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Geert Wilders Wants to Tax Women who Wear Hijab

From Left to Right: Andrew Bostom, Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller

From Left to Right: Andrew Bostom, Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller

Fascism’s new face in Europe, parliamentarian in the Netherlands Geert Wilders, proposes taxing Muslim women who wear hijab (head covering) 1000 Euros. He is a close friend of Robert Spencer who has proclaimed that “everyone should support Geert Wilders.” Wilders has also called for the banning of the Quran which he equates to Hitler’s Mein Kampf , has stated that Muslims are colonizing the Netherlands and has advocated the denial of religious freedom to Muslims.

Wilders Wants Headscarf Tax

Geert Wilders has done it again. The leader of the far-right Freedom Party managed to make the Dutch headlines during the annual general political debate.

Wilders’s newest proposal is to tax the Muslim headscarf. Any Muslim woman who wants to wear a headscarf – which he described as a ‘head-rag’ – would have to apply for a licence, and pay one thousand euros for the privilege. Wilders says the money raised would go toward women’s emancipation programmes.

Alexander Pechtold from the liberal D66 Party gives his reaction:

The rest of the Dutch parliament reacted to the proposal with disbelief. One after another, they asked Mr Wilders if this was a serious proposal. For instance, would he include other types of head covering in the tax? And how about orthodox Christian women who wear a headscarf quite similar to the Muslim version?

In reaction, Mr Wilders said he would actually prefer to ban the headscarf altogether, but that appeared to be legally impossible. He would not tax the Christian form of the headscarf, but he did not say how policy would make that distinction.

Mr Wilders has acquired a reputation for making shocking statements during general debates. Two years ago, he called for the banning the Muslim holy book, the Quran. Last year, he warned that Muslims were colonising the Netherlands. Last spring, he and his entire fraction walked out at the beginning of a debate.

The government still has to defend its new budget as part of the general debates. But in an unusual move, Mr Wilders has already announced that he plans to submit another motion of no-confidence in the entire cabinet. That will be the Freedom Party’s eighth motion of no-confidence.

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  • Tarik

    If you care enough to study old testament history. Or the laws put forth in the old testament and apply to them the same standards one would apply to all of islam. (Taking the most fundamentalist and bigoted interpretations and presenting them as mainstream and authoritative) You would inevitably come to the conclusion that Islam’s scriptures are no worse than the scriptures of other religions. And we should be scared shitless of them too, to the point where you’re willing to ban an entire religion on the assumptions that all of it’s adherents share the same general views.

    On the allegations that Islam “advocates violence over free thought” There are plenty of Koranic verses that forbid muslims from aggressively attacking unbelievers. Namely the fact that Jihad requires that muslims be attacked first and that they must “Be inclined to peace when the enemy is Inclined to peace”

    On the claim that Islam itself is Homophobic I don’t see how this really changes anything. In Africa some evangelical christians go around killing kids because they think they’re witches or because they think they might be gay. In the democratic Republic of the Congo millions of women have been raped in killed in what 60 minutes calls a “War on Women”. Are we scared shitless of African Christians? To the point where we’re willing to entertain the idea of stopping them from “COLONIZING” a nation? I hope not.

    On the claim that Islam itself helps stifle growth and knowledge and science. During the middle ages many many muslims made huge strides in literature, medicine, art, renaissance, technology you name it. Islam didn’t stop them because they held a different interpretation. Islam didn’t stop the recent muslim noble prize winners. What does stop scientific advancements in the muslim world are Brutal regimes supported by the west that do absolutely nothing for their people and instead choose to suppress and milk public workers for as long as possible. Yes it is true that the Taliban and organizations like it are backwards and hate social progress but they are not “Islam itself” they don’t have any authority on what islam is especially when they are looked down upon by the majority of the rest of Islam (muslims)

    If you study the islamic world you’ll see that for a LOOONG time the Islamic empire made huge strands in science, art, medicine, liberty. Towards the end of the first world war the Ottoman empire was occupied and split up into mandates. Which of course retarded muslim intellectual growth. Many muslims began then to define themselves in opposition to the west. As would their religious interpretations follow.foreign nations Which would in the next 75+ years begin to bomb, invade, overthrow governments and establish Oppressive backwards regimes, support islamic fundamentalists like those in saudi arabia with billions of dollars in order to secure access to the near east’s rich natural resources.

    To make sweeping claims about an entire religion, ignoring differences and shrugging off historical context in order to pretend as if it’s only the religion is not just dishonest, It’s wrong.

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    I think Brevik got his ideas from loons he admitted as much in his so called manifesto .
    The likes of JT just like to blame others
    Sir David

  • Jennifer Anne Bangstrom

    Careful, Anders Breivik created himself. Please do not shift the blame for serial killers to another party.

  • Syed
  • JT

    Geert Wilders is too mild. I think all of Europe has had enough of muslim slaughters and rapes in their everyday society. Muslims have created a million Anders Breivik’s in a very short time. Smart going. Soon it will pop. You’re hanging on a thread.

  • sir David

    Mr Wilders is not a hero he is a publicity seeking idiot who probably posts on line under the name reconquista

  • Reconquista

    Geert Wilders is a hero of the European people and will be remembered as such historically. Islam is a religion but also a form of government (totalitarian). If any moderate muslims do exist as you loons claim they need to stand up and start fighting against the extremists now before its too late. But more then likely there is only one type of muslim and the idea of a “moderate” muslim is just taqiyya

  • Khalid

    Geert wilders ; as this site cleverly pointed out – is not a one stop hate mongerer . His party spews anti polish garbage and the man whom he explicitly refers to as his “mentor” a mister Frederik Bolkestein has stated that ” ( practicing ) jews have no place in the netherlands , they should either emigrate to the US or Israel ” . sick bigots , really .

  • @Stelwagen ( pseudo ),

    If Islam is an ideology not a religion, Than care to explain to us, why it has all the characteristics of a religion?

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