the proof aside from AtlasShrugs?

  • robaby

    Proud loon, it ain’t over, you are right, but muslims also will post more bus signs

  • Danios

    Proud Loon:

    The fact is that this is not a major problem at all in the United States. Aside from the prophetess fake Fathima Rifqa Bary, how many cases can you name in the United States where this has happened? You can certainly come up with theories as to why it should be a problem (such as the logic you have employed), but it simply is not. The Muslim American population is amongst the most law abiding in the country. Many of the problems that happen in Europe simply do not happen in America, due to the fact that Muslim Americans are better integrated here.

    The bus campaign is designed to smear Islam, and there is no sincere concern for Muslims who are trying to flee their religion. The campaign is designed to CAUSE people to leave Islam, not to support those who are trying to flee it and can’t due to fear.

    Perhaps Spencer ought to run a bus campaign saying “Are you an abortion doctor or homosexual scared for your life due to Christians? Well, come here: ” Or “are you a young boy getting molested by your Catholic priest, but too scared to speak out?” That is certainly a more pressing problem in America than the imaginary Muslim apostate one. But in any case, both “problems” are not worth wasting money and resources. You want to ask for donations to run a bus campaign? Why not spend the money to put up ads for some charity like the Red Cross?

    All this underscores what I said in another article, which is that Robert Spencer et al. don’t really care about human rights at all. Their opposition to human rights violations (by Muslims) in political in nature, not principled.

    I feel sorry for hate-filled loons like you.


  • Proud Loon

    Danios (or robaby, etc.),

    There are many Muslims out there less enlightened and knowledgeable than you, and the reality is that those folks have threatened with death (and in many cases actually killed people who drew cartoons of Mohammed, named a teddy bear Mohammed, dressed “too Western”, dated non-Muslims, etc.

    So, why would apostates expect any more leniency? Despite what modern scholars agree upon, there are going to be those who “didn’t get the memo” and think that death is a fitting punishment for those who leave Islam.

    UPDATE – Geller and Spencer won their lawsuit and the signs will be returning, and more of them than before.

  • Robaby

    Well, you’ve seen me respond cagliostro or whatever his name is over and over again. Plus, I said me and others, not just me.

  • Danios

    Robaby, I will hold you to that promise!

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