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Robert Spencer: Wanna-be Conquistador


Robert Spencer

In observing and chronicling the Loon world one finds that the subject of history comes up frequently and a lot of times the loons revisit history and distort it so they can manipulate it to fit their ideological worldview. In rare cases however do we have a situation in which history is revisited in such a manner as to blatantly align oneself with ancient pogroms and modern campaigns of complete annihilation and ethnic cleansing.

Yet, this is exactly the case that we have with the completely self-taught, pseudo-Islamic Scholar Robert Spencer. Spencer is the progenitor of the hate site Jihadwatch which is host to some of the most vile anti-Muslim and Islamophobic hysteria on the internet. Spencer himself claims that he is just objectively working to expose the fact that Islam is “extremist,” “violently expansionist,” and sometimes not even a religion at all but a “political ideology.”

Do Spencer’s claims to be an objective analyst of Islam hold water?

Recently, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, a former ally of Spencer’s and not an individual sympathetic to Islam exposed Spencer’s partnership with fascist European politicians as well as brought to light the fact that Spencer, on his personal Facebook account joined a group which seeks to reconquer present day Turkey, effectively expel and slaughter 150 Million Muslims and replace them with Christians.

The group Spencer joined is called The Campaign for the Reconquista in Anatolia. If you recall the Reconquista was that delightful campaign undertaken by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain which lead to the murder, expulsion and forced conversions of all of Spain’s Muslims and Jews. It also set the stage for the Inquisition. Is it a coincidence that this self described “expert” on Islam would join a group named after a campaign that resulted in the ethnic and religious cleansing of a whole nation? Sure sounds like impartial scholarship to me!

The Campaign for the Reconquista in Anatolia’s lofty mission statement:

Once the former East Roman capital is recaptured every single brick, pavingstone, copper wire, bolt nut & screw, piece of ceramic, shard of glass, plank of wood and fleck of paint, placed within this city after May 29th 1453 will be systematically demolished, melted burnt and ground down into a fine dust, shipped out to the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean in oil tankers and sporadically scattered over a wide area, so that there will be no physical remains of the city of Istanbul whatsoever.

The main aims of this group are to:

. Advocate the total Reconquest and complete reassimilation of the Anatolia penninsular, eastern Thrace, northern Cyprus, Greater Armenia, The Pontus and Antiochia through the medium of Greek, Armenian, Cypriot, Byzantine, Pontic and Syriac National Sovereignty and on an unconditional basis.

. The complete unilateral and nonnegotiable permanent ethnic transformation of these territories in order to co-opt the first aim.

. And the establishment of a National coalitionary Greater European confederativesuper state in order to secure the first two aims, withguaranteed sovereign borders, fixed permanent garrisons and the necessary military means to ensure alien repatriation with a view to permanent long term resettlement.

* This group entirely understands and accepts that this project will require the displacement of up to 150 million persons, an armed and para-militarily active settler rediasporaof at least 15 million economically viable semi-civilian colonists, an occupation force consisting of at least 2 million professional troops, a military presents in all territories between Anatolia and West Turkestan and anything between 0.5 and 5 trillion dollars worth of fiscal capital in order to complete. Furthermore this group also realises that the territories for resettlement in lower central Asia may not be currently suitable for such a large demographic intake and that therefore, mass sterilisation via sexual segregation and voluntary euthanasia programmes (may for the time being), need to remain on the table in order to prevent a latter humanitarian disaster.

* This group is not a hate group and it entirely recognises the fact that the majority of Turks currently living on the Anatolian peninsular are not responsible for the actions of their ancestors. However, they ARE in possession of stolen land and property that does not rightfully belong to them either as a Nation or as individuals, which essentially makes them a Nation of squatters. Therefore this is a group for the expression and advocation of national, racial and civilizational patriotic duty (no matter how unpleasant that duty might be) and for the principle of ethnic primogenture (particularly among civilized Nations that have either been destroyed or severely ravaged by culturally inferior Nations), so please keep comments above the intellectual level of the average 5 year old’s!

Looking at Spencer one might be tempted to think: this guy couldn’t be part of a Reconquista, his flabby physique suggests he would have a hard time lifting a pocket protector let alone a sword. You would be correct to think that but it seems the proof is in the pudding, Spencer in the footsteps of old Don Quixote De La Mancha dreams to be a chivalrous white knight but instead of fighting wind mills Spencer has set his sight on conquering and “liberating” Constantinople which for over 500 years has been known as Istanbul.


What’s more is that this isn’t the first time that Robert Spencer has delved into the topic of reconquering Turkey and changing the demographics of the entire nation. In an article he posted on his hate site titled, The Nakba, May, 29, 1453 he posts the following header:


Calling Robert Spencer an objective analyst and scholar of Islam it turns out is like saying Danny DeVito is an NBA All-Star, the fact is that he joined a group seeking to expel and kill 150 million Muslims, to any sane individual that would indicate otherwise.

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  • @Scott,

    Care to site a source for that claim outside the “counter Jihad” movement and religious right circles? You don’t have one do you? You don’t have an objective source that can confirm that claim, do you?

    You’re the one who needs to wake up, wake up from your nightmare.

  • Mr.Spencer is right on the Money. You people at loonwatch are silly people, very dangerous silly people, both to your selves and the country. Many cities in Europe have muslim sections that original citizens can no longer enter. Paris is a perfect example!!! Wake up namby pamby.

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  • Garibaldi,

    By the way, I thought I would look into this further, and I just noticed this, but you may want to fix some of those links. I just clicked on them, and one of them doesn’t work all. If I click on “The Nakba, May, 29, 1453” link it gives me an error message.

  • Garibaldi,

    I had no idea about this, until I saw your article on it. Even when I used to go to sites like Jihad watch I never found out about this. If I had I might have began to realize what I was actually dealing with much sooner. Spencer is not what he portrays himself as, at all. We need to do everything within our power to utterly destroy his reputation. The more people who don’t trust him, especially when it comes to Islam, the better.

  • Khushboo

    “islam: a political philosophy, as is socialism, fascism, communism, totalitarianism. NOT a religion. GET IT?
    Well, most people of the earth DO get it. The ones that don’t get it are idiots in the United States Congress or the dumb and blind followers of HATE: “Kill Jews and Christains”.
    Ever hear of a Catholic suicide bomber in, let’s say, the past twenty years? Forty?”

    Folks, we have a winner! *pops popcorn* quite entertaining!

  • Khushboo

    “mosque: bomb making factory, a site where warfare is taught, a location where the teaching of hate prevails, a gathering place where stupid people pretend that they have an answer to anything, a place where reality is suspended, a place where women are degraded, a place where the future of the human race is sent to the Dark Ages. And also, from what I can gather, a place where swine are not welcomed. Would a bloody pigs’ head at the door to your neighborhood mosque be upsetting to you”

    Someone call the loony bin! This one’s escaped!

  • Norwegian butcher a product of Islamophobia


    Who incited Breivik?

    One of the influences on Breivik’s ideology is Robert Spencer, the administrator of JihadWatch
    Spencer published, the same year as Bat Ye’or disclosed her Eurabia thesis, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades).” Following several insulting books on Islam and the Prophet Mohammed, together with Pamela Geller, Spencer established an association in 2010 — Stop Islamization of America (SIOA). Together with Geller, he also published “The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America.” The relationship of inspiration between Spencer, Ye’or and Fjordman are mutual. Spencer compliments Ye’or and Fjordman in his writings and Fjordman and Breivik often quote from Spencer.

    A supporter of Israel, Walid Shoebat is an American citizen who used to be a Muslim and a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), according to him. Neither Israeli, nor Palestinian sources, however, affirm that he served in the PLO. Everything about Shoebat’s life story, who claims he was able to get an American citizenship because he became a Christian, is suspicious. Shoebat is known for his theory that the Islam of Al-Qaeda is the Islam preached by the Prophet Mohammed which was a religion of the sword.

    Trifkovic is a Serbian academic known for his book, “The Sword of the Prophet,” which is against Islam. Trifkovic, who interprets the history of the Seljuqs and the Ottomans as one of violence and insult, convinced Breivik that the massacre of Muslims in Bosnia was justifiable.

    Araby, whose real identity is not known, is the writer of the “Islamization of America,” “Islam Unveiled” and “Snatched from the Lion’s Jaws.” In his last book, Araby talks about how he, as an emir of a radical Islamic organization, became Christian.

    Most interestingly of all is that all of these names come together with their views are presented in the anti-Islamic documentary “Islam: What the West Needs to Know” produced by Quixotic Media in 2006. There are two names, however, that do not feature in the documentary: Breivik and Fjordman. Probably they were among the viewers of the documentary, in one body, as Breivik and Fjordman are not two distinct personalities, but different names of the same person.

    These were the primary sources of inspiration for Breivik, but he was also inspired by a number of Islamophobic intellectuals such as Andrew G. Bostom, who claimed that Turkey would conquer Europe by becoming members of the European Union; Frank Gaffney, who claims that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Turkey will adopt Shariah law; and Daniel Pipes and Bernard Lewis who claim that there is insurmountable antagonism between Islam and the West. It needs to be asked now: Who incited the hitman, Anders Behring Breivik?

    read more here

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  • John Cawrey

    I would just love to see Bob Spencer as captain of the “Imperial Reconquisita Cavalry” for the reconquest of Anatolia.

    There would most likely be a good chance of the horses back breaking from Spencer’s weight as well…

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  • Kevin

    All religions are ridiculous beliefs in myth. Why don’t all these Islamophobes get upset that there are thousands killed in Palestine in the name of Judaism? That the illegal settlers routinely fire into the homes of Muslims, unprovoked? Oh, now I get it, because they’re not human. They’re Muslim.

  • Blair

    hah right on…Robert Spemcer is an insecure loser that thinks by posting islamaphobic articles he turns into a brave knight, He is really just trying to get accepted.

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  • Robert Spencer is a neurotic Islamophobe and falsifier. I have been debating him for one whole year until he went mad and bankrupt and resorted to vulgarities. He has been inciting Americans against Islam for years and years, but he blatantly failed, because with all his miserable continuous efforts, “Islam is the fastest-growing religion in America” as Spencer himself admitted in one of his interviews on the Net. If you read the stories of converts to Islam, you will find that they are/ were free logical thinkers, and many of them are/ were people of high caliber. Only good virtuous Muslims represent Islam, not Osamah bin Laden or his followers in Al Qaedah. The bloody butchers Bush and Hitler before him do not represent Christianity. If we investigate, we will find that most practicing Muslims are nice peaceful people who are contributing to the progress of their original or host countries. Gentlemen, we should not be hate mongers like Spencer and listen to him or be like him. Robert Spencer is a hateful bigot and a pathetic failure.

  • mosque: bomb making factory, a site where warfare is taught, a location where the teaching of hate prevails, a gathering place where stupid people pretend that they have an answer to anything, a place where reality is suspended, a place where women are degraded, a place where the future of the human race is sent to the Dark Ages. And also, from what I can gather, a place where swine are not welcomed. Would a bloody pigs’ head at the door to your neighborhood mosque be upsetting to you?

  • @tom macleran

    all those school shootings in the US and Europe that took the lives of teachers and children, and usually with the killer turning the gun on himself in the end.. Non Muslims. All of them. Same crap, different weaponry.

    This notion that terrorists can only be Muslim is a truly silly one, and for somebody with such a strong opinion, your memory is remarkably short.

  • nat

    What’s with Islamaphobes and their gratuitous use of capital letters? When you’re points are nonsensical, capitalize your words – is that the idea?

  • Miles Hill

    THIS is the LOONIEST blog is have ever seen – you guys need a BIG DOSE of REALITY!

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