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Obama is a Muslim Saga Continues

Jim Pinkerton

Jim Pinkerton

It’s hard to take these people seriously anymore and part of me just wants to give up on them because it really seems like those people who believe Obama is a “Mooslim” will continue to believe in that fairy tale no matter what you tell them or how compelling the fact is that he isn’t a Muslim.  Do these claims ever get old?

We’ve written about this phenomenon before and as this video demonstrates there is no dearth of poor old white haired ladies trembling from the prospect that Obama is Muslim. It’s such an absurd prospect that it reminds one of those who think the world is 6,000 years old or assert that the earth is flat.

The most sinister aspect of the accusation is that it assumes being Muslim is a sin or an automatic “got-ya” card that disqualifies and delegitimizes an individual from public office or the public square. It is the height of prejudice, and the way it is nonchalantly bandied about, such as in the case of Jim Pinkerton underscores our point — no matter what you do or say people will continue to push this Islamophobic lie.

Eric Boehlert, in a great post titled Fox News and Obama as the Muslim Manchurian Candidate points out that Pinkerton, a regular contributor to Fox News is part of the mainstream of Conservatism and is still propagating this looniness,

That’s the premise Pinkerton is pushing on national television; that Obama kept his Muslim roots hidden during the campaign, but that signs of it are starting to show now, and when he’s safely elected he’ll finally feel comfortable practicing Islam out the open.

Behold the ‘mainstream’ conservative movement in America!

It is high time that people got over the idea that Obama is an evil “Mooslim” or that being a Muslim and holding public office is somehow helping our enemies take over our country or in the immortal words of Glenn Beck leading America to stand at some sort of “Boiling point.”

The truth is Obama isn’t a Muslim and it wouldn’t matter if he was one, these conspiracy theories hold less water than sightings of Big Foot and are closer in spirit to the discourse that Jews faced around the early 20th Century. Let the strange saga continue!

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  • laila

    Lawrence you are forgetting that America was stolen from the Native Americans.Every1 in America is an immigrant except the natives who the white europeans masacred and stole their lands.
    U such a loon .Islam is not a virus but crazy islamaphobes like you are the viruses.I Pity you ,you so filled with hate it cant be good 4 your health.

  • Obama,s natural father was a black Muslim.His grand -father was a Muslim.When his father left his mother,she married an Indonesian Muslim.He attended the Mosque for his Islamic Indoctrination.He was circumcised as a Muslim and the Muslim blood runs through his veins.How did he master the art of deception,if he were not a true Muslim?Listen to his speech in Cairo.It was a Muslim,speaking to his Muslim brethren.When Saudi Arabia allows a Christian to be the King of that country or even a Prime-Minister,then a Muslim could be the President and Commander-in-Chief of America.Then you would have inscription on your DOLLAR bill:IN ALLAH WE TRUST:May God save America from the deadly virus of Islam.

  • annoyed

    Why does it matter if he is a muslim or not? Even if he is a muslim that doesnt mean that hes not going to change the country for the better.

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