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Poland: Anti-Muslim Protesters Following Swiss Lead

Europe for the future poster

Europe for the future poster

Unknown to many Poland has one of the oldest Muslim populations in Europe but is the protest against the construction of a new mosque in Warsaw the beginning of a troubling anti-Muslim trend?

Polish Group Uses Swiss Poster to Protest New Mosque

A Polish anti-Muslim group is following the lead of Switzerland. (via. Islamophobia-Watch)

A Polish group calling itself “Europe for the Future” has refashioned a Swiss poster against minarets to demand a halt in the construction of a new mosque in the capital of mainly Catholic Poland.

In the posters, seen in several parts of Warsaw Wednesday, the Swiss flag is replaced with a Polish one and wording that translates into “stop the mosque of the radicals”.

Switzerland voted in a referendum in November to ban the construction of new minarets, a move that drew criticisms worldwide including charges of Islamophobia.

The Polish poster called for a demonstration on Saturday at the site of the mosque and cultural centre under construction near the centre of Warsaw, and described as “radical” the Muslim League of Poland building it.

“The mosque and the centre of Muslim culture are financed by Saudi Arabia, a country which violates human rights and where the mere possession of a Bible constitutes a crime,” the association said.

In a petition addressed to the mayor of Warsaw, the group called for “an immediate halt to the work”.

Muslim League president Samir Ismail said the protests were inspired by individuals who were “sowing hate”.

“It will not be a classic mosque,” he said in the Gazeta Wyborcza daily Wednesday. “It will be a cultural centre open to Muslims and non-Muslims. Arabic courses will be organised there and courses in Polish for children of diplomats.”

Expatica, 24 March 2010

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  • BB

    Tartar Muslims from Poland assimilated, they consider themselves Polish. They fought for Poland in wars. They have lived peacefully for hundreds of years in Poland and the hate the new Muslim radicals moving to Poland stirring radical teachings

  • paolon

    if you give you arms they want your whole body… that’s the muslim way. they went to Europe to seek green pasture, then now, they want the Europe turn to muslim continent… if the christian go to muslim country, the christian push to observed the muslim traditions. but the muslim go to christian country they want to push they own customs. this is only my observation what happening.


    these who are against building a mosque are so intolerant .
    these poeple are ignorant and they have a lack of knowledge about islam , they dont know even what is islam ,islam is the faith not the terrorisme as most of theink about it , poland should learn how to respect other bielf , and not beeing rasict againt them .
    i hope so that poland can leave these old ideologies ans start been more opend .
    arabia sauidi they dont hate christians .there is any church beacuse there ‘s not body is christian if you build there a church so who will go to this church that ‘s the reason but in poland beacuse there are muslims who live there as immigrants that’s why building a mosque has a reason .

  • kamran

    LOL !

    Everyone is so racist here. What is going on?

    Muslim — christian can live peacefully side by side.

    I’m muslim and i’m married to a beautiful polish lady. I pray five times a day and she goes to church. I don’t see any problem in this. But to be honest poland is more racist then any other europian countries.

    I personally know some tartar from poland now living in UK.

  • daburn

    just to let you racist D.Hs out there know that europe especially poland, had been saved on numerous occassions by those same, ‘camel jockeys or beannie heads’. and by the way have much sexier girls.

  • Musta Enkeli

    I’m with the Poles on this one, they don’t want their country invaded by these stupid, swarthy camel jockeys. For all those who want the towelheads in Poland, don’t be surprised if Polish girls go missing and sold into slavery, look at Russia and Ukraine. Those camel jockeys are addicted to blond chicks and Poland’s got a lot of them, as an American of Polish descent, the idea of these filthy savages in my motherland disgusts me. At least the Poles are smart about this, Poland for the Poles and no camel jockeys or beanie heads either, they don’t belong and it’s not their country.

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